Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(BGV) Returning 'home' to Arizona.

June 18th Returning 'home' to Arizona. The place which I would never consider as my home.

I was woken up at 4:00 am and Matthew drove me to the airport. I went in by myself, went through the security claims, and lost my watch somehow but no biggie. I had plenty of time because I didn’t need to board until 6:30 am (Wished it was at 6:30 pm so I can enjoy myself a little longer before Jay and Bryan left on their flight). My flight departed at 7:20 am I got myself some coffee at starbucks and sat down. I made a short film and when I tried to say some things, I was breaking down crying. I was crying because I’m returning to Arizona and leaving behind Portland.

I feel that Portland has my heart and I will never forget this vacation. I hadn’t got to give Jay and Bryan a final hug before I left. I wished that I didn’t have to leave, I wish I could have that final breakfast with everyone there.

To Jay and Bryan, I am forever grateful for your generosity, you’re very kind and awesome, and you’ve shown me how great you two are. I want to repay you somehow. I will never forget this event, I will forever cherish this. I want to do this again. You and your family are so wonderful and I’m grateful that I met you all.

I never got to ask; if there can be a possibility of you visiting Arizona to see me during winter time. I may repay you with some dinner, which would be my treat. If that may not be done, then someday next year when I get another week vacation, I will come along for another BGV or some event and treat you guys some dinner.

To everyone who went to the event, You all have been so wonderful to meet, I am so grateful to have met you. I wish to meet you all again one day, and I wish I had talked to all of you, if not more often.

Wolfy Wong, I regret not having talked with you, but I hope we can one day when we meet.

Scott and Roque, I’m grateful we met, sorry we never got to chat much, I wish I wasn’t so shy at first. Hope to see you guys again someday.

Steward and Rick,your BBQ was fantastic and I’m grateful I came along on this BGV. I hope to visit you again one day

Quincey, I too am sorry I never got to talk to you. Hope we can, you’re a really nice guy.

Alon Bar, I thank you for the dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Wish we can meet again.

Igon, Paul, Chris, and some other folks I never got to talk with, I hope we can meet one day, I would like to get to know all of you. I’m grateful to have met you all on this trip, sorry I never got to chat with you, but hope to one day when we meet.

Matthew S, I’m ever grateful to have met you, you’re an awesome roomie even though it was only few nights we slept at the hotel (No not together), and I would love to meet again one day. Maybe I’ll even visit Washington next year.

Matthew G, thanks for being our third roomie, it was great meeting you, and I wish this trip wasn’t over so soon.

To Portland, You are my city, you welcomed me and I feel right at home. You treated me so nicely. Arizona was never so nice. It felt like a monster that choked me and blew hot breath in my face the first day I went there fifteen years ago and still does that to me to this day. But you, your weather was so cool and tranquil during the summer. You’ve shown me your mountains, your lakes, your trees, and your landscape. I loved all of it. Yes you may have some bad parts as all states do, but you’re a state I wish to live in one day. I cherish the beauty, the diversity, and the sweetness you’ve shown me.

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