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Same-sex marriage will exterminate humanity? O’rly?

Same-sex marriage will exterminate humanity? O’rly?

Warning, reading the article will make you stark raving mad.


When in November 2011 the Senate passed a bill prohibiting same sex marriage, slamming it with a 14-year jail term as punishment, international communities who considered the law an abuse on the emotional rights of homosexuals, threatened to put an end to all grants and aids given to Nigeria unless the law was abolished. Here, acclaimed singles and married counselor, Pastor(Mrs.)Ruth Nick-Essien, Founder/Presiding Pastor of Exodus Evangelical Ministry in Lagos, reveals her views on the issue.

Hear her:

First and foremost, we all came into this world to meet the male and the female, and we know that God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve or Eve and Evelyn. When a man marries another man, and a woman another woman, where is procreation going to take place? As long as procreation does not take place, at the end of the day, we won’t have human beings anymore. Now, if we do not have procreation, where will be the humans whose rights international communities say they’re fighting for, come from? Same sex marriage is simply a target from the pit of hell against the human race.”

You are an idiot. Ever heard of child-free couples or infertile couples? Just because same-sex couples marries, doesn’t mean that straight couples will disappear. When same-sex marriage is legalized, there will still be as many straight marriages before. Seriously, what are you talking about? Not everyone wants children and even when they do, they can surrogate or adopt kids. What’s the big deal here?

“It is a plan by the devil to exterminate the human race because he probably feels that the bomb blasts and killings going on here and there aren’t enough! Practically, how can people of same sex produce biologically? As we grow older, we’re supposed to replenish the earth, but in the case of same sex marriages, who is going to leave behind new generations of human beings?”

Hey dumbbell, straight parents can have kids who are gay, bisexual, or transgender. As for the devil, you’re a loony. A bomb can wipe out the existence of humanity, but the devil (If he exists) would not need such a thing. But of course, making men marry men isn’t going to exterminate humanity. It’s not going to make everyone gay, it’s not going to do anything to humanity. If that was the devil’s plan for human extermination, he’s pathetic!

“Some same sex couples want to adopt children, and nobody is seeing the human rights abuse in that! How come they want children produced biologically by a male and a female, and they themselves have refused to produce? So, who will produce the children that they would want to  adopt? International communities talk about human rights but they seem to forget that when a gay couple adopts a child and begins to raise that child in a gay home, the human rights of that child is being abused because he/she is being brought up in an unusual atmosphere, without the child’s consent.”

That is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Abuse? A child is abused simply from being adopted by gay people? Are you that stupid? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical. There has always been gay individuals raising and adopting children, it’s not something new. It’s not going to hurt a child being adopted by gay couples. Seriously, many children are not fortunate to have biological parents.

“Naturally, when a child grows up in a normal home, the child feels free to decide on whatever sex partner he or she wants, but when he or she grows up to see a man and a man kissing, or a woman and a woman kissing, automatically, that child will grow up with that understanding, mentality and orientation that a male should marry a male and vice versa.”

Oh wow, you’re such a total moron. It’s not a choice, it’s not something that can be influenced on. Children raised by straight couples have been gay themselves. Sexuality is not something that can be influenced. Also, many children adopted by gay parents turn out just fine and have a good understanding and good mentality about relationships. It’s very easy to teach children about relationships, it’s not going to affect them.

“Pastor Ruth Essien

So, who is fighting for the right of that child who was innocently adopted and a gay life forced on him? Even the rights of babies produced by surrogate mothers through the sperms of these gay men, is at stake here!”

Oh give me a break. Gay life? Seriously? Children are not in any danger here. They’ve always been raised by different families everywhere. Families comes in all different shapes and sizes. Did your mother drop you on your head as a child?

“Also, what happens to the rights of the human race? A male and a female came together to produce you, so, don’t you think it is wicked of you not to want to also produce another human being, unless you have infertility problem? Who is fighting for the right of the human race?”

How stupid are you, really? Human race is just going fine. There isn’t anything wrong going on here. Being adopted by gay parents has been proven to show that children turn out just fine as with straight families. Honestly, homosexuality has always been here, it’s nothing new.

