Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Land of hate and land of love (LGBT poem)

LGBT poem 5

Land of hate and land of love (LGBT poem)

Cold and barren land

Life is sparse

Towns and cities are in ruin

Hatred and violence are rising

They cannot see past their hate

Violence is their sport

Green pasture over yonder

The sound of the shore nearby

Towns and cities full of life

Love and kindness is overwhelming

They see each other as an equal

Friendship is their virtue

Their eyes are empty

There is no pity in them

Stones and sticks thrown at them

Words of poison take them

Nothing grows here anymore

The sky remains ever grey

Laughter rings in the air

No stone or stick cast at another

People move on with their life

Hatred does not grow here

The sky is bright

They are ever controlling

They are ever prejudiced

Those who are different are shown no mercy

Children cry in despair in the alleys

Women are violated and unequal

Gays and lesbians are killed

There are women who have power

Their rules are just and loving

Gays and lesbians are married at last

Orphan children are given homes

Here, death is few

Their teeth are bloody and mangy

Their clothes are filthy and bloodied

Their reason of hate was inexcusable

Too many lives are gone

Where would there be hope for them

Their eyes are joyful

Their smiles make others welcomed

Their reason for kindness is abundant

Many people are happy

There is hope here at last

What reason is there to spread the hate

Their mind is like an orc

There is nothing there anymore

All who suffers will flee or die

How does hate manifest peace and love

Death thrives here

Love and kindness gives us a chance to learn

Who we are, we’re no different

When no harm is done, there is no fear

What we seek here is hope and love

In this we can thrive in peace

Bigotry is ugly and heartless

Love is the opposite

Why one chooses to hate I’ll never know

One thing for certain, I choose love

I choose equality

I choose reason and understanding

I choose peace

I choose hope…

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