Monday, January 16, 2012

The Gay Rights Movement

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selling girl scouts with my sisters.

Tonight, I’m going to help with selling girl scout cookies, I know about the boycotting of girl scouts because of transgender kids, this is why and that is what I’m going to do tonight. My mom knows about the boycotting and transgender children, she was upset at that and wants to do whatever it takes to keep girl scouts selling more cookies. I offered to do my part.

Here's a little something I’m willing to share, when I was born, there was a problem and doctors thought I might have extra chromosome, but I didn't. I have a medical problem, but would require shots and I’m fully male. She had told me had I been given a sex change after birth, I would have been a girl and been in Girl Scout instead of Boy Scout.

i hate gay people!

I hate gay people!

Gay people make me sick. The sexual act they do is disgusting. Just as straight people make me sick. Their sexual act is disgusting. I don’t want to mind my own business, I just want to tell people what to do with their genitalia. No, you can’t tell me what to do with my genitals. Of course my mind is one-sided when it comes to gay people. I equalize sexuality with sexual acts. I hate all sexualities. I even hate my sexuality too, even though I would mess around with girls.

Gay men are barbarians, everyone knows that. Duh! They go around in their tiger skin cloth and leather boots with claymore swords. They’re just oh so dangerous. We heterosexuals are obviously not a violent group. Why, all the wars, bar fights, spousal abuse, and riots are obviously caused by gay men. Straight people never fight, even though we’re supposed to beat our chest, lock horns with other men, court women, and kill people from other countries because they’re different from us or because we want their land, or because they have resources that we want.

Gays are promiscuous, DUH! They have lots and lots of multiple partners. We straight men don’t have multiple partners. We’re all monogamous. That’s why when we are young, we treat women like a game; see how many girls you can sleep with! Of course there’s men who slept with women behind their wives back, but the gays are much worse because I said so.

They want to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Obviously, we straight couples only abuse our wife and kids when we’re drunk or angry, we have 50% divorce rates, and we basically treated our marriage like toilet papers. Why, if we let them gays marry, they just might make it fabulous and we can’t have that.

It’s obviously a choice. I know this because I chose to be straight. I cannot understand why for the life of me that people would choose to be in a position where hateful people like me would demonize them, prevent them from having equal rights, forcing them to hide in closets, beating them up in the streets, forcing them to have therapy, and such. There had been laws against homosexuality, there are countries that kills them, there had been gays in the holocaust, but we heterosexuals are innocent victims because of those gays forcing their lifestyle choice on us and getting angry and demanding that we accept them. Why, they made that choice, just like black people chose to be black and be discriminated against. We’re not just straight, but we’re white too and we’re just as racist as hell.

To all who read this, this is satire to show just how ridiculous homophobia and racism is.

a letter to the world

A letter to the world

This is a letter to America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, South America, Australia, Mexico, and to all the other countries. This letter is about the LGBT people. It is about the hatred, bigotry, and the lies that is still spreading. Although the lies and the bigotry towards the LGBT community are shrinking, it’s still there and it’s still loud. It’s getting loud because it’s getting desperate. It is because they knew that they are failing to keep up with their lies and to keep people from having equal rights. They are failing to hoodwink people into seeing what they want them to see in the LGBT community. The LGBT community is no different from anyone else. This is because the sexuality is irrelevant. It is unimportant because it does not define who the person is.

My name is Tim. I’m not different from anyone else, but I am unique just like everyone else. This includes every one of the LGBT community and the heterosexual community. I’m just another person fighting for equality. When I see all the hatred and the slurs against the LGBT community, it’s no different from any other discrimination towards one’s race, gender, or the color of their skin. The LGBT community have been hated and discriminated against for too long for no good reason.

I’m not someone to be afraid of. I’m not someone who is just a white man who is born and raised in America. I’m not special, I’m not popular, I’m just me. I’m not my sexuality, I’m not my race, I’m not my gender, I am not anything. I’m just someone who loves to read books and to write stories. I’m just someone who is quiet and always deep in thought. A person who makes assumptions about someone they never met knows too little about them. Just as anyone who judges a person by their sexuality, gender, or race knows little to nothing about them. Like if someone tells me that this person is gay, I know nothing about them because it tells me nothing. It’s just a grey blot. If the person tells me about Jay and Bryan Leffew, aka Depfox from youtube, then I see two men who are fathers of two adopted children and are wonderful parents and are wonderful husbands to each other.

