Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preacher Charles L Worley Calls For Death of 'Homosexuals'

I agree with Jay here. The preacher and the congregation of that church advocates violence and harm to LGBT people. There is no reason to discriminate. Their mind is precisely what made me lose faith in humanity. We need to stand up, we need to speak up, we need to come out and fight against the discrimination!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It Could Happen To You

This. This is precisely why we should fight for equality. I couldn't help but cry. I'm sorry for Shane. This is what was going to LGBT couples.


So North Carolina decides that it's better to be ignorant and bigoted than to learn to accept and understand others. Not only did they decide to pass the Admendment one, they decided that the consequences is unimportant to them. It will mean no gay marriage, no civil union, no domestic partnership, no nothing and it leaves many people vulnerable to domestic abuses and more! Those who voted yes will soon get a wake up call with what that will mean to them. Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rape is never acceptable no matter what.

Here is this person who posts this on a youtube comment:

“Bullshit. If you wear such a short skirt you are asking for it. Don't cry.

kledder2 in reply to popsypop1 (Show the comment) 1 month ago”

Well his account is gone, but his comment right there reeks of vileness.

I find it sad that folks like him exist and actually believes they were “asking for it.” I guess it didn’t occur to him that rapists actually rape people on their own accord, no matter what the person was wearing. You can have a woman who is wearing a cap, turtleneck sweater, sweatpants, and a pair of shoes. She is wearing modest clothes, but she still gets violated. Why? It is because the perpetrator chose to hurt her. It was clearly never about the clothes, they were just an excuse for rapists to get away with their crime. Yet, people like him think that women were asking for it. There were children that get violated. Were they asking for it? I think not.

“So I guess it´s pure morality then when you walk around like that. You really think they wear these super miniskirts because of fashion? Of course not. They want men to look at them. If you hold food right in front of your pet and you told him not to eat it but he does it anyway what do they call that? Teasing, instinct, provocative. This is just the same. Like walking candy on the street. If they don't like the get all eyes on them all they have to do is wear a longer skirt and they know that.

kledder2 in reply to BiFriday (Show the comment) 1 day ago”

This comment was addressed to me on my youtube account “BiFriday.”

Yes Kledder, women do wear miniskirts for fashion. Why do you think they wear them for? Yes they may want men to look at them, but that doesn’t mean they want you to jump them.

So what you’re saying is that we’re just not responsible for our own action, the women obviously have the power to make men do things against their will. If I have a dog and I’m eating my lunch, my dog isn’t welcome to it, but eats it anyway and somehow that’s my fault? If a woman isn’t going to share food to the dog, that’s her right. We’re not dogs and NO MEANS NO! That does not constitute raping anyone. No matter how you slice it, rape is still inexcusable.

“They should just wear longer skirt and they know that?”

Dude, women still gets violated even when they wear longer skirts. You know why? Because the perpetrator wants to dominate, to control, to overpower people. It was not about sexual urges and we, as men, can control our urges.

“Again, rape it's inexcusable. Yes, she can wear whatever the hell she wants. Teasing? Only YOU would think she is teasing you. I don't know why she would wear short skirts, but it does not permit rape. "She wanted men to look at them." Oh? So that makes it ok to loose control and violate her? I don't think so. Plus many women who covered up STILL gets raped. It has nothing to do with what she wore. Quit blaming the victims. Also, that's a terrible analogy.

BiFriday in reply to kledder2 (Show the comment) 1 day ago”

“My comments are based on facts yours on opinions. If you don't see that wearing ultra mini skirts is provocative then you are an idiot. Enough said.

kledder2 in reply to BiFriday (Show the comment) 1 day ago”

Facts? You want to talk about facts? Ok, I’ll give you facts.

FACT: Women, men, and children get violated sexually no matter what they wore.

FACT: It’s about power and wanting to hurt someone.

FACT: It is inexcusable because no one should ever be harmed no matter what. There was no reason to violate someone.

FACT: Wearing miniskirts does not make someone rape them; you choose to violate the person.

FACT: Rapists use clothes like the miniskirt as an excuse for their behavior.

How’s that for a fact jack?

Notice how Kledder2 never seem to address my points but just keeps blaming victims and defending rapists? Makes you wonder huh?

“Lol. They ARE facts. And it´s obvious you are the moron here for not realising that and evertying else. Just how stupid are you really. But specially for you I´ll explain it to you like a 4 year old. I never said that if a women wears a miniskirt it´s ok to rape them. But they shouldn´t cry if it happens to those woman because they wear provocative clothes. You get it now dumbass? Everything in your comment is complete bogus by the way."nothing to do with sexual urges". LOL.I laugh in your face.

kledder2 in reply to BiFriday (Show the comment) 8 hours ago”

This was his last comment to me before his account was closed. Apparently this person still never addressed my points, never proved me wrong, and still blames the victims and insults me. This is like playing chess with a pigeon; you can know how to play, but the pigeon knocks over the pieces and craps on the board.

He says it’s not ok to rape, but they shouldn’t cry if they do get raped. No, sorry, but that’s bullshit. You are in fact, stating that they should be violated. Wearing miniskirts or any “skimpy” clothes is just an excuse to get away with their crime. It’s not a reasonable excuse, it’s a stupid excuse. I don’t see how someone wearing “skimpy” clothes makes someone want to violate them. I’ve seen women with short skirts, but never felt like I cannot control myself and I see no one looking like they’re losing control of themselves either. Your comment is crap.

It’s only provocative to you because you find them enticing and yet you think it constitute raping someone.

It’s quite clear to me; rapists can do whatever they want, women can’t say anything because they were “asking for it.” (Double Facepalm) Yeah, those are facts and I’m an idiot. Sad.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rape is inexcusable and victim blaming is worse. (RANT)

There is nothing that boils my blood more than people who says that “they were asking for it.” I have to say here, that there is absolutely no reason to blame the victim. I’m talking about rapists blaming their victim. They make it sound like victims have done something to make them do what they did to them. Hardly so.

Rapists CHOOSE to act on the crime, they weren’t being controlled by their victim. They say that it was because the victim was wearing “slutty” clothes. Did we just get stupider? Rape happens to all, no matter what they wore.

“She shouldn’t have been wearing skirts that short.”

I’m not seeing how that makes someone become uncontrollable, “Oh my god, my dick just got hard and now it’s leading me straight to her! Nooooo!” No, the rapist chose her as his victim, he is to blame, not her.

There are women who wore clothes that covered head to toe and she still gets violated. Why? Because the rapist chose to violate her.

In the Middle East, women were covered head to toe and they were violated, beaten, and murdered! There were women who got acid thrown on them simply for showing a lock of hair! That’s not logic, that’s insanity! How does that make ir her fault?

“Oh she shouldn’t have shown the lock of hair through her shawl?” It is just despicable and inhumane.

There were children who gets violated and their abusers blames them. How does that make any sense?

There are men who gets violated. How does that make any sense? Aren’;t we supposed to be civilized human beings?

If you want to live in the world where you can get away with violating human beings, do us a favor and rot in hell.