Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rupert Everett thinks gay parents are worse than anything.

So apparently this Rupert fellow, who is gay, believes that there is nothing worse than having gay dads. Obviously he never met any gay dads, or he would have changed a different tune. When i have read what he said, i came to think, "Is he this stupid!?"

What can be worse than two gay dads? Oh i'll tell you. In fact, a parent's sexuality has no affect on their children's character. But let's reveal what can be worse than having two gay dads.

1) You could be an orphan in an orphanage; unwanted and unloved, waiting for a family to adopt you and give you a home. There could be a chance you would never be adopted and probably die unwanted.

2) You could be physically, sexually, emotionally, or psychologically abused. This unfortunately is very common in heterosexual households. There are reports of heterosexual parents who abused their children.

3) You could be an atheist or an LGBT. Either one of those things can get you disowned by your parents, get you forced into some reparative therapy or something like that, some parents might even kill you. If you could ever be lucky to have a loving parent(s) who accepts you as you are, then you'll be alright.

4) You could be malnourished, abandoned, neglected, or even forced to do labor work around the house like a slave.

5) You could be born to a family who can't understand your disabilities and treats you worse than those without disabilities.

6) You can be born to a huge number of family and be forever "forgotten" that you exist.

7) You could be forced into sex slavery at a young age, or be forced into other slavery so you can send money home to your family.

8) You could be the kid who lost a parent and have to raise your grief strickened parent and possibly your siblings.

9) You can be a kid of divorced parents.

10) Your parents could be leaving you all alone while they can do whatever they wanted to do, leaving you to fend for yourself.

11) Some parents could brainwash your mind into believing things that can be more damaging to you and others.

12) You could be one of the kids who were on the ground dying while your parents pray. No prayer has ever saved any of the kids that were dying.

13) you could be in a truamatizing, nightmarish life!

14) You could be in the family who were all starving to death and struggle to survive without much food or water and with nothing to help you.

There's a lot more where that came from.

So  Rupert, the next time you think about what can be worse for kids, read this.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Religious right’s logic on marriage:

Religious right’s logic on marriage:


Religion invented marriage + Sanctified by God + marriage is between one man and one woman = Natural


Homosexuals + Nature = not natural


1,500 species with homosexuality + nature = natural


No species have any religion or marriage (except humans) + Nature = not natural


Marriage + nature = not natural!


Ergo, Religion and marriage isn’t natural, but homosexuality is.


Marriage exists in many countries, practiced in many different beliefs and cultures, and most aren’t Christians. Marriage also existed long before Christianity existed, thus not a Christian institution and it’s not sanctified by a Christian God.


Homosexuality can be observed and studied in nature and homosexuality in exists in many species including homo sapiens aka human beings. Homosexuality is in fact, natural and part of nature. Procreation, which was their argument, makes no importance in nature. Which it helps keep species alive, there are children who aren’t sexually active, there are elderlies that are no longer able to bear children, there are people who are sterile, there are people who choose not to have children, there are those who choose celibacy, and more. All those are still part of nature. Also, we do not get to define what part of nature is, what’s natural or what’s normal. In fact, the “unnatural” stuff would have to be anything manmade. Think about it for a second. The religious right wings and homophobe’s logic is warped.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chic-Fil-A poem. A change of heart?

Had a change of heart


Had enough of the fight


Oh my, oh my

Has chic-fil-a had a change of heart?

Oh my, oh my

Or has Chic-Fil-A want to step out of their crap?

Oh my, oh my

What ever does this mean?


What does this mean now?

Did Chic-Fil-A see the error of their ways

Or did they step out of their hate

Yet think gays are bad?


Oh my, oh my

What did the antigay groups think?

Oh my, oh my

Did they lose their great contributer?

Oh my, oh my

I hope other contributors quit donating too


I now see Tony Perkin’s face

The chic-fil-a no longer hates too

I see Bryan Fischer pulling his hair

Now the chicken tastes pretty good

Brian Brown is pouting like a baby

Even waffle fries can’t fix that


Oh my, oh my

Is it safe to eat there now?

