Wednesday, July 3, 2013

what has been going on with my life so far

Greetings everyone and i apologize for not having made any posts for so long as so much as changed.

1) I moved to Seattle in early February and moved into an apartment with my partner.
2) I have a job as a courtesy clerk (Bleah) and work very little hours.
3) My partner and I have just today tried to donate blood but were deferred due to our sexuality and gender identity. So we just sent a message to HRC, Human Rights Campaign.
4) I've been going to DVR, in order to help me get more hours with my job and to get a new hearing aid. Sadly they cannot help with housing or rent.
5) I was spending some time with my partner considering that this is my first relationship i've ever been in at all.
6) I was procrasinating instead of writing much on posts and on my stories, which i regret and would get back into writing.

Yes  will get back into writing, including this blog.  

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