“To everyone involved in same sex relationship and marriage, I want to let you know that you’re self-centred, wicked and selfish about the next generation. If your father felt like being with a man and your mother felt like being with a woman, would they have produced you? Your action is a direct war on human race, and should never be encouraged by any right thinking and decent society. I believe same sex relationship is a lifestyle; not a natural tendency. Therefore, it can be stopped.”

(Double facepalm) Give me a break. Humanity has always existed even with homosexuality and bisexuality. Humanity isn’t going extinct. If it were, then it would have gone out with the dinosaurs. I love it when people like you say that it’s wicked or selfish. You’re just a nasty ass person. I bet you never knew a gay couple your whole life. You think procreation is important? Guess again, it’s not.

“When you counsel some people who are in same sex relationship, you will find that somewhere in their foundation, there was an abuse. This means they weren’t born to desire a relationship with their own sex. God did not create a man to have the desire to be with a man or a woman to desire another woman! Something went wrong along the line in the lives of these people! And that’s why I always say that there is a mental and emotional problem. Maybe in their childhood, they were being raped, abused constantly, until it became a desire in them.”

Oh of course, the “they are gay because of abuse as a child” argument. Honestly. Sexuality has nothing to do with abuses. I’m bisexual and I was never abused or raped! It’s perfectly nature and it’s not something dark or sinister as you keep screaming on about. You seriously need your head examined.

“Recently, a young guy whose name I cannot reveal, walked into my church crying. I was crying with him because I knew he was gay. He suddenly started saying “Pastor, I’m positive. I’m positive!” I had warned him before and he had lied to me that he wasn’t  gay but just didn’t like hanging around girls. Now, this young man is HIV-positive! So, what are we saying about the health aspect of being gay?”

Just because one person is HIV-positive does not mean that all gay people will be. If what you said was true, then this young man was troubled due to homophobic people like you. His disease had nothing to do with his sexuality.”

“The anus will always be filled with excreta, and excreta is a waste that is supposed to be thrown out of the system. When you begin to have sex with somebody through the anus, you’re going to create a lot of health problems because we know that AIDS spreads faster through the anus. So, when we begin to allow that in any society, we’re saying that we want people to die of AIDS faster.”

Oh again with the anal sex. You homophobes sure love anal sex so damn much. You love it so much, I bet you got that dildo and shoved it far up the ass. Oh damn it, I’m getting pissed off from your mental retarded article. Diseases are not spread from the anus, and not every gay person has anal sex. Some do, some don’t. There are of course straight couples that have anal sex and some who do not. Seriously, stop watching gay porn.

“The anus cannot lubricate itself and expand; only the vagina was designed by God to lubricate itself and also expand in order to aid sexual intercourse and procreation. Hence, another health problem with gay men is their inability to hold excreta anymore after quite a long time since the anus had become slack due to forced penetration! Hence, you see such men walking awkwardly because their anuses have been abused! Is that the kind of society we want to have?”

Stop watching gay porn, seriously. Not every gay person has anal sex, and what gay people do in the privacy of their bedroom is none of your business. Also, just because there are gay people adopting children, doesn’t mean that they’ll be confused or be forced into some stupid sexual act you’re goning on about. Honestly, stop the hate.

Same-sex parenting

Same-sex parenting

I heard the phrase, “You wouldn’t know parenting, you never had kids” quite often. I have observed many parents when my work in a grocery store. Often I see parents that are oblivious to their children, children screaming for sweets and toys, parents giving their kids sweets or toys just to shut them up, some parents allowing their kids total control over them, parents having mental breakdowns, and such. Sure there have been some children who are well behaved; some parents set their kids straight, some parents being more focused on their kids instead of text messages or phones so much, and more. From the way I see it; I know a lot more about parenting just from observing. The whole idea that you cannot know parenting less you are one is absurd. My guess is, they’re just envious that those who don’t have kids and have observed them, makes them feel like they just, to phrase the word, “got trolled!”

But I did not just observe parenting from straight people, which were the majority of people shopping at my store, I also research parents from news. It was gruesome and hideous; parent(s) murdered their child(ren), their child(ren) kidnapped and raped and murdered, children neglected by their parents, parents abusing them physically, mentally, sexually, or emotionally, some parents disowning their children because they’re gay or atheist, some parents killing their children because they heard a voice in their head, children who were malnourished, children who were abandoned, children whose parents that valued drugs, alcohol, gambling, and/or partying over their children, some parents who used their children as trash bags, punching bag, money maker, or something even more horrible. All this just makes me want to just escape the planet already.