After all the years of growing up, I never experience problems from the LGBT community. Yet, there have been people who hate them and discriminates them have said awfully a lot of things about them; they’re out to indoctrinate children and make them gay, they chose to be gay, they spread AIDs, they’re worse than terrorists, most gays are pedophiles, God hates fags, they are sexual deviants, and more. All of those are false. When I researched and learned about the LGBT community, I found them to be just like everyone else; they pay their taxes, they own houses, have jobs, raise kids, and are outstanding productive members of society. I see nothing about them that are any different from heterosexual people.

Often times I hear that the gays are out to destroy nation, marriage, or families. Nothing could be further from the truth. Netherlands have had legalized gay marriage for ten years to this date, later some countries like Norway, Sweden, Canada, and few states in the US has legalized gay marriage. There have been no negative effects from allowing gays to marry. Netherlands is still thriving; their population is still the same and hadn’t decreased because of gay marriage, no one is being harmed by the gay community. Allowing marriage does not decrease population and it does not hurt families or the society. If anything, it strengthens the bonds of families and the society.

It is the hatred that leads to problems, it breaks bonds of families, it hurts marriages, and it hurts the nations. It is the hatred that makes people bullies others for being different. It is the hatred that causes parents to disown their children for being gay, bi, lesbian, or transgender. It is the hatred that causes LGBT youths to commit suicide or to be murdered for being gay.

Bobby Griffith, Jamey Rodemeyer, Matthew Shepard, Lawrence King, and many more youths died because of the hatred towards them for being gay, Lesbian, Bi, or Transgender.

It was the hatred that causes employees to lose their jobs because of their sexuality. It is the hatred that causes same sex partners to be prevented from visiting each other in the hospital or to have any say when one passes away. It is the hatred that hurts not just the LGBT community, but straight people as well. Those who defend the LGBT or are mistaken for being LGBT are often targeted by the hatred.

There was never a need or a reason to be afraid or to hate people who are gay. All the lies, all the bullying, the entire scare tactics are weak and have no evidence to support their claims. It’s just a wind howling. Because of the hate and the lies, it makes life difficult for the LGBT community.

There has been and there still are gay parents to this day. There are parents who raise children that are good decent people and those who are unfit and incompetent. But neither of those have anything to do with sexuality. The only reasons some people believes that gay people shouldn’t be parents is because they fear that they’ll turn their kids gay. Sexuality is never a choice; it’s not even something that can influence kids to be gay. Some say that they’ll molest their kids. There has been evidence of child molestation within the heterosexual households than in homosexual households. Also, many children rose by straight parents are also gay, bisexual or transgender themselves. The gay children did not become gay, they didn’t do this as a rebellion, and they aren’t doing this because they were influenced by anyone. They simply find their feelings for someone of the same sex as heterosexual kids finds their feelings for someone of the opposite.

A parent is not a better parent based on their sexuality, or the color of their skin, or their gender, or where they’re from, or what religion they believe in (or lack thereof), it’s their knowledge and performance as a parent. A parent can be good or bad based on what actions they do. A gay person should not be denied a chance to raise children simply because they’re gay any more than a black person being denied to raise kids because they were black.

Often times I hear that a child needs a mother and a father. Often time children are raised in single parent households and by gay parents, and they turn out to be just as healthy as children raised by a mom and a dad. There is no reason why children can’t be raised by two dads or two moms. There are plenty of role models for kids like with gay fathers; they can see their aunts, grandmothers, cousins, and more. This is also true for lesbian couples, where kids can have role models from uncles, grandfathers, and more. There is no shortage of role models or knowledge when being raised by gay parents (or single parents for that matter). Also, no one has ever gone to a single mother saying, “We’re sorry, but we cannot allow you to raise a child alone because they need to have a father.” It’s very clear; they’re not concerned about children, they’re concerned about the sexuality.

my bisexuality

I never knew I was bisexual for a long time, even though there had been signs I was interested in both men and women. I will start from the beginning and explain.

When I was little, maybe about 6 or 7 years old, I never really given myself the thought about sexuality. I didn’t have any thought about dating or expressed much feeling towards anyone. I have recalled asking this girl if she liked me. She just scrunches up her face and says, “So-so.” Or with a hand gesture since she cannot speak, she has her hand flat out and moves it like a seesaw. That is how one says “So-so”

I only remembered vague memories of the time in middle school when a boy was calling a girl a lesbian. I never understood what that meant. As I recall it now, I’m guessing he wasn’t being nice. I even remember one time in Middle school I accidently had my foot touch another boy’s leg. He looked at me and was saying, “Are you gay?” Again, I never knew what it even means or why it was such a big deal. Oh and I never liked him, he was a jerk. I’m also certain that he wasn’t asking that in a nice way either, but in a disgusted way as I recalled.

