Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Perkins loves to blame the gays.

So some folks like Perkins actually believes that the repeal of DADT, don’t ask don’t tell, was a big mistake. Perkins actually tells us that homosexuals are to blame for two men who are in social service who have been having some fun with female prostitutes.

Yes Perkins, straight men never fooled around with prostitutes before, it’s so the gays fault. (Rolls eyes)

Maybe it’s just me but it seems that people like Perkin just loves to demonize LGBT people. It’s quite clear on what they’re doing; they’re trying to deceive people into eradicating any rights gays have fought for so far and to bring back laws that forbid them from being gay. I find it sad that this is the year 2012 and yet people like Perkins are acting like little cave men.

Dear Perkins,

Can you please just stop lying about gay people? Stop trying to blame people for something they hadn’t done. The two men who were with prostitutes were doing this on their own accord; it has absolutely NOTHING to do with homosexuality. Straight men have always been fooling around with prostitutes before and after the repeal of DADT. Surely you should already have known this. You’re a liar and I hope people will see that. You’re not fooling me, you’re not fooling any intelligent folks, and equality will prevail!

Sincerely, Tim.

P.S. the 60’s called, they want their bigotry back.

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