So what does all this have to do with same-sex parents? The fact that opponents of same-sex couples who adopt or surrogate believes that gays are worse than convicts, would indoctrinate children, make them gay, or something sinister.

I look at the bad parents, mostly from straight people, and I look at same-sex couples, where I see people just raising their kids like any decent, stable, competent person would. Sexuality has nothing to do with parenting, parenting does not come to one automatically, and it is how one takes care of their kids and what they learned.

Is a gay couple better at parenting than straight people? My answer is no. But it’s a good kind of no. As I just said, sexuality has nothing to do with how well you can be a parent. While gay parents are more likely to plan on having kids, straight couples sometimes have kids by accident or unplanned. Some straight parents just thinks that having kids just easy. It’s not easy when you don’t have a stable home, stable finances, or stable life. Of course, it is not easy when you do have that either still. Having kids is never easy and it’s full of hardship, trouble, pain, and fear. This can be the same even for gay couples, even when they adopt or surrogate. It’s not a breeze for anyone. This is why I believe one must learn before proceeding with having children. Much like with cars, you can’t be an excellent driver if you don’t know what you’re doing or what you should know.

Some opponents claim that children needed a mother to bond with. Sad to say, mothers are not perfect angels. Some died during child birth, some just drops the baby and goes off doing whatever she wants like the baby was just a play doll you can buy at the store, some mothers abuses their children, some mothers throws her baby away like trash, some mothers don’t even breastfeed their kids (Not that they should, it’s perfectly fine to go with formula), and some mothers just aren’t around because they’re too busy with work and they put their kid with a nanny or whoever cares for the kid.

As for fathers, they’re not exactly the best either. It can be the same as I said for the mothers. No one is perfect no matter their gender or their sexuality.

There are good, decent parents and they still make mistakes, they still feel irritated, they still feel that fatigue and such, but there are parents that still loving being a parent. I see no logical reason why people should separate gay parents from straight parents. No one is better or worse than another. Sure some might believe that gay parents are better. Not exactly. The thing is, we’re all human; we’re all going to make bad choices as well as good choices, make mistakes and fix the mistakes. It’s better to acknowledge that parenting has nothing to do with sexuality or gender, it has to do with how they raise a family.

Remember, all families comes in different shapes and sizes.

Masculinity is unimportant

Masculinity is unimportant

What did it even mean to be masculine? Is it really that big of a deal how a man is supposed to be? Does it mean that we’re supposed to be typically muscle-bound, no pain no gain, beer guzzlin’, football lovin’ man with hot rods? Sorry, none of those applies to me, but I am not less of a man.

I don’t drink alcohol, I hate football, I don’t like to drive cars, I hate feeling pain, I’m no body builder, and I don’t catcall to women. If anything, I’m a total opposite. Surely, some men would say that I’m a weakling, a sissy, or some stupid crap like that. I am who I am.

Being masculine, in my opinion, is not about how strong you are, nor the love of sports, or the love of cars, nor how big your dick is, and it most certainly isn’t about how many women you slept with. It’s unimportant because what’s important is you being yourself.

I’m an emotional type. I cry at sad movies, I cry when I’m in pain, and being emotional doesn’t make me less of a man. It’s not a sign of weakness either. Suppressing your feelings is inhumane. If we are to suppress our feelings, then doesn’t that mean we’re trying to pretend we’re something we’re not? You’re just denying your own humanity and treating emotion as if it’s a weakness. It’s stupid.

I don’t care for sports and I don’t feel like shouting at the top of my lungs whenever a team wins or boo when they lose. Whenever I was at a sport stadium, everyone was shouting, making waves, and chanting. I never joined in because I don’t care for it. Loving sports have nothing to do with manliness, it’s just a personal thing. I’m more of a bookworm. I prefer to stick my head in a book. I have had done baseball, basketball, wrestling, and soccer before but my heart’s just not into it. Just as I remember whenever I was in school gym, my heart just wasn’t into any sports. I preferred books.

I had no interest in alcohol. I just don’t. If one thinks you’re not a man if you don’t drink alcohol, then consider this. If alcohol didn’t exist, what would you say then? It has nothing to do with masculinity.

Drugs and cigarettes, I don’t like them either.

