Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chic-Fil-A poem. A change of heart?

Had a change of heart


Had enough of the fight


Oh my, oh my

Has chic-fil-a had a change of heart?

Oh my, oh my

Or has Chic-Fil-A want to step out of their crap?

Oh my, oh my

What ever does this mean?


What does this mean now?

Did Chic-Fil-A see the error of their ways

Or did they step out of their hate

Yet think gays are bad?


Oh my, oh my

What did the antigay groups think?

Oh my, oh my

Did they lose their great contributer?

Oh my, oh my

I hope other contributors quit donating too


I now see Tony Perkin’s face

The chic-fil-a no longer hates too

I see Bryan Fischer pulling his hair

Now the chicken tastes pretty good

Brian Brown is pouting like a baby

Even waffle fries can’t fix that


Oh my, oh my

Is it safe to eat there now?

Oh my, oh my

Only time can tell

Oh my, oh my

I’m not trusting until I see more proof!


Oh Dan Cathy, I gotta ask

Is it because you have a change of heart

Or did you get tired of slinging hate?

Either way I’m not eating there

Not until you hug a gay today

Not until you understand us all!


Oh my, oh my

Anti-gay protestors are protesting still

Oh my, oh my,

It was not about their freedom of speech

Oh my, oh my

It was the fact they can’t stand love.


Goodbye, goodday

Chic-Fil-A I still won’t eat you

You may no longer donate

You might even add sexuality to the ENDA

But I can still smell some hate there


Oh my, oh my

I hope it’s a change of heart

Oh my, oh my,

I hope all this is true!

Oh my, oh my

I hope Dan Cathy wears a skirt as punishment

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