Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(BGV) Third day in Portland

June 16th

It was perhaps 8:00 am or 9, I went downstairs to the little dining area where complimentary breakfast is. I took an egg sandwich and ham, a small bowl of fruit, banana, and orange juice. After eating my breakfast, Jay and his family came in to have their breakfast as well.

We sat in the lobby, discussing where we’ll be heading. We went out in the Parking lot, drove out and headed to the Vista House Gallery.

I’m not sure what I understand about the Vista House Gallery, I have made a video of it. We have climbed up on the Vista House Gallery and looked at the lakes and the mountains. The forest is green and thick, making Portland beautiful as ever.

We went down under the House Gallery where there were glass cases of some artifacts. I saw huge posters about bridges, stonework, hotels, and more. We were finished sight seeing and then headed onward to the Bridal veil Trails.

It was a long trek in the forest, which was beautiful and I heard the waterfalls long before I saw it, even as a person who is hearing impaired. I saw the waterfall and it was beautiful. I think that is what they meant by “Bridal Veil” because it looked like a bridal veil. I had to carefully climb down, getting closer to the waterfalls and even climb up the huge boulder. I am happy to say that I got through the trails without injury. I didn’t even get so much as a scrape on me, and I think we all didn’t get any scrapes either. Of course, I was exhausted when we got back out of the Trails. I started breathing in and out and felt more better and moved onward.

We continued onward and reached Cascade Locks. It was a nice place and we stopped to eat a light brunch because we were having BBQ later on. Some of the folks were going further on to the next waterfall, but me and some others head back to the Hotel. After the events and returning home, I saw the pictures of the last Waterfall they went to and I wished I wasn’t so tired, because I would have loved to have filmed that place and took pictures too. Portland just keeps showing it great beauty.

We got back to the Hotel, napped for few hours, and then we had to get up and go to a house for BBQ. I think it was Rick and Steward’s house, but I can be wrong.

It was a beautiful house, the yard was beautiful. There had been a tree in their yard that fell over and torn down a small section of the fence. Jay and Rick set up some games for the kids to play while the grownups drink, chat, and even got the BBQ ready.

There was a light sprinkle of rain, but it was gone shortly and the clouds were getting dark. I thought jokingly about the bigoted ad “Gathering storm” and just laughed in my head.

The BBQ was very delicious and we all had a great time. After the BBQ, many people went left, saying their goodbyes, and some of us stayed around the fire pit, just talking. After that, it was midnight and we got back to the Hotel to sleep.

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