Monday, July 30, 2012

Your double standards are showing!
Here’s something interesting to see; whenever a religious right wing stamps their foot and boycotts a business that supports equality, it’s alright with them. But whenever someone who decides that taking away human rights from LGBT gets called out, we’re somehow spoilt children?

Ok, let me tell you why this is important; whenever a business that decides to fight against allowing people their freedom to marry, their freedom to live their life without discrimination and being treated as second class, you’re going to get people standing up against it. That is what Chic-Fil-a wants to do. They have given $3 million dollars to anti-gay groups so they can discriminate and remove human rights from people who do no wrong, who just want to live their lives without being assaulted or discriminated against, without being smeared as some evil beings they are not. If you think we ought to be silent and take it, you thought wrong.

If Chic-fil-a simply believes in traditional marriage, that’s fine. They can have their beliefs, they can think badly of LGBT all they like, but we want to live our lives without any hate or discrimination. We want children who are LGBT to live safely and happily and never be given any crap or even turn to suicide. We want the LGBT families to have their lives left well alone and with the rights that can protect them. We want to be able to marry the one we love if we want, to have a job, to serve in the military if we like, and to be able to hold hands in public.

When religious right wing tried to boycott businesses for supporting equal rights, they’re forgetting that these equal rights is what makes America an American dream; where we can be free to live our lives where we aren’t hurting anyone. The only thing that is going bad is the religious right who thinks no LGBT folks should ever have rights. They are also the ones who thinks women should be silent, they think atheists are some baby eating monsters, and more.

We’re fighting to have the equality for all. How is that a bad thing? What part of liberty and freedom do you not understand? There was no, “Freedom and liberty for only the religious right wing.”

Also, other countries have legalized equality for LGBT, did their nations burst into flames or something? No they have not. So why are they fighting so hard to stop people from having human rights? They’re not concerned about anything, they’re concerned about their biblical laws that no one is following.

We don’t punish people for working on a Sabbath, we don’t kill anyone for wearing two different fabrics, we don’t imprison people for cross dressing, we don’t stone anyone for eating shellfish or pork, we don’t stone women for speaking their mind or for having authority, we don’t kill women for not being a virgin on her wedding night, we don’t kill disobedient children or teenagers, and we don’t do any of the things that is written in the bible. So why are we focusing on the ones about LGBT people? Did they not even read the constitution? Did they not even realize that the US Constitution, the bill of rights, or the declaration of independence have no biblical laws in there?

Next time you complain about gay rights activists boycotting Chic-Fil-A, realize that you’re boycotting the ones that support the very things this country gives us; EQUALITY!

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