Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rape is inexcusable and victim blaming is worse. (RANT)

There is nothing that boils my blood more than people who says that “they were asking for it.” I have to say here, that there is absolutely no reason to blame the victim. I’m talking about rapists blaming their victim. They make it sound like victims have done something to make them do what they did to them. Hardly so.

Rapists CHOOSE to act on the crime, they weren’t being controlled by their victim. They say that it was because the victim was wearing “slutty” clothes. Did we just get stupider? Rape happens to all, no matter what they wore.

“She shouldn’t have been wearing skirts that short.”

I’m not seeing how that makes someone become uncontrollable, “Oh my god, my dick just got hard and now it’s leading me straight to her! Nooooo!” No, the rapist chose her as his victim, he is to blame, not her.

There are women who wore clothes that covered head to toe and she still gets violated. Why? Because the rapist chose to violate her.

In the Middle East, women were covered head to toe and they were violated, beaten, and murdered! There were women who got acid thrown on them simply for showing a lock of hair! That’s not logic, that’s insanity! How does that make ir her fault?

“Oh she shouldn’t have shown the lock of hair through her shawl?” It is just despicable and inhumane.

There were children who gets violated and their abusers blames them. How does that make any sense?

There are men who gets violated. How does that make any sense? Aren’;t we supposed to be civilized human beings?

If you want to live in the world where you can get away with violating human beings, do us a favor and rot in hell.

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