Saturday, March 3, 2012

What hate really does

How do I begin this? How do I start out in the beginning? Let’s just say this; if you think taking away rights from others and making blind assumptions about some group is a good thing for society, and then imagine if you will if someone turns that around and does this to you?

Passing out legislations to ban equal rights to people does not help anyone, it just hurts. What sense does that make? It sounded very childish and uneducated. You could pass on those legislations on people different from you because you don’t think they matter.

For school administrators to allow bullying to occur in school are no different from the bullies. Where is the sense in all this? What sense does it make to treat students like they’re not people? Does that seem like a good thing to have in this society? Where does this lead us to? It just leads to more deaths and ugliness. Hate is destruction and detrimental to society, not the LGBT individuals or any “minorities.”

To proclaim that marriage is between one man and one woman is to ignore the history where marriage has been redefined many times over. It is originally about ownership of women, not procreation or love. There was no law that forbids those who choose not to have kids from getting married, nor to those who are infertile or passed the age of bearing anymore children. This is because you’re not looking at the marriage as it is, nor are you concerned about procreation, you’re just finding gay people to be “icky.”

To those who think gay men or lesbians shouldn’t serve in the military or those who wish for them to die in battle, this sort of thinking never prospers in society, it is ugly and it breeds nothing but ugliness. If this was Lord of the rings, you would be an Uruk Hai.

To those who pass stereotypes on people have little to no intention of trying to know anything about the folks they hate. No two people are the same and the stereotypes never tell us about the person, it just tells us what you are; ignorant and blind.

To say that LGBT individuals are destructive and detrimental to society is to be ignorant to the reality and history. Homosexuality has always been around as long as there has been life on Earth. What does it matter if someone loves someone of the same sex? How is it destructive or detrimental? If anything, it’s hate that is destructive and detrimental. It never improves society.

Why hadn’t anyone ever looked at history and learned that hating on people always caused pain and when there’s acceptance, life prospers and that acceptance is one of the ways for the betterment of society.

What does hate really do? It creates nothing but destruction and violence. Is that what you want in society? I’ll leave that to you to think about.

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