Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(BGV) Fourth day in Portland PRIDE PARADE

June 17th

(For some reason i cannot bring in the part one, it will be in my youtube videos)

In woke up pretty early in the morning, walked down to the Hotel dining room and got myself some breakfast. I sat with our group, it was going to be my last day with them, which is very sad for me as I wanted this to last for a long time. As everyone had finished eating their breakfast, we headed out to a train station, got on the train and headed downtown/Chinatown.

We have gone to Voodoo Donuts, which is really crowded, there is a long line. I saw a faded out sign which I could make out the word “Theater” and there was an anime character, which is actually Hentai. It was really for adults. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try something new with Voodoo donuts yet that time, maybe next time when I visit Portland again, so I just got a plain donut and a crueller. I know, lame.

We walked down to a huge park I think and saw a bride, huge river, monuments and a sign. It’s where the Pride Parade was taking place. I filmed about half of the parade before the battery went dead on me, so I could make 6 videos on youtube, showing half of the parade. We went into the Pride Celebration area, just looked around, and got ourselves some lunch and ice cream. I was only feeling slightly down because I can no longer film or take pictures due to battery dead. But I enjoyed the parade and I was glad to see everything there.

We head back to the train. We ran to catch the train because it was beginning to load up passengers and we were short ways away. We caught up and headed back to the Hotel.

After the whole event, some of us decided to take it easy at a spa. Many people in our group of course had to leave and say their good byes. After the spa, I was up in my room, trying to edit some videos I filmed and the pictures I took. Matthew had asked if I wanted to join in with some folks to go out for dinner. I said yes and so we went down into the lobby.  It’s not with the Leffews this time, but with some friends. We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. Alon Barr had paid for my meal, which is very generous of him. I had myself Pepper Jack Steak Wrap which was very delicious. After that, we went back and Matt had to go home that night. Me and the other Matthew stayed for one more night. I get to sleep in the bed instead of the pull out mattress this time and it was very comfortable, including the pillows.

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