Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chic-fil-a supporters understand nothing

Chic-fil-a supporters understand nothing (You can cheat and use this cross reference the tax document instead of wiki.) (See : Controversy regarding LGBT issues)

Ok, I’m going to make this perfectly clear to these supporters.

1)                      This is not a “Free speech” issue, this is a financial issue!

2)                      Chic-fil-a is donating almost 5 million dollars to anti-gay groups

3)                      The anti-gay groups wants to dehumanize us, kill us, imprison us, have us be beaten, be denied any human rights whatsoever, and to live in the closet forever.

4)                      The reason number 3 is precisely why we’re protesting and boycotting chic-fil-a!

5)                      To support Chic-Fil-A is to support criminalization of LGBT individuals, of putting LGBT people in ex-gay therapies, of denying human rights, of wanting death penalty for LGBT people, of supporting the lies about LGBT individuals.

6)                      By supporting Chic-Fil-A, you’re clearly saying you want more Matthew Shepards and all who were murdered because they were LGBT. You’re saying you want more Jamey Rodemeyers and countless of teenage youths to commit suicide for being gay, you’re saying that LGBT people should have no right to job, housing, marriage, family, or anything, and you’re saying that LGBT children should be forced to live in streets or into ex-gay therapies.

7)                      We did not fight for many years for civil rights and equality to have it all thrown away.

8)                      That is why we’re boycotting Chic-Fil-A!

9)                      If you’re a gay man or lesbian who supports Chic-Fil-A, are you asking for people to arrest you? To kill you? To deny you rights? To treat you like you’re some evil sex deviant boogeyman?

10)                 The free speech does not mean “Anything I say goes, anyone who disagrees is suppressing my religious freedom!” Free speech means you’re free to belief whatever you want, say whatever you want. It does not mean you’re free from criticism or disagreement. If you can’t handle people standing up for themselves and disagreeing with you, then you have a problem with the first amendment.

11)                 Dan Cathy is free to believe whatever he wants to believe, he is free to say whatever he wants, but that is not why we’re against him. We’re against him because he wants LGBT individuals dead, stripped of all human rights, imprisoned, dehumanized, and be forced to be back in the closet and out of sight.

12)                 I fight for equality and human rights because we are all human beings too. We should all have the right to marry, to housing, to jobs, to serving the military, to having a family, to being able to be ourselves.

13)                 As for the kiss in, this is a peaceful protest. This is to clearly state to homophobes that, “Hey, we’re gay, we’re capable of love just like you, get over yourselves.”

14)                 To get upset over the kiss in is like getting upset over gays and lesbians adopting children or getting married. LGBT couples should be allowed to kiss in public just like everyone else. To say otherwise is to say, “Let’s just hide in the closet just to appease the bigots.”

15)                 Never should we appease bigotry. If we do nothing to stand up to homophobia, then we lose. You can’t change the world by doing nothing! You can’t strop discrimination by doing nothing!

16)                 Remember the blacks who fought for equal rights? If they hadn’t had protest, they wouldn’t be equal today!

17)                 If women didn’t fight for equality, they wouldn’t have it today!

18)                 If we allow Chic-Fil-A to destroy LGBT individuals, then for all you know, they’ll come after you too!

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