As I was growing up, I recall experimenting a little with boys, but not much on girls. It’s more of just fondling rather than anything else. I’m not even sure if there was anything else. When I was a friend with this girl, I was asked if she was my girlfriend. She wasn’t. I seriously doubted she even liked me that way. I’m pretty sure she’s not my type. I remember her as a girl with high imagination and to be honest, she was telling tall tales and seem to come from a bad family. But I was never sure what it was and maybe I’m just being silly.

I never have given myself a thought about sexuality or how men were supposed to act. I’m more of a shy, quiet, sensitive boy who loves action figures and reading books. Now I just like books. I never thought to myself, “Is this how men were supposed to act?” I was just always myself.  I was never even aware men were supposed to like girls or that men were supposed to ask a girl out or pay for dinner or a movie. I even thought girls could ask boys out too, but it hadn’t happened because “girls aren’t supposed to ask boys out.”

I recall reading a book, “What’s happening to my body, book for boys.” And the talk of sexuality was there. I never gave it much thought because I was too busy looking at the pictures (I was little and curious, give me a break)

I have had crushes on a guy that is a movie star. I even recall liking this actor from the movie “Neverending story” and thought at first he was a girl. I was corrected that he is a guy. Well, he was attractive to me and the fact he was a guy didn’t bother me.

I was not sure if I was a teen yet when this happened, but I recalled one of my brother’s friends sometimes brings porno magazines to my house. I was looking into the magazine. I was never aroused or even feeling at least bit interested. I just flipped through the pages, just never understanding what this was all about. It didn’t traumatize me nor did it made me think I should do things to anyone. I wasn’t even interested in the women of the pictures or the men, probably because I wasn’t sexually active yet.

In case anyone wondered, it hadn’t affected me in ways anti-porn crusaders would think, I was just curious as any human being would.

I only remembered vague memories of the time in middle school when a boy was calling a girl a lesbian. I never understood what that meant. As I recall it now, I’m guessing he wasn’t being nice. I even remember one time in Middle school I accidently had my foot touch another boy’s leg. He looked at me and was saying, “Are you gay?” Again, I never knew what it even means or why it was such a big deal. Oh and I never liked him, he was a jerk. I’m also certain that he wasn’t asking that in a nice way either, but in a disgusted way as I recalled.

Had I developed any feelings for women or men when I reached my teen years? Not really. When I moved to Arizona from Maryland, I was miserable because of the heat, I was miserable because of the high school that treated me as an outcast, I was miserable because my low self-esteem.

I recall being in a wrestling practice when one of the best wrestler in the team smacked me down with his body and pinned me. His hips were on my chest and his knees on my elbows. I never liked him, but for that moment, I felt a bit aroused. Why didn’t I like him? He was a jerk who picked on me many times before.

During that time of the internet, chat rooms were popular and Facebook and Youtube didn’t exist yet. I recalled trying to see if I was gay myself, I even remembered talking to people who claim they are gay. What I learned was that they are not bad people, they’re just like everyone else. I even book books that talks about homosexuality such as “How can you tell if someone is gay” “Gay marriage” by Jonathan Rauch, and more. I’ve learned so much about homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people that the hateful bigots seem to look more and more like incoherent cavemen rambling and throwing things madly.

Well, that is how I come to know that I was Bisexual and I’m proud of it. I never told anyone in my family. My younger brother had suspected that I was gay, and was a bit of an ass to me. My parents did ask me if I was gay, I said no. That time, I wasn’t even sure who I was. They asked because I was looking at some sites that are LGBT friendly.

My mom had thought that there’s not many gay people out there in the world (I’m not sure if she still thinks that, but it’s mostly because this is a very homophobic world and a lot of people have either a hard time accepting themselves or just don’t think about their sexuality).

My dad was at first a bit uncomfortable with gay people, but accepts them as they are. One day when I was on the computer, my dad wanted to ask me if I was gay. I told him no, then he tried to explain about HIV. Apparently, he believed that gay men all have anal sex. Not so and I personally do not want anyone to do anything to my butt. Of course, he believes (I agree strongly) that religion and the government should stop sticking their nose into the lives of consenting adults gay, straight, bi, whatever. He even agrees that marriage would not be harmed and that they should be allowed to marry who they love.

I still hadn’t told them to this day, not out of fear, just more of a “mind your own business.”

