Friday, November 23, 2012

Look deep into my heart.

This was a story i've done many years ago, i had completely forgotten about it. It's not perfect though, but it's something i want to share.

Look deep into my heart.


            “I don’t dance.”  Keiji spoke. He is standing against the wall to his back, looking chaste and quiet. He has a medium raven hair, and the several strands fell over his black piercing eyes. He’s thin and lanky. His face makes many girls screams with delight at the sight of him. But he doesn’t like any of them.

            “I don’t dance.’ He said to the girls again. He feels as if they couldn’t get the message through their damn skulls. But the bustle of girls still fawns over him. Couple of guys looked at him with anger and jealousy. He hated this. He hated everyone.

            He walks off past the girls and gets up on the elevator, he closed the doors on the girls who followed him. He got off the elevator at the first floor and meets a teacher who’s in front of the elevator.

            “Keiji, why aren’t you upstairs dancing?”

            Keiji grits his teeth, looks away, “I don’t want to dance.” He tries walking off, but the girls finally caught up, Keiji turns the other way and makes a break for it. The teacher looks bewildered as the girls chased him down. The second teacher came up

            “What has got into these kids these days?”

            Keiji jumped up into the tree and climbed to the top. He was breathing hard and watched the girls search for him on the grounds. He was shaking and tears began falling to his face.

            As the girls gave up on their search, they went back to the school. Keiji waited minutes after minutes to be sure they’re really gone. Finally, the last girl walked back slumped and greatly upset. Keiji gave a feeble smile and mentally send his prayer of thanks to the higher being.


            Keiji didn’t went back to the school, instead he went back to his apartment. The whole reason he went to that school dance was because his friend begged him. He couldn’t believe he agreed to. He jumped into the shower and started to think deeply as the water trickles all over him. His hand gave a few quirks and then he stayed there for a short while.

            When the day came, Keiji stayed in his bed never wanting to get up. He laid there in his black and white long sleeve and black pajama pants. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. He feel safe in his own room, safe from the world.

            Keiji walked down outside of his complex thinking about what to do. He had a grey hoodie jacket and a black cargo pants. He covered his face as if he were ashamed of his beautiful face. He feels people would never see him anything but a heart throb hunk. He wondered if the beautiful people ever gets the feeling like he does, always seen never in the personality, but in the looks.

            A yellow jacket flashed by him and knocked him down.

            “Hey watch it!” Keiji yelled. The boy in the yellow Jacket looked at him with apologetic face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

            “No, obviously no one does.” He gets up and the boy in yellow Jacket looked hurt. He never meant to bump into him, he watched Keiji walked away, readjusting his hood to completely hide his face. He wondered why he was like this. He walked away from the spot after Keiji disappeared from the view.


            Keiji sat down on his favorite café sipping the tea as he watched people bustle by. He sees the same boy in Yellow Jacket walk by. The boy was struck hard in the chest. Keiji jolted up and ran out. The boy was siting up, holding his chest. Keiji helped him up.

            “I’m sorry… I didn’t…” The boy noticed that it wasn’t his attacker that was holding him, but the boy earlier today.

            “you’re hurt.”

            “I’ve always been hurt. It’s not like anyone cares.”

            Keiji looked up at him with knowledge that he too was troubled.

            Keiji led him into the Café and offered to buy him a tea. As they sat down, the boy looking gloomy, sipped his tea.

            “I’m sorry about earlier.” Keiji confessed.

            “I’m really sorry too, the thing is, I’ve lost part of my sight, so I’m sort of blind, but not entirely. Some guys just seems to push me around. They just think being blind means I’m weak.”

            “I didn’t know that.” Keiji choked. The boy looked up and can see the boy was crying.

            “well, why you crying? I didn’t expect this would worth much sympathy.”

            “Not that, it’s just… People never notices me as a person. “

            “Why? You’re not blind. But… was the reason was because you hide your face?”


            “But you’re not bad looking, I mean, you look ok.”

Keiji looked at him, “My name is Samamaru Keiji.” The boy feebly smiled at him as Keiji sipped his tea.

            “I’m Takamasu Ren.”

            Keiji feebly smiled too. They began sipping their tea peacefully and they soon departed on their way.


            The next Day came and it was raining. Keiji felt some lightness as he walked out the door. He thinks maybe he lost some weight or perhaps he doesn’t feel heavily depressed. As he head out, the world seems to be gloomy with all the rain. He hid his face to shield from the rain. Ren was seen running towards him with a book bag over his head.

            “Ah, So wet and cold!” He complained. Keiji spoke, “Morning Ren.”

            “Ah Keiji right? I’m just heading on home.”

            “Ah ok, well…”

            “I gotta go, don’t wanna be late.” He bowed to him apologetically and left.

            Keiji smiled as he watched him gone by. He went down to take the train to his school. It hasn’t change much, the girls were still bustling around him and some guys were giving Keiji death threats. One boy actually tried to beat him up, ended up being beaten by Keiji.

            Keiji kicked upward in his chin and struck his chest with an open palm and did a sweep kick.

            “There, wanna lose some of those teeth of yours?”

            The beaten boy skittered away looking ashamed. This made the girls get more wilder. He went to talk to the guidance counselor about transferring. He couldn’t take it with these people. He wants to go to all boys school to get away from the girls.

            “Girls are the least of your worries young Keiji, it’s not gonna be very simple as that sounds.” The guidance counselor spoke.


             Keiji went down to the complex and was greeted by Ren again. Ren was looking a bit worried. Keiji allowed him to stay for the night.

            “I have just had it with the school, I just think they aren’t worth the effort.” Ren spoke as Keiji gave him some tea. Keiji spoke to him about his school and the bustling crowd of screaming girls.

            “Wow, you really hate being the heart throb type?”

            “Heart throb? If you want to put it that way, yes I hated that.”

            “You’re nice Keiji, and you seem to care.”

            Keiji looked surprised. He was actually being seen on the inside by someone at last.

            “I was actually envious of people who don’t have frigging girls attacking them. I can just picture them girls having all the guys in their poster. I feel sorry for them.”

            “The guys in the posters?”

            “Yeah. Imagine, all day oogling at you like some tastiest Ramen anyone can make.”

            Ren giggled, “I like Ramen.”

            Keiji smiled, “Yeah so do i. Well, I can make us some though.”

            “Ah that would be nice.”

            A couple of minutes has past and the boys began to eat their ramen. Ren told his tale of being lost in the city three times, being brought back home by the kind police officer. Keiji shared his story of the dance prom. Ren laughed as he spoke about the girls yammering about hotness and the sex and such. He never did see any girls who likes someone of personality, Which was why he wanted to transfer to another school.

            “No matter who we are, all of us gets down on our luck with things. Me partially blind, you sexy heart throb.”

            Keiji blushed, “Well, I digress, I always wanted to go to other countries. It would be nice.”

            “Ah you’re an explorer eh?”

            “I inherited it by my grandfather. He always goes off into other countries. I envy him.”

            So the boys swapped tales about their lives and their interests and hobbies and so forth. Yet, Keiji and Ren both became very good friends. When they begin to go to sleep, they both dreamed a dream that should be embraced.

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