Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my own thoughts about Arizona and Maryland and wanting to move. (None LGBT post)

Where I want to live in

1)                  Someplace cold and cloudy most of the time

2)                  Doesn’t get too hot in the summer

3)                  I love the snow and the rain

4)                  I like green grass, trees, mountains, and lakes

5)                  A place where there are a lot happening (clubs, parades, social events, and more)

6)                  Less crime

7)                  A city with plenty of jobs, affordable housing and/or apartments

8)                  Places where you can meet people

9)                  Better education

10)              Isn’t homophobic, racist, or sexist (I know I’m stretching it, but I don’t like prejudice)

11)              Isn’t too expensive to live in

12)              Plenty of jobs to have

13)              Plenty of places to go to

Why I hate Arizona

1)                  Extremely hot weather in the summer

2)                  Only snows in Prescott or Flagstaff

3)                  Hardly cold during winter

4)                  There is nothing to do here

5)                  Bugs, weeds, ragweed, loose tumbleweeds, sand storm, and heat haze

6)                  Drivers are terrible here

7)                  It’s racist, homophobic, and sexist.

8)                  I sweat too much

9)                  I can’t sleep comfortably

10)              Everything is far too expensive here.

11)              Hardly any affordable apartments around

12)              Hardly any jobs are hiring

13)              Only few places have public transportation and I live far from it

14)              Hardly rains much anyway

15)              Too sunny. I sometimes feel like a vampire and wanted to flee from the sun


I spent my childhood living in Maryland and I have to say I loved it there and I was very happy living there. Sure there have been times things were bad, but that happens everywhere. The reason I loved Maryland and not Arizona is simple; the weather is good, it snows, and people are nicer there. Now it is going to legalize gay marriage in 2013, which makes me even happier and I wish I can return.

In Maryland, I was living in a military base because my father was in the Navy. The neighborhood I lived in was pleasant and I had a great friend who lived two doors down from me. My next door neighbor was a paranoid family who rarely lets their kids to go outside to play. There is a playground with a monkey bars shaped like a house. It has a slide and a set of swings. There was a forest close by in our neighborhood that I often go into to play.

I remember the snows and I loved it. I loved walking in the snow, playing in it, and it’s very comforting in winter clothes. I often hear people complain about having to shovel snow or that it covers their cars in ice and so forth. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t care. I much rather have that than the blistering 112 degree heat that turns your car into a broiling oven and you cannot be comfortable at all. I would rather shovel snow, I would rather scrap ice off a car, I would rather be trapped in a blizzard than to be cooking in a goddamn car. I would at least have that! I love the snow, I remember standing outside while it’s snowing one night and I looked up and pretended that I was a spaceship flying and all the snowflakes were stars! I remember making snowmen and snow angels. I remember playing snow fights. I miss those days. When me and my family went up to Prescott to visit the snow, it brought back memories and I was so damn happy. I was so happy I wish we didn’t have to leave. It was even my nephews and niece’s first snow! Where we’re at, it doesn’t snow ever.

I remember the house we lived in. it was cozy but a little messy due to a large number of siblings. I remember the dogs we used to have, the cats we used to have, the gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more. I remember the snake my brother had. I remembered there was a small baby tree snake, very harmless and it used to wrap its body around my fingers like brass knuckles.

I remember video games we’ve played; I remembered the toys and books we used to have. I remember getting Goosebumps books for Christmas and how happy I was to have them. There was so many of them and I had wanted them all. I remember how they looked and how happy I was when I opened my presents. Now that I remember them, I felt like crying.

The Middle School I used to go to was a good public school and often we have had behavior slips that rewards good deeds and subtract points for bad deeds. There was a shop they had and we were being taught to budget money and were buying stuff there. It was a bit like Hogwarts in a way but with no magic involved (dang).  I had some friends, some of the students were ok and others were mean (no surprises there).

There were a lot of good things I remembered and a lot of bad things I remembered, but Maryland was the state I loved. I loved the weather, I loved the scenery, and I loved the people there. The good things I remembered have been much higher than the bad. Arizona has been mainly the worst place ever for me. I could never understand how anyone could live in that hellish place.

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