Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things not to say to same-sex couples

“Who’s the bride?”

Why do people assume that when it comes to couples getting married somebody HAS to be a bride and a groom? Is it really that impossible to visualize two grooms or two brides? It sounds like no one could be just be two men or two women.

“Is one of you going to wear the gown and the other tux?”

Is it really that important that there had to be a gown and a tux? Gender roles is so Bronze Age, not to mention offensive. The way I see it, tuxedoes and wedding gowns are not important. What matters is that two of the couples want to get married.

“That’s not what happens at a real wedding.”

How does one define a real wedding? Weddings are all different and different cultures have their own kind of weddings. It’s cultural, not religious.

“How do your parents feel about this?”

Regardless of what the parents thinks, whether the marriage is between same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples, they have no say in it. They might be either happy and probably arranges the wedding or bigoted and hateful that they pretend they don’t have a son or a daughter.

“How are you going to have children?”

What, are you offering to babysit? Are you offering to give money to help pay the child’s school tuition or hospital bills? Are you going to do anything for the couple? No, then stop sticking your nose into their genitalia you sick pervert. They might not want to have children. They might not even able to have children. But what does that even really matter? There are 7 billion people in the world, it’s not important. Would you really want people to stick their nose into your private lives, telling you what they want and don’t want you to do? Would you rather people eyeball your genitals and tell you what you should do with it? Would you rather we treat you like you’re our doll to do as we please with it? No? Then what the hell do you think we would like it?

“So who’s the top or the bottom?”

I’m top, you’re bottom! Ok, seriously? What does it matter? We could just be versatile.

There may be more. But what is more important to realize is that a couple are people, not genitals. Whatever they do with their lives is not anyone’s business. Has any straight couples been asked about their sex lives? Is it really that big of a deal to you? I don’t care what any consensual adults do in the privacy of their bedroom, I don’t see why it’s any of my business. Why should it be any of yours? Are you into voyeurism? Are you asking for a threesome? No? Then seriously, knock it off.
Oh this is good, WashingtonState just might become the seventh state to legalize gay marriage. I'm hoping that it will succeed and the rest of the following states will legalize gay marriage. One thing for sure, all the lies and myths that have been told, soon everyone in America will open their eyes and realize, "Oh, what a bunch of lies, they're not hurting anyone, the population isn't decreasing, and it isn't affecting our lives, marriage, nation, or our families. They're really good people after all." But of course, there will still be hateful bigots who would probably gouge out their own eyes, maybe their kids eyes too, just to keep shouting hate and lies as hard as they can. As the Emperor in the movie Mulan says, "No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it."

for my birthday, I want discrimination and stupidity

So a young teenage girl wants the Maryland Senate Officals to vote no to Same-sex marriage for her birthday. Apparently, she was scripted to say this by her parents. I feel sorry for the girl, she has no freedom to think for herself. This is what i hate about parents like this; they would brainwash their children into hating people, believing the lies that were easily debunked, and to never think for themselves. I hope she will one day wake up and realize her parents were using her like a puppet.

For my birthday, May 15, I want three things; Same-Sex Marriage accepted everywhere, to find someone to fall in love with and loves me too, and books to read.