Tuesday, August 14, 2012

there's that "gay = pedophile" lie again!

Thanks to Alvin, I found this blog about little Victoria. *Sigh* Such a lying little bigot.


Victoria: Suddenly, the gym CNN is blasting a story of how a homosexual man is helping other homosexuals adopt children. He speaks about the personal, passionate sacrifice of his time for this cause as if he were Mother Theresa. I’m appalled. Homosexuals-adopting-children is child abuse. No, it’s pedophilia and sexual molestation. Teaching a young mind, a clean slate, an innocent soul that homosexuality is a natural, normal and moral lifestyle is evil. How is gay adoption different from the recently jailed Penn State Jerry Sandusky, child molester case?

There’s that “Gays = pedophilia” lie again. Victoria has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. First off, gays and lesbians who adopt children want to be parents. Second off, the pedophiles that abuse children are often found in heterosexual households. Little Victoria clearly didn’t do her homework as is resorting to lying and spreading scare tactics.

Victoria, if you’re going to be concerned about the safety and welfare of children, then I suggest you look at the people of all sexuality, race, religion, and learn for yourself that sex abuse and pedophilia happens everywhere regardless. A person’s sexuality does not equal pedophilia.

There are children raised on heterosexual households that have been abused physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and more. Some neglected them, some have abandoned them or put them in hazardous situations. Gay people who adopts children does not mean they will abuse them.

I know a gay family who took care of their adopted kids. Why don’t you ask them, get to know them, and quit trying to make stuff up about a family you don’t even know?

You’re not concerned about the children; you’re only spouting lies and misrepresentation about people you don’t even know. You generalize and presume that what someone’s sexuality is means they’re somehow a threat or that they would abuse children. This is no different than thinking that black parents adopting white kids would abuse them.

Again, I suggest you do your research instead of making up stuff. Look to the facts and statistics of people who abused their children. The highest number of household abuses comes from heterosexual homes.

“Argument #3: Gay parents molest their children.

The research has long demonstrated that there is simply no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia and thus, no basis for this terrible myth. Indeed, the research shows that people who are pedophiles often have no sexual interest in adults, male or female.”

Unless you think they’re lying, how about providing facts instead of making things up?

Dear Victoria, I hope you will do your homework next time because you’re wrong and I have evidence to back them up.

Sincerely, Tim the skeptic, Bisexual and Atheist.

P.S. Did not your bible say, “Thou shall not bear false witness?”



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