Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This former ballerina person seems to be all "Oh my god, they have a gay man on television! So i turn my TV off!" Seriously? And I laughed when I read the comment saying, "They'll call you a homophobe if you say anything about their sexuality."

Well no, but if you say homophobic slurs or demand gay people to go back in the closet, then you're a bigot. But if you just ask questions it's not. Why are some people so scared of the idea of gay people? Honestly, they make it out to be like some evil invasion of gay people coming into their lives to silence them, maybe even torture them or whatever insanity they're thinking.

Evidently, you're not allowed to stand up for yourself lest you would be "oppressing their religious freedom." Not only that, it gets even better, you're the oppressor and they're all the victims.

Homophobes: F***OTS! You will burn in hell! God condemns you! Marriage is between one man and one woman! You're spread AIDs and you're after our children! You should die!
Homosexual people: Please stop doing that.
Homophobes: OH MY GOD!!! They're oppressing our religious freedom!! They're trying to silence us and call us bigots! Waaaaaaaa!!! Waaaaaaa!!

That is what you sound like.

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