Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let us protect the sanctity of marriage!

Husband: Honey? I’m going to protect our marriage!

Wife: Gasp! Are you going to quit drinking and smoking then?

Husband: No!

Wife: Are you going to stop seeing all those girls behind my back?

Husband: No!

Wife: Are you going to stop going to that male hustler and dozens of female hookers?

Husband: That wasn’t me, that was my twin brother! But no!

Wife: Are you going to stop yelling and hitting our children?

Husband: No!

Wife: Are you going to stop doing hard drugs?

Husband: No!

Wife: Are you going to seek counseling?

Husband: No!

Wife: Are you going to accept your son’s sexuality?

Husband: HELL NO!!!

Wife: Are you going to start managing your money so you can balance your budget and use the time and money to spend time with your wife and kids?

Husband: NO!

Wife: Are you going to stop ordering me around like I’m your maid and start doing your share of the responsibilities?

Husband: No, that’s a woman’s job!

Wife: Are you going to stop being an anti-Semite, racist, sexist, homophobic prick?

Husband: No!

Wife: Then how are you going to protect the sanctity of marriage?

Husband: I’m going to ban Greg and Jonathan from ever getting married!

Wife: WHAT! They hadn’t done anything wrong! They never hit each other, they adopted two little children and cared much more for them than you did for your family, and they’ve been paying their taxes. They’ve been saving their money so they can all go to theme parks and zoos, and they’ve been a wonderful neighbor as well.

Husband: But they’re GAY!!

(The wife facepalms)

gays will ruin the sanctity of marriage?

Jessica has a husband who is an abusive alcoholic. They’re heterosexual couples who have been married for 4 years. The marriage is breaking apart due to her husband’s abusive behavior, aggressive behavior, and alcohol binging.

Bigots say: Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage.

I say: Her husband is to blame because of his alcoholism.

Kenny married his wife who has a gambling problem. She takes his credit cards and goes on shopping sprees, she has overdrawn her bank account on gambling and alcohol and cocaine. He decided to have a divorce.

Bigots say: Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage.

I say: She ruined her own marriage.

James is married to Carol for 2 years, they are just about to have a baby, and they live in a house that is unsanitary, unsafe, unstable, and highly unsuitable for raising kids. They don’t care, they just want to have a kid so Carol could use welfare checks for her greedy purpose while James deals with drugs. The baby would be left alone, unwanted, unloved, and just used to gain money.

Bigots say: Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage

I say: These two people ruin the ‘sanctity’ of marriage and values drugs and money over their baby.

Elena is married to a man who had a criminal history of child molestation. She has a daughter who is only 9 at the time. At night, he would come home and go into her bedroom. CPS were called in when the school found out that she has blood on her pants between the front of her legs. The husband was arrested and she is sent away to a foster care.

Bigots say: Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage

I say: he has a criminal history of child molestation; she should have known that man more thoroughly.

Gregory is married to Stephanie who is sleeping with multiple men behind his back. When ever he leaves for work, she calls in some men she meets for sex. He later found out when he saw her with a guy. He killed her and then her lover. He was arrested for murder.

Bigots say: Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage

I say: people shouldn’t cheat on one another or murder one another, both are wrong in what they did.

Overall: people ruins their own marriage, other people’s marriage does not.

Movie Review: Beautiful Thing

This is one of the few films with a happy ending for the gay couple; Jamie and Ste. Jamie, a teenage boy, has fallen for Ste, a next door neighbor. Ste, a teenage boy, gets beaten up by his older brother Trevor and his dad. Jamie’s mother decided to let Ste stay the night with them after trevor has beaten him up. Few nights later, Jamie confessed his feelings for him by kissing him. Slowly, Jamie feels the same for him, but isd afraid of being found out. One day, they went to a gay bar, just to get a drink. Jamie’s mother had a call from Jamie’s school about some kids bullying him. She found his notebook covered with homophobic slurs. She went to follow Jamie to see if the things were true, that he is gay. When Jamie came him, she confronted him. Well, I’m not telling you the rest, you should see it for yourself. It’s a very good film. The only thing I’m disappointed with in this film is that it’s too short. I would recommend it to everyone. 9.5/10

Book review: Something like summer by Jay bell

This story is a gay novel… no wait… this story is a novel about a young man who is gay and his name is Ben. He is out and he’s proud of being himself. Unlike many stories of gay characters, this one is not about coming out, this story was about finding love and knowing about what it takes to be friends and sometimes enemies. Ben’s parents is accepting of him and so is his friend Allison. Unfortunately, his school was not so good for him; students sometimes yell out nasty slurs at him. There is one funny bit about using a Spanish word they used “Mariposa.” But I want you to read the book to see what I mean. (Wouldn’t want to spoil it).

There is Tim (Weird, my name happens to be Tim) and he’s a closet gay teenager. Ben falls hard for him, started stalking him, and then when circumstances occurred, he rammed into Tim while riding his stakes. He ended up taking care of Tim. There, the love struck, and they started developing feelings for each other. But in unfortunate circumstances, Tim’s fear of how the society and his parents would react if they knew, they broke up.

Ben has later met Jace, a flight attendant, and they fell in love. Unlike Tim, Jace was open and honest, and he is more interested in Ben. Later, Ben has met Tim again. As luck would have it, Tim’s love for him and ben’s love for him hadn’t changed. But it did conflict Ben’s feelings for him and Jace.

The story is funny, romantic, and there are sad parts in it. Yes, there’s sex scenes in it, but still very romantic. I will not spoil the ending and I would say I strongly recommend it. Jay Bell has made this story very much original and the love and romance in it is no different from heterosexual couples. Jay has made this story so wonderful that I cannot find anything boring about it or even feel any resentment from any of the characters. I love all of the characters, and I will still keep reading it. Kudos to Jay Bell and he has now gained a new fan. I’m looking forward to reading more of his books.

Movie Review: Just a question of love (Gay French film)

This is a French film that is about two men, Laurent and Cedric, who are gay and are passionate lovers. This film is one of my favorite aside Beautiful thing and Shelter. What I love about this film is that it has nothing stereotypical about homosexuals. It has a happy ending and it speaks volume about how coming out affects families who might have difficulty understanding or accepting homosexuality. The title says it all, “It’s just a question of love.” It is to say that no matter your sexuality, it’s just love.

I love the actors who played Laurent and Cedric, they’re wonderful and kept the characters believable and real. It is very beautiful and worthy of watching. This film was mainly to be direct to parents, to give them the message that no matter what, it’s love and one must always try to understand one another instead of hating.

Laurent’s parents, mainly the father, are homophobic. Cedric’s mother was accepting, but clearly not at first because she said, “It took me a long time, but I accepted it.” The parents of Marc were showing depression and sadness about losing their son who is gay. They’ve disowned him and he had died. The mother had been most depressed over her son’s death. Marc is Laurent’s cousin and is the reason why Laurent wouldn’t come out. He loves his parents and didn’t want to lose them. Cedric wanted him to come out so that they both wouldn’t have to hide anything from the world.

I absolutely love the film, but only two things I wasn’t happy was this; Cedric and Laurent falling instantly in love didn’t quite make sense to me, but then I am one of those who prefer to take the time to get to know the person before snogging them passionately like they did. Also, constantly using the word “fag” was a bit irritating, even from Laurent. But all that aside, I truly love the movie. I highly recommend it and I give it a 10/10.