Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"8": A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality

Have your children been accepting? (Humor)

3 out of 5 teenagers will accept people as they are.

Teenagers, who accept others will become difficult to deceive with lies and bigotry, don’t let this happen to your kids.

Kids, who accept others will gain friends, learn different diversities, sexuality, cultures and such. They will have no time to listen to our hateful lies and bigoted opinions. We’ve worked too hard to deny equal rights to people different from us for centuries, that is the tradition we’ve been passing. Acceptance is to change the way we think of the world and become less hostile and less vile to people we think were different from us.

Listen to the concerned parents of children who chose acceptance.

“My son Todd has friends he accepted as gay, black, Jewish, and atheist. We’re so concerned.”

“I don’t know what I did wrong, we tried to teach our children to never accept others different from you, but they chose to neglect our lies and bigoted opinions.”

“When I found magazines of different diversities and cultures, we had to take our daughter to therapy.”

“I found groups my son was on and they were all about acceptance. We’re scarred for life.”

But we have hope. People of Caucasian, male, heterosexual, Christian are coming together in hate and lies to protect our bigotry. Visit the (Not a real site) and join the dark side of the force!

My love poem

My love poem

(No matter who you are, I love you)

I will not give you a rose, they wilt and die

I will not give you chocolate, they don’t last long

I will not give you jewelry, they’re irrelevant

I will give you my heart, my love for you

I do not care about cars, I care about you

I don’t care about wealth, I love you

I do not care about your body, I care about you

My love is unconditional and pure, most rarest form of love

(Note:  I do not understand people who values cars, wealth, or even physical appearance over a person, that isn’t love, that’s just greed and sad.)