Tuesday, July 31, 2012



There have been some people who wondered why we bother with what chic-Fil-A does and why their belief is so important. It’s not about the belief; it’s about them spending millions of dollars to anti-gay groups who wanted to see LGBT individuals with no rights.

It matters to me because I believe that when you’re donating money to anti-gay groups, you’re stating that LGBT people shouldn’t have rights and that they should be treated like some evil beings. It doesn’t matter if you’re for traditional marriage, which isn’t a problem, it matters that you wanted your beliefs to be enforced. That is the issue.

You can believe that traditional marriage is best, but no one has to agree with you. You can hate gays and lesbians all you like, no one expects you to like them. You can believe whatever you want to believe, but to enforce others to your beliefs is precisely what this country isn’t about.

USA has a constitution where it states that no government should recognize religious beliefs, where you’re free to believe whatever you want, speak your mind, and to make your own choice. What is going on is that many religious right wings believe that the country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, that they should have biblical laws set in place. While back women didn’t have rights, there was a Jim Crow law of segregation, gays and lesbians were treated like they’re pedophiles or mentally ill. It wasn’t until 1970’s when American Physiatrist Association and many others like them have shown that they’re not mentally ill.

Today has been changing quite a lot; the DADT, don’t ask don’t tell have been repealed. Proposition 8 have been considered unconstitutional. In some states marriage for same-sex couples have been allowed and some states allowed LGBT people to work at jobs without being fired for being gay.

More and more people have begun to realize that LGBT people are just like everyone else. There are some businesses that support equality. More LGBT youths are coming out.

The things that are bad were from people like Nation Organization for Marriage, who believed that marriage would destroy nation or that children would be brainwashed or harmed. People like Sally Kern believed that gays are worse than terrorists.

Yeah, holding hands with the same sex is more terrifying than an ak-47 aimed at your head.

Rick Santorum proclaimed that homosexuals are worse than convicts. There are people who make up crazy stuff about how gays are responsible for some natural disasters or other bad things that happened. Some people tried to compare Gays and lesbians with other stuff like alcohol, drugs, pedophilia, bestiality, etc.

These people are what Chic-Fil-A supports. Their money they donated were to those people who thinks that way. They’re responsible for many gay parents who suffered discrimination at their hand, they are responsible for many gay youths who were bullied or had committed suicide, they were responsible for preventing LGBT people from living their own lives with rights and equality, and they are the ones responsible for many LGBT people who were murdered.

That is why I’m against Chic-Fil-A. That is what I fight against.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Your double standards are showing!

Here’s something interesting to see; whenever a religious right wing stamps their foot and boycotts a business that supports equality, it’s alright with them. But whenever someone who decides that taking away human rights from LGBT gets called out, we’re somehow spoilt children?

Ok, let me tell you why this is important; whenever a business that decides to fight against allowing people their freedom to marry, their freedom to live their life without discrimination and being treated as second class, you’re going to get people standing up against it. That is what Chic-Fil-a wants to do. They have given $3 million dollars to anti-gay groups so they can discriminate and remove human rights from people who do no wrong, who just want to live their lives without being assaulted or discriminated against, without being smeared as some evil beings they are not. If you think we ought to be silent and take it, you thought wrong.

If Chic-fil-a simply believes in traditional marriage, that’s fine. They can have their beliefs, they can think badly of LGBT all they like, but we want to live our lives without any hate or discrimination. We want children who are LGBT to live safely and happily and never be given any crap or even turn to suicide. We want the LGBT families to have their lives left well alone and with the rights that can protect them. We want to be able to marry the one we love if we want, to have a job, to serve in the military if we like, and to be able to hold hands in public.

When religious right wing tried to boycott businesses for supporting equal rights, they’re forgetting that these equal rights is what makes America an American dream; where we can be free to live our lives where we aren’t hurting anyone. The only thing that is going bad is the religious right who thinks no LGBT folks should ever have rights. They are also the ones who thinks women should be silent, they think atheists are some baby eating monsters, and more.

We’re fighting to have the equality for all. How is that a bad thing? What part of liberty and freedom do you not understand? There was no, “Freedom and liberty for only the religious right wing.”