Oh my, oh my

Only time can tell

Oh my, oh my

I’m not trusting until I see more proof!


Oh Dan Cathy, I gotta ask

Is it because you have a change of heart

Or did you get tired of slinging hate?

Either way I’m not eating there

Not until you hug a gay today

Not until you understand us all!


Oh my, oh my

Anti-gay protestors are protesting still

Oh my, oh my,

It was not about their freedom of speech

Oh my, oh my

It was the fact they can’t stand love.


Goodbye, goodday

Chic-Fil-A I still won’t eat you

You may no longer donate

You might even add sexuality to the ENDA

But I can still smell some hate there


Oh my, oh my

I hope it’s a change of heart

Oh my, oh my,

I hope all this is true!

Oh my, oh my

I hope Dan Cathy wears a skirt as punishment

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my feelings about mitt Romney and being poor.

My name is Tim and I’m a poor, part-time courtesy clerk who works at a Kroger company. I’m also 30 years old who lives in my grandpa’s house. I pay him rent, I buy my own food, and I have small amount of possessions and very little money. I have read that Mitt Romney does not care about poor people and thinks that we’re freeloaders or lazy never-do-wells, or someone who takes money from the government. I’m none of that. I am a hard worker, I don’t sit on my ass all day, I pay my rent, I do things to keep surviving, and I help people however I can. I’m being told that Mitt Romney may help get us jobs. I do not agree because Mitt Romney only cares about himself.

I cannot live on my own because apartments are very expensive and there isn’t a many apartments around either. I cannot go to college because it’s too far away. I don’t own a car because they are expensive. I do not wish to get a loan nor do I wish to be in debt. I wish to take care of myself, but it’s difficult when you’re in a small town where businesses are few and distant, where apartments are extremely sparse, and no college around. I cannot get into online classes because I have to pay for the textbooks I cannot afford. No matter how hard I tried to work with the financial aid, getting the textbooks, or balancing my budget, it fell apart few times. If I had a full time job, with a decently fair income, I may be able to pay for online classes, but I cannot. My job refuses to give me a fulltime, there is no other job hiring. Even if there are other jobs hiring, they’re too far away. My only transportation is walking. I had had a bike, but it got stolen. I cannot rely on a ride from anyone.

I can not get on SSI or DES. I was told I make too much money, but I get in average 700 to 800 a month. Most apartments anywhere in my area is 500 and above. 500 plus food plus bills would be well over the amount I get per month. I don’t get guarantee I would get even 600 a month. Sometimes I work 25 hours per week. Sometimes I would get 29, 30, 19 hours per week, and sometimes 35. I had once worked only 8 hours per week or even four hours per week. I also cannot get on medical insurance for any medication I may need. Arizona refuses me medical insurance because I don’t have children.

I’m a single man, there is no woman who even notices me, and I don’t want to have children of my own, especially in my current state. Even if I do want children, I don’t want to have them in a state where they may be starving or malnourished. I don’t want to rely on WIC or any government welfares. I don’t want to struggle with financial problems or put my child through poverty. If I were to have a child, I want to have a child who will have plenty to eat, to have a home ensured that it won’t be taken away and we would have to live in a box, or even wonder when I would have enough to put food on the table. No child should ever have to go through with that! Sadly, there are millions who do. Also, I’m not straight, but Bi and I strongly believe that no one should have to be denied medical insurance for any reason, especially for the lack of children.

I get accused of being selfish, of being a freeloader, or living off welfare or off my parents, or that I think this is all about me. I’m none of that. I struggle to survive on my own. I want to live on my own, not be dependent on anyone. I want to be independent, I want to move forward, and I want to live. We all do! This isn’t about me, this is about all who suffer poverty too.

I don’t desire wealth, I don’t desire expensive gadgets, I don’t desire a fancy car or a fancy house. You know what I desire? To live, to travel, to have a partner, and to not live in poverty.