How is it manly to toughen out pain? What are we brain-dead ogres? If we feel pain and it hurts so much, then we’re supposed to acknowledge pain and quit acting like the black knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “It’s just a flesh wound!” What’s the point of “toughing it out?” it is just a sad way of pretending that being a man is to “act tough.” It makes you pathetic. No one likes pain, and I guarantee that any men who goes, “Well I cut off my finger accidently, but I’m alright. Just throw my finger in the cooler and let’s go to the hospital.” When really your brain is screaming, “OOOH GOD IT HURTS!!” Battlefield? You may act tough like, “Bullets don’t scare me,” but your brains is really going, “please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me!” Come on, we’re all human, we’re not supposed to pretend that pain tickles when it really hurts.

“It tickled.” ~ Wolverine, wolverine origins.

Maryland’s Harry Jackson thinks Gay Marriage will kill his family? Oh wow.

Maryland’s Harry Jackson thinks Gay Marriage will kill his family? Oh wow.

I’m gonna go ahead and rip his poor reasoning with heavy sarcasm but also with facts. I’m just sick and tired of bigots always making paranoid assumptions about marriages that don’t concern him.

“For every high-profile celebrity wedding that makes headlines, it seems we are treated to at least two high-profile celebrity divorces. I am praying for people like Kim Kardashian whose marriage problems seem to suggest that there should be a public exam for marriage prior to the issuance of a license. Unfortunately, celebrities are not the only folks whose marriages are caving in under the cultural pressures of our generation,” Jackson wrote.

Oh how horrible! The gays have made Kim’s marriage so bad that they divorced each other. Why, Kim and her husband could not have ended up divorced if the gays hadn’t started loving each other. No, down with the gays, how dare they start wanting to smooch each other. Don’t they know that holding hands causes people like poor little Kimmy to want to divorce Kris? Oh little Jackson, you’re a total dolt.

Homosexuals have nothing to do with anyone’s marriage, much less yours. When someone does something in their own marriage and causes their own divorce, it’s their fault, not someone else’s. Don’t blame other people for your problems. Kim has divorced Kris because they were having problems. This is the same for Britney Spears. Their divorce had nothing to do with gay people or gay marriage.

“The enfeebled state of marriage today is all the more reason to fight to preserve it and hopefully to restore it to its former strength.”

Gay marriage will not destroy or weaken marriage institution. If anything, it will strengthen the marriage. Same-sex marriage will be beneficial to society, to family, to all of us as well as straight marriage.

“In the few states where marriage has been redefined to include same-sex couples, various churches and ministries have already been threatened with the loss of their tax exempt status if they refused to perform ceremonies for same sex couples.”

On the contrary, they’re free to deny marriage to same-sex couples in their own church. Some churches and the state itself can marry the same-sex couples. It does not mean that everyone has to do things their way. As for Tax exempt, you shouldn’t be excused in paying taxes.

“Lastly, we are fools if we think that redefining marriage to include homosexual couples is the end of the story. To the contrary, it is only the beginning. Groups advocating polygamy and polyamory have their arguments prepared and will begin advocating for the definition of marriage to be relaxed further to accommodate their preferences. Children may then be born to and even adopted by any number of ''families' with any number of mothers and fathers, sleeping with whomever they [wish] depending in their whims.”

Ah, a same old slippery slope argument. We’ve already discussed this; same-sex marriage will not open doors to polygamy. In fact, polygamy had been legal. Right now, in the states, we no longer make women property, we no longer prevent people marrying outside their race or faith, we no longer have slaves, we no longer prevent women the right to vote. Marriage has been redefined many times over.

“Redefining marriage will be the beginning of the end of the family as we know it,” he added.

Oh noes, it’s the end of the world as we know it! Run for your lives!

Jackson, there are already countless of families that come from different backgrounds, including same-sex couples who adopted or have chosen surrogacy. Families are still as strong as ever, even in Netherlands that legalized gay marriage in 2001, seden and Norway are doing just fine when they legalized it in 2009. I suggest you do your research and stop acting like a damn fool. Your family will be fine, everyone’s family will be fine. The only problem you have to worry is how you or your family members treat one another, not someone else who have nothing to do with you.

indoctrinating and marrying kids. Really?

This is from a post on facebook. The name was blacked out, so i don't know who made this. Anyway, i decided to have a little fun and refute this person.

