Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shooting at FRC? What's this world coming to?

First and foremost, I am very upset that this happened. What this man did was inexcusable. I would never agree with  FRC, Or do I even care what they have to say. But to go over there and shoot someone because you disagree with their anti-gay stance is not the way to improve equality. That will only hurt us. Now that FRC will say, "SEE! SEE! This is what these gays will do! They'll kill us because they don't like what we say!"

Dear Family Research Center,

I don't feel sorry for you, but what that man did was inexcusable as well. I personally disagree with your stance on LGBT individuals, but i won't do anything to you. I would however debunk your lies and prove to people facts whatever you say against LGBT people.

I know that you like to demonize us and treat us like we're the bad guys. What that shooter did was his own intention, this has nothing to do with us because we do not approve of this action. You will not see us do the same as he did, so don't try and make up a lie that we as LGBT individuals will do harm.

You do have every right to believe whatever you want to believe, and say whatever you want. That doesn't mean however that you're above criticism or that no one should debunk what you said. Your stance on LGBT individuals, families, marriage, and rights is bad.

Dear Floyd Kerkins,

What you did is bad. Your action isn't helping, but it does more damage to us and sets us back. You should know better than to use violence on them. Yes they're Anti-gay and their stance is bigoted as they come, but using violence only makes things worse. We don't use violence to fight for equality. Martin Luther King Jr didn't use violence to fight for the rights of African Americans. We need to resort to peaceful tactics and debunking lies they say and show the world who we are. By using violence, you're making FRC think we've organized this attack and that this is how LGBT people are. You're only proving them right.

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