Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you know who we are?

Five gay men

Robert Grant – He is a Journalist, he is 32 years old, lives with a partner, and has a cat. They both live in a single house, they don’t have kids, they both live in Canada.

Harry Vincent – He is a fire fighter, he is 42 years old, has an adopted daughter who is in her teens, his partner passed away from heart disease, they live in England.

Jose – he is a businessman in Mexico, he has no partner, he is 34. He takes his work very seriously and doesn’t have time for dating. He visits his brothers and sisters on the holidays.

Kenji Mishimoto – A Japanese police officer who is 38, has a partner who is from Sweden, they adopted three children whose mother couldn’t afford to care for them. They have a two story house in Osaka, Japan.

Bjorn – he is a 18 year old kid, kicked out of his parent’s home because he is gay. He stays with his best friend, starts college and plans to become a teacher in History.  He is from Sweden with a Swedish Mother and a German Father.

Do you see anything wrong or odd with these five men? Their sexuality is hardly important. No matter a person’s sexuality, there is more to them than meets the eye. It’s really important to get to know the person before judging them. If you choose not to get to know people and discriminate them based on their sexuality (Or anything else for that matter) then it says more about you than it does about them.
this link explains better about the Leffews aka Depfox aka Gay Family Values. They are two wonderful men who happen to be gay, married, and have two adopted kids. Anything i would have said about the Leffews, this link explains it.

I have their blog link on this blog on the right.

Want the Traditional Marriage from the Bible? Ok.

Want the Traditional Biblical Marriage? Ok.

You have the traditional man and woman.

Genesis 2:24

-          Wives must be subordinate to their husbands

-          Interfaith marriage is forbidden (Can’t have Hindu and Christian marriage for example)

-          Marriages would be generally arranged, it is not a romantic love.

-          If the Bride is not a virgin, she must be stoned to death.

In today’s marriage, none of that applied. Doesn’t that mean we’re violating traditional marriage? Hmm…

You can have a man, a woman, and a concubine.

Solomon had three hundred concubines.

Where are our concubines? Oh, that’s right; we’re just blatantly ignoring the Biblical traditions while proclaiming we’re following Biblical tradition in a certain way.

You can have a man, a woman, and her property.

Genesis 16

-          Man could acquire his wife’s property including her slaves.

Woman, where is all your slaves? Oh that’s right, it’s been outlawed.

You can have a man, a woman, a woman, a woman, and another woman.

Solomon had 700 wives.

Where are all our wives? Oh, polygamy is not acceptable here.

You can have a man and his brother’s widow.

Genesis 38:6-10

-          Widow who had not borne a son required to marry her brother in law.

-          Must submit sexually to her new husband.

Oh come now, let’s not get angry here. Look, it said so in the Bible, you hadn’t borne a son and my brother, your husband, is dead. Now get in bed and spread those legs! You don’t wanna go against tradition now do you? Do you want to be stoned to death?

You can have a rapist marry his victim

Deuteronomy 22:28-29

-          A virgin who was raped must marry her rapist

-          Rapist must pay the victim’s father fifty shekels of silver for property loss.

Yes, alright, I admit it; I raped her. Ok, I’ll pay fifty shekels of silver for you sir. Ok, woman, you’re now my wife.

How come we’re not doing this? Oh that’s right, rape is ugly and never acceptable. Also, women are not property.

Every man in military can have a spoil of war, that includes a woman.

Numbers 31:1-18 and Deuteronomy 21:11-14

-          Under Moses command, Israelites must kill every Midianite men, woman and child; save for those who are virgin girls and keep them as spoils of war.

-          Wives must submit to their new owners.

What are you crying about? Yeah, yeah I killed your parents, your brothers, and your sisters who knew a man. You’re now mine!

Why hadn’t we seen soldiers do this? Oh that’s right, it’s a terrible thing to do to people.

Let’s have our male slave and female slave

Exodus 21:4

-          Slave owners could assign female slaves to his male slaves

-          Female slaves must submit to their new husbands.

What’s that? Oh, it’s all just Old Testament? Well, your Jesus did say we should uphold the laws of the Old Testament, he didn’t say he would do away with the laws. But alas, you wanted to have traditional marriage from the Bible, that’s what this is. If you really don’t want to follow those, then why must we listen to the part about gay men? That too was part of the Old Testament and your Jesus never said a word about homosexuality.

Next time you want to use the Old Testament as an excuse for your hate, think about all the laws that came with it. You didn’t want to follow those, so why should Gay men be the exception? It’s pretty simple, you’re not concerned about following the Bible; you just find gay men “Icky.”

Little Bit About Myself

Little bit about myself

1)      I’m a cat person. I don’t currently have cats, I will adopt some one day when I can live on my own again.

2)      I love reading books; fantasy, science fiction, drama, philosophical, books on gay rights, and more.

3)      I am writing a story called “Johan Byrne” and I’ve finished the first one but hadn’t sent it to get published yet. I am working on the sequel.

4)      I walk a lot for exercise. It also helps me think of ideas for my story I’m working on.

5)      I’m drinking mainly water. I eat sweet stuff sparingly.

6)      I love foreign countries, especially Japan and Sweden.

7)      I’ve visited Mexico once but that was just at the border.

8)      I work on this blog to fight the lies and bigotry against LGBT.

9)      I sometimes play Shogun Total War 2 to pass the time.

10)   I work at a job that doesn’t pay me enough to live on my own. I’m currently am trying to save money to escape Arizona.

Selenas 7Th Birthday "Alice In Wonderland Tea Party"

Jay and Bryan Leffeware two awesome couple who threw their daughter an "Alice in Wonderland" party. This comes to show that no matter their sexuality, they can be great parents. Their daughter will remember this birthday party for years to come.