Saturday, March 24, 2012

Poem for Trayvon martin

Poem for Trayvon martin

I am Trayvon Martin

I am another human being

I walk among you as equals

I laugh like you

I cry like you

I died because I’m different

I wear my hood not because I’m bad

I wear my hood not because I’m up to no good

I wear my hood because I want to

One who wears a hood,

Is not the one who hurts

It’s one’s action

I went out to buy some skittles

I went out to by an iced tea

Why is that suspicious?

I noticed someone following me

I was afraid

I called her because I’m afraid

I put up my hood to escape this stranger

This stranger found me

I struggle for my life

He struggles to kill me

I died because I’m diferent

He says this was self defense

He says that I look suspicious

I only had skittles

He had a gun

I died because I was different

Many voices heard in the air

Many hoods are worn

Many skittles are bought

Many ice tea are bought

They know I was innocent

I have thought that I was safe

This was the day racism is small

Why did he hate me so much

Why was I targeted by his racism?

Were we not human being too?

I died because I was different

People heard my voice calling for help

I may be gone, but I will never be forgotten

But why was he free?

Many people are angry as I am

My killer is still free

I was killed because I was different

Hateful people are the grey clouds

They haunt those they hate

The world is hurting

I was hurting by their hate

We’re all hurting by their hate

I died because I was different

When shall racism disperse?

When shall homophobia disperse?

When shall Sexism disperse?

I died because I was different

I am Trayvon Martin

Where is my justice?

Would there be justice

Or will there be one like me that’s next?

I’m not a black person

I am me

I am Trayvon Martin!