Friday, September 21, 2012

Religious right’s logic on marriage:

Religious right’s logic on marriage:


Religion invented marriage + Sanctified by God + marriage is between one man and one woman = Natural


Homosexuals + Nature = not natural


1,500 species with homosexuality + nature = natural


No species have any religion or marriage (except humans) + Nature = not natural


Marriage + nature = not natural!


Ergo, Religion and marriage isn’t natural, but homosexuality is.


Marriage exists in many countries, practiced in many different beliefs and cultures, and most aren’t Christians. Marriage also existed long before Christianity existed, thus not a Christian institution and it’s not sanctified by a Christian God.


Homosexuality can be observed and studied in nature and homosexuality in exists in many species including homo sapiens aka human beings. Homosexuality is in fact, natural and part of nature. Procreation, which was their argument, makes no importance in nature. Which it helps keep species alive, there are children who aren’t sexually active, there are elderlies that are no longer able to bear children, there are people who are sterile, there are people who choose not to have children, there are those who choose celibacy, and more. All those are still part of nature. Also, we do not get to define what part of nature is, what’s natural or what’s normal. In fact, the “unnatural” stuff would have to be anything manmade. Think about it for a second. The religious right wings and homophobe’s logic is warped.

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