Friday, March 23, 2012

Hoodies killed Trayvon? BS!

Oh so according to Geraldo Rivera, a hoodie is what got Trayvon Martin Killed.Wow. I've been wearing a hoodie a lot and never had anyone tried to kill me. Maybe it's because i'm white, but with my back turned, they wouldn't have noticed.

(Crazy Racist Moron)
CRM: Oh my goodness, a hoodie!! (BANG BANG)

Zimmerman didn't kill Trayvon because he was wearing a hood, he murdered him because he's black. The hood had nothing to do with it. I'll paraphrase what Rivera said

"Oh, i'm not blaming the victim, i just think he should have worn something else."

That is blaming the victim Rivera. I dislike you a lot when i saw you on Penn and Teller's bullshit about Family Values, but i disliked you even more for this. You can't blame people for wearing certain clothing. Clothes have nothing to do with anything, it has to do with the person who choose to do harm! A girl in a bikini isn't asking for any violation, a rapist decided to do it. Zimmerman decided to kill Martin because he is black. He would shoot Martin even if he didn't wear a hoodie. Not only that, the reason he had on the hood was to escape from a stranger who is following him, that would be Zimmerman. It is very clear he was afraid and wanted to get away, it had nothing to do with "Actin' gangsta" for crying out loud. Wearing a hood has nothing to do with being a gangster, even wearing your pants below your hip and showing your underwear had nothing to do with being a gangster (I will add that it originated in prison and it doesn't make you look cool).

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