Also, other countries have legalized equality for LGBT, did their nations burst into flames or something? No they have not. So why are they fighting so hard to stop people from having human rights? They’re not concerned about anything, they’re concerned about their biblical laws that no one is following.

We don’t punish people for working on a Sabbath, we don’t kill anyone for wearing two different fabrics, we don’t imprison people for cross dressing, we don’t stone anyone for eating shellfish or pork, we don’t stone women for speaking their mind or for having authority, we don’t kill women for not being a virgin on her wedding night, we don’t kill disobedient children or teenagers, and we don’t do any of the things that is written in the bible. So why are we focusing on the ones about LGBT people? Did they not even read the constitution? Did they not even realize that the US Constitution, the bill of rights, or the declaration of independence have no biblical laws in there?

Next time you complain about gay rights activists boycotting Chic-Fil-A, realize that you’re boycotting the ones that support the very things this country gives us; EQUALITY!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My speech I want to make

Hello, my name is Tim. I believe in the rights to marry for LGBT people, I believe that we’re all aren’t so different from each other, I believe we’re all capable of love, and I believe that lies and discrimination is what hurts all of us.

I have a hearing impairment, I am an atheist, and I am bisexual. I say this because I’ve been discriminated for many things like these. Those that have discriminated against someone for their sexuality, their beliefs, or their disability know absolutely nothing about the person. Just as people know absolutely nothing about those who have different skin color, those who are born in different countries, or those who are in poverty.

We experience discrimination everyday, we experience bullying everyday, we experience lies and hate every day, and we experience injustice. Those things have done nothing more than hurt all of us. Those who are LGBT are just like everyone else. I may be Bisexual, but that is not who I am. Your sexuality does not define who you are.

I remember what martin Luther King Jr had said, “I had a dream, where our children would one day not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I believe very much that when we look at one another or learn one little thing about the person, we still don’t know them but we judge them by that little information.

I have been through so much discrimination and bullying, even on the internet. I’ve been called “ugly, stupid, retarded, fat, fag, and more.” I’ve been told to go kill myself, I’ve been told no one would like me. But you know what is true? I know myself and I know they don’t know a thing about me. I had never been given a chance to show people who I am because I was judged before I even said anything. This is the kind of thing we all face, this is why many young children kill themselves, this is why people suffer; bullying and hate never made anyone strong, it only kills people.

I want for us all to live in a place where we can understand one another, to be free to marry the person we love, to not be assaulted, to be able to have jobs and not be fired for being gay, an atheist, or anything else, to be able to show the world that we’re just like everyone else, and to be able to live without fear or to have people paint us all as something to hate or fear.

I’m not different from you, I have dreams, I have goals, I make mistakes, I am capable of love, and I am a human being. I don’t know why there should be hate toward those whose sexuality is unlike yours, I don’t know why there should be double standards when pointing out flaws in people who are gay, I don’t know why we must make lies about complete strangers we don’t even know, and I don’t know why people should be denied the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. I don’t know why we cannot be able to live our lives with equal rights as everyone else. I hope we can open our eyes and realize that we’re all human beings.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

gays terrorized!


I've just read this and I want to write this.

Imagine if you will that you have a partner you’re with (Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, or pansexual) and you have an adopted child, and you have a nice house. You pay your taxes, mow the lawn, you go to work, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you watch tv together, you help your child with homework, you talk about what to do together on the holidays, you drop your kid to school, you clean up your house, you cuddle with your partner at night or on the couch while watching a movie, and you basically just enjoy living your life.

Now there are some people who would break in to your house, vandalize your belongings, put bigoted slurs everywhere (even for a straight couple), they threatened and frightened your child, you were harassed for being different. Your lives are at jeopardy and you called the police. They do nothing at all to help you. You spend sleepless nights wondering what to do to protect your partner and your child. No matter what you tried, you can’t move out and you can’t stop the crimes.

This sort of thing has happened and can happen to anyone. What’s important to realize is that we need to speak out, we need to speak up, and we need to teach people that we’re all human beings. I would also like to point out that the true culprit that threatens families, marriages, nations, and everything else is hate, not LGBT individuals. This has to stop, this has to be recognized!