Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homosexuality is a threat to humanity’s survival? O’rly?

If you think that one’s sexuality would be a threat to humanity, you need your head examined. Homosexuality has always existed. If it were a threat, then there wouldn’t be any humans left. There is 7 billion human beings in the world. Add homosexuals, infertile couples, and child-free couples into that equation and you’ll get humanity still populating.

Why is that? It’s simple; there are still going to be couples who want kids, couples who can’t have kids, couples who don’t want kids, and couples who wants to surrogate or adopt.

Let’s bring up four couples.

This is Jane and Dick. Jane and Dick are heterosexual couples who can and want to have kids. Jane has gave birth to 4 little boys and two little girls. They live in a huge house and they’re both good parents to their kids.

This is Tom and Ada, Ada and Tom are infertile. They live together in an apartment, and Ada has decided that they should adopt a kid. Tom agrees, so they’ll adopt children when they are able to support a child.

This is James and Mandy, they are a child-free couple. They do not wish to have children. They spend their lives together traveling and doing things together.

This is Ben and Jerry, they are two gay men. They want to have children, so Ben’s sister gladly agrees to provide them a baby for them to raise. She would visit her baby once in a while. Ben and Jerry raise their son. He grows up healthy, stable, and is intelligent.

All this is happening right now in this world. So what exactly is a threat here?

Shoving sexuality down your throat? O’rly?

Everyday there’s a poster of two heterosexual couples from films, only a few films have gay men or lesbians on a poster and they’re not well known.

Every day there is a straight couple holding hands, kissing in public, hugging each other, and even went out on dates. Not many gays and lesbians do this and they couldn’t do it because they’ll risk being attacked by bigots.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day only expect heterosexuals, no homosexuals.

There are rarely any hallmark cards that are gay.

Heterosexuality is strongly encouraged by religion, government and parents.

No one asks a man if he is seeing anyone, but asks if he has a girlfriend, implying that he must be straight because, God forbid, should he like other men. This applies to women as well.

If supposedly that gays, straights, bisexual, and transgender couples are all freely allowed to date openly, no one’s sexuality would be shoved down one’s throat.

If two men are walking side by side, holding hands, they’re just minding their business. If you think this is shoving their “gayness” down your throat, then a heterosexual doing that is shoving their “straightness” down their throats.

Being straight is expected of people therefore they are shoving their expectation down our throats. It’s clear to me that we’re not allowed to be ourselves; we’re supposed to appease the society, government, community, parents, and religion.

So I ask you, who’s shoving sexuality down’s one’s throat?