Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rupert Everett thinks gay parents are worse than anything.

So apparently this Rupert fellow, who is gay, believes that there is nothing worse than having gay dads. Obviously he never met any gay dads, or he would have changed a different tune. When i have read what he said, i came to think, "Is he this stupid!?"

What can be worse than two gay dads? Oh i'll tell you. In fact, a parent's sexuality has no affect on their children's character. But let's reveal what can be worse than having two gay dads.

1) You could be an orphan in an orphanage; unwanted and unloved, waiting for a family to adopt you and give you a home. There could be a chance you would never be adopted and probably die unwanted.

2) You could be physically, sexually, emotionally, or psychologically abused. This unfortunately is very common in heterosexual households. There are reports of heterosexual parents who abused their children.

3) You could be an atheist or an LGBT. Either one of those things can get you disowned by your parents, get you forced into some reparative therapy or something like that, some parents might even kill you. If you could ever be lucky to have a loving parent(s) who accepts you as you are, then you'll be alright.

4) You could be malnourished, abandoned, neglected, or even forced to do labor work around the house like a slave.

5) You could be born to a family who can't understand your disabilities and treats you worse than those without disabilities.

6) You can be born to a huge number of family and be forever "forgotten" that you exist.

7) You could be forced into sex slavery at a young age, or be forced into other slavery so you can send money home to your family.

8) You could be the kid who lost a parent and have to raise your grief strickened parent and possibly your siblings.

9) You can be a kid of divorced parents.

10) Your parents could be leaving you all alone while they can do whatever they wanted to do, leaving you to fend for yourself.

11) Some parents could brainwash your mind into believing things that can be more damaging to you and others.

12) You could be one of the kids who were on the ground dying while your parents pray. No prayer has ever saved any of the kids that were dying.

13) you could be in a truamatizing, nightmarish life!

14) You could be in the family who were all starving to death and struggle to survive without much food or water and with nothing to help you.

There's a lot more where that came from.

So  Rupert, the next time you think about what can be worse for kids, read this.

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