“First off everyone likes to point out Christian indoctrination and how wrong it is and then say its ok for gay movement to indoctrinate my child with its own propaganda.”

Who’s everyone? Everyone who said that Christians indoctrinates children? Well, there are many horrible religious folks that do indoctrinate their children into believing things that are not proven to be factual, instilled fear of hell, and have taught them to hate others different from you. As for gay people indoctrinating children, it is completely baloney. No one is indoctrinating children into some gay propaganda.

“When is everyone going to stop being so selfish and only caring about themselves?”

Seriously? We’re all selfish, you hypocrite. That is the thing that irritates me; hypocrites crying, “Why you so selfish” when they’re just as selfish as well. Hypocrisy and epic failure!

“If you make the choice to be gay BE GAY that’s your decision but don’t try and tell my children that its pj to justify your actions.”

Yes, this idiot said “pj” instead of ‘ok’ which is what he or she meant. Also, it’s not a choice. N one chooses to be gay. Being gay is not an action. You’re trying to say that being gay is an action? Well then, being straight is an action. Being black is an action. Oh yeah, being human is an action. Go figure.

“if you think its ok to be gay that’s fine.”

It’s not a matter of what’s ok or not, it’s not something they have a choice in the matter.

“someone said that Christians push their beliefs on others what in the world is wrong with everyone! EVERYBODY IS PUSHING THEIR BELIEFS ON OTHERS. AND I DARE ONE PERSON TO SAY THEY DON’T BECAUSE EVERYBODY COMMENTING ON HERE IS PUSHING THEIR OWN AGENDAS.”


Wow. Some anger there. Well, you’re wrong. Who is pushing their beliefs on everybody? Religion. Yes, not everyone pushes their beliefs on everyone, some respects others opinions that differentiates from theirs. As for homosexuality, the only thing they’re trying to say is this, “We’re all human beings, we all are not so different and there is no reason to discriminate us and we all should have equality.” Nothing wrong with that.

“Someone said if you want religion in school go to a religious school. Well why not have a gay school.”

Oh yeah! We can have a gay school like X-men have their school for mutants! Seriously? Sexuality has nothing to do with anything but attraction. There is gay, bisexual, and transgender children everywhere in every school. There is no need for some school to be exclusively for gay people. Honestly.

“the public school system should not be used to push sexual, racial, or religious beliefs and also not be used to segregate.”

Well lucky for us, schools aren’t teaching any of those as well as they shouldn’t. As for segregation, I agree, there shouldn’t be. This is one of the reason I fight for equality, so no kid whose sexuality, religious belief, or racial color should be treated differently or separated.

“how about we use schools to teach our children reading, writing, math history and leave indoctrination to the parents.”

Well I agree with you, but considering that you’re a bigot, yes you are a bigot, you think that gay people wants to indoctrinate kids. No, the only thing we want was for you, the parents and school, to stop spreading hate and lies and misinformation about LGBT people. That’s all.

“Someone also said that it should be up to the.individual to marry who they want. If we let people follow every lust they have people will be marrying animals and kids.”

There they go again with another same old slippery slope argument. It’s not lust either, it’s love. It’s very clear that children and animals cannot consent or take responsibilities as an adult human being. Sorry, but you’re delirious. A man loving another man is not lust, but love just like man loving another woman.

“To a man who loves 10 year old girls are you going to tell him to follow his heart?”

(Facepalm)No obviously, but two grown men are not the same as pedophiles. If you can’t tell the difference, you need help.

“Where do we draw the line? Who makes the laws? Do we let a Christian write laws or an atheist or a pedophile?”

Oh, oh, oh I know! Pick me! I know the answer! Oh, oh, oh, pick me!!

Seriously, having same-sex couples marry isn’t outrageous as it seems. But sad to say, people didn’t care that pedophiles already marry adult women just to get at the kids they have, there are murderers and rapists marrying people. Seriously, what line was ever drawn? The law is complex and it was done by us, human beings.

“And those who love to try and quote the bible who like to try and use it against itself stop. You have zero understanding of what you are reading or God.”

Speak for yourself. No one knows what to make of the Bible anymore; everyone has their own ideas what to follow and what not to follow in the Bible and yet, everyone is arguing that theirs is the right way and others were wrong.