 One “friend” of mine had been my roommate and I came out Bi to him. He was a little freaked, but he calmed out. I told him I’m not going to do anything to him. He did once tell me that if he had kids and they turn out gay, he would toss them out. I told him that then I would take them in. Nobody else knew who I was. Some students thought I might be gay too, but in a homophobic way. No, I wasn’t bullied for it luckily, but I was picked on for other things like my crooked glasses and my walking (I couldn’t walk straight, no pun intended)

On the internet, I have been to this website long ago that was called “Kiwibox” and I’ve done polls, quizzes, and stories. I even recall doing a quiz about homosexuality, and only one person’s answer sticks to my mind. There have been many but I don’t remember them. This one answered all of my questions with the exact same answer, “Because the Bible said so, Duh!” or it might have been, “Because the bible said it’s wrong, Duh!”

One of the co-worker I’ve worked with in Wal-mart was a catholic and he had believed that God hates gays because of orgies they do. Nothing any of the homophobic people ever provided any reason why homosexuality was wrong.

As we move closer to the year 2000, I’ve learned a lot about LGBT and saw that there wasn’t a logical reason to hate, condemn, or even demonize them. There are still ugly comments online as I recall that were just incoherent ramblings with homophobic slurs or wishing death on gay people. It seem to me that only reasonable, intelligent people are providing logical explanation about LGBT and that there is nothing bad or different about them. The hateful anti-gay bigots just use lies, double standards and slippery slope arguments.

By 2005 to 2011, I worked on writing and trying to talk to people online, trying to see if there really was a reason to be afraid or hateful. I found none. I found hateful people to be rather uneducated and repulsive. It made me think that they lived in caves with no education. I even met some people online like on youtube and facebook who are straight allies who supports equality, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people as well. I learn more and more about them and found the hate to be so ridiculous that now, I choose to write this book in order to help fight against bigotry and lies.

I have not been in a relationship, I’ve tried online dating, but most often I get no response. When I do get a response, it was short lived and they hadn’t replied as if they just vanished into thin air. I’ve been trying to connect with women online dating, and men, yet I get nothing.

I’m almost in my 30’s, and I feel that I hadn’t accomplished much. It’s quite humiliating considering that I’ve never dated, my job’s a joke, and I’m broke. Well, soon, I hope to travel up to California for a change of pace and find something that will break this cycle of repeating year after year of nothing accomplished. All I had was my books, my laptop, and my stories I’m working on.

i am me and not my sexuality

I prefer to be faithful in a relationship because I want to be, not because of my sexuality

I prefer an open relationship because I want to be, not because of my sexuality

I like Lady Gaga, but not because of my sexuality

I don’t like Lady Gaga, but not because of my sexuality

I hate shopping, but it’s not because of my sexuality

I love shopping, but not because of my sexuality

I take care of my looks, but I’m not into fashion and it has nothing to do with my sexuality

I don’t care how I look and I’m not into fashion design, but not because of my sexuality

I’m into fashion design because I like to design things, but not because of my sexuality

I like to do hair styling, but not because of my sexuality.

I don’t like to do hairstyle and it has nothing to do with my sexuality.

I love books because they’re interesting, not because of my sexuality

I don’t care for books, but it has nothing to do with my sexuality.

I may be a Gay man, but I don’t want every men there is, why would I?

I may be a lesbian, but I don’t want every woman there is, why would I?

I may be Bisexual, but I don’t want everyone, why would I?

I may be a straight man, but I don’t want every woman there is, why would I?

I may be a straight woman, but I don’t want every man there is, why would I?

I love sports, but it’s because I find it exciting and fun, not because of my sexuality

I hate sports, but it’s because I don’t find it fun for me, not because of my sexuality.

I love to sing, but it has nothing to do with my sexuality

I don’t want to sing, I don’t like to sing, but it has nothing to do with my sexuality.

I like wearing bright clothes, but it’s not because of my sexuality.

I like wearing dark clothes, but it has nothing to do with my sexuality.

I like drinking alcohol, but it is not because of my sexuality.

I don’t drink alcohol, but it has nothing to do with my sexuality.

I do recreational drugs, but it’s not because of my sexuality.

I don’t do drugs, but it’s not because of my sexuality.

I am emotional, but it’s not because of my sexuality.

I don’t get emotional, but it’s not because of my sexuality.

I am depressed, sad, lonely, but it’s not because of my sexuality.

I am happy, I’m not alone, and I’m energized, but it has nothing to do with our sexuality.