Monday, June 18, 2012

(BGV) First Day in Portland, OR

June 14th, first day in Portland, OR

It was nearly 3:00pm, I had checked up on my parents to see if they’re ready to give me a ride. My parents and my Grandfather have taken me down into Phoenix Airport. I reached the terminal, paid $20 baggage fee, send my bag through, and then walked inside the Airport. Me and my Dad both went in, my mom and my Grandfather don’t need to come with me. We went through the Security checkpoint with no problems. We stopped to eat a little before flight. We had time. We reached my gate, then my dad said his goodbye and I got onboard the plane. It left the airstrip no sooner than 5:20pm. I just relaxed as the plane soared through the smoggy, harsh heat. I was glad to leave the place for few days, good riddance, but sad to return on the 18th.

I arrived at the Portland International Airport, got my bag, called Matthew, and I waited outside of the Baggage claim entrance. The air was clean and cool, I felt as if this was all of a sudden, my home. There are two Matthews, one who I was on the phone with and the other who was driving. They are my roomies at the Hyatt Place Hotel. I took to the sight as we drove onto the house where there was a BBQ going on. We arrived to the house that is thin and really beautiful to see. I came out of the car, saw Jay Leffew who greeted me with “Hey!” and he smiled. I walked over and gave him a hug, I was so glad to have met him and his family at last. They lived in California and have traveled down to Portland hours earlier before me. Jay has recently returned home from Turkey to visit a young man who was disowned and shot at by his family because he is gay.

Before we could enter the house, there were two dogs, one that came out of the house and another who was just climbing down from the van. They started attacking each other and few men had to pull them apart from each other. One guy had been badly bitten deeply, so he had to take a trip to the emergency room to get stitches.

Inside the house, there were couple of people there, including Bryan Leffew who was holding his daughter Selena, his son Daniel who was watching TV, a friend of his named “wolfy.”

I was told to help myself to the BBQ food, which was unfortunately a bit cold. But nonetheless, I ate some and sat down with the group, getting to know each other a bit.

It was pretty dark, we left the house and headed to our hotel we were staying in. My hotel room is small, but nice and I was sleeping on a pull out mattress since there were two beds. We put our stuff away, got in our jammies, and went to sleep.

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