Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"8": A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality

Have your children been accepting? (Humor)

3 out of 5 teenagers will accept people as they are.

Teenagers, who accept others will become difficult to deceive with lies and bigotry, don’t let this happen to your kids.

Kids, who accept others will gain friends, learn different diversities, sexuality, cultures and such. They will have no time to listen to our hateful lies and bigoted opinions. We’ve worked too hard to deny equal rights to people different from us for centuries, that is the tradition we’ve been passing. Acceptance is to change the way we think of the world and become less hostile and less vile to people we think were different from us.

Listen to the concerned parents of children who chose acceptance.

“My son Todd has friends he accepted as gay, black, Jewish, and atheist. We’re so concerned.”

“I don’t know what I did wrong, we tried to teach our children to never accept others different from you, but they chose to neglect our lies and bigoted opinions.”

“When I found magazines of different diversities and cultures, we had to take our daughter to therapy.”

“I found groups my son was on and they were all about acceptance. We’re scarred for life.”

But we have hope. People of Caucasian, male, heterosexual, Christian are coming together in hate and lies to protect our bigotry. Visit the (Not a real site) and join the dark side of the force!

My love poem

My love poem

(No matter who you are, I love you)

I will not give you a rose, they wilt and die

I will not give you chocolate, they don’t last long

I will not give you jewelry, they’re irrelevant

I will give you my heart, my love for you

I do not care about cars, I care about you

I don’t care about wealth, I love you

I do not care about your body, I care about you

My love is unconditional and pure, most rarest form of love

(Note:  I do not understand people who values cars, wealth, or even physical appearance over a person, that isn’t love, that’s just greed and sad.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let’s see what we have got here with Trayvon Martin’s case

Let’s see what we have got here with Trayvon Martin’s case

Zimmerman made a call about Trayvon, saying he’s looking suspicious, Trayvon had his hoodie, bought skittles and iced tea.

Zimmerman called him a “fucking coon.” He also said “They’re always getting away.”

The dispatcher told him not to follow him and Zimmerman chose to ignore that and follow him.

Trayvon was on the phone and called 911 and had called his friend, “Someone is following me.” He was told to run. Zimmerman confronted him with a gun, “What are you doing here?” Zimmerman asks and Trayvon says, “Why are you following me?”

There was a scuffle and someone was shouting for help then there was a gunshot and Trayvon was dead.

Zimmerman proclaims that it was self-defense, the police did not check if Zimmerman was drinking or on drugs but checked if Trayvon had any drugs or alcohol.

Now, let’s look at what the folks who defended Zimmerman had said

“Trayvon was a gangster, he had pictures where he was flipping off, where he had gold teeth, he was smoking pot and was suspended, and he had tattoos.”

“Zimmerman was the one calling for help.”

“Zimmerman was heading back to his car, Trayvon jumped him from behind. Zimmerman had bloody nose and a blood on his head, and grass on his back.”

Whatever Trayvon had done, whether the photos were true or not, he’s a 17 year old kid who weighs around 150 pounds. He may not have been a perfect little angel (No one is a perfect little angel) but he wasn’t doing anything prior to his murder other than buying iced tea and skittles. He was wearing a hoodie and was just walking to his father’s girlfriend’s house. Whether or not he had tattoos is irrelevant because tattoos mean nothing. My brothers and my dad have tattoos but we’re all decent people. As for pot, there are a lot of good kids who did that. As for flipping off in a photo, my brother and my sister did that a long time ago. I may not personally understand it or even care, but that too is irrelevant.

The person who was crying to help was clearly not Zimmerman as he was the one with the gun, he was the one who chose to attack him, he was the one who thought he was up to no good, and he was the one who scared Trayvon.

Trayvon may have fought him, but he was fighting for his life, Zimmerman was the one who chose to kill him.

Why would Zimmerman be following him? Because Trayvon was black with a hoodie and was thought to be suspicious, on drugs, and thought that he was up to no good.

Zimmerman chose to confront him with a gun because he wanted to terrify Trayvon.

Zimmerman was called a neighborhood watch volunteer, but he broke the rules as a watchman. He was supposed to observe and report, period. No guns, no following, and not to confront a suspicious person.

He proclaimed that he was scared, but if he was, why didn’t he just leave him alone? If you’re scared of someone you feel suspicious about, why follow them with a gun? I don’t think Zimmerman was scared, I think Zimmerman was trying to attack him because he was black.

He made over 40 calls about suspicious activities. He also has a criminal record where he beat up an officer and few other violations. Zimmerman was certainly not a civilized man and he was certainly not a law abiding citizen.

Zimmerman is clearly the bad guy, not Trayvon. Trayvon is just a kid. He may not have been the perfect kid, but he is innocent nonetheless.

If I’m missing anything else, or I’m wrong about something, let me know.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What harm could same-sex marriage do? (Humor)

What harm could same-sex marriage do?

Hi and welcome to the Homophobes Support Group. We’re all going to tell each other just how same-sex marriage ruins lives.

Imaginary harm #1 “How am I supposed to explain to my kid that two men love each other?”

Imaginary harm #2 “It’s a sin! It goes against my religious faith!”

Imaginary harm #3 “My husband finds the two women sexy and tries to video tape them, so I divorced him.”

Imaginary harm #4 “They’re redefining marriage! Marriage never got redefined! Women have no right to property and blacks can’t marry whites!”

Imaginary harm #5 “Gays are icky, icky, icky perverts! I hate anal sex, it’s so gross!”

Imaginary harm #6 “my child came out, so I divorced my wife.”

Imaginary harm #7 “Did you hear what Nation for Marriage had said in their ‘Gathering storm?’ That stuff is so scary!”

Imaginary harm #8 “They’re not content to my bigoted ways.”

Imaginary harm #9 “I fear that people will start marrying their dogs soon! No, my dog wasn’t wearing my ex’s wedding ring, don’t be silly.”

Imaginary harm #10 “I have a sudden urge to stick my nose into the bedroom of my next door neighbors and videotape them.”

Imaginary harm #11 “I see them all over the street, holding hands, kissing in public, talking to each other, eating lunch together, enjoying quality time together. I was scarred for life!!”

Imaginary harm #12 “They brought the issue into my life...”

Imaginary harm #13 “It’s like… stupid duh! You can’t like have children this way because like you gotta have a penis and a vagina right?”

Imaginary harm #14 “My freedom is taken away and I have no choice.”

Imaginary harm #15 “I believe everything Rick Santorum said. He was with me in the gay bar last night.”

Imaginary harm #16 “The storm is coming…”

Imaginary harm #17 “My bible says it’s wrooooooooooong DUH!!”

Imaginary harm #18 “I am afraid!”

Imaginary harm #19 “They’re changing the way I live.”

Imaginary harm #20 “They’re coming into our children’s school and telling them that gay marriage is ok!”

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Poem for Trayvon martin

Poem for Trayvon martin

I am Trayvon Martin

I am another human being

I walk among you as equals

I laugh like you

I cry like you

I died because I’m different

I wear my hood not because I’m bad

I wear my hood not because I’m up to no good

I wear my hood because I want to

One who wears a hood,

Is not the one who hurts

It’s one’s action

I went out to buy some skittles

I went out to by an iced tea

Why is that suspicious?

I noticed someone following me

I was afraid

I called her because I’m afraid

I put up my hood to escape this stranger

This stranger found me

I struggle for my life

He struggles to kill me

I died because I’m diferent

He says this was self defense

He says that I look suspicious

I only had skittles

He had a gun

I died because I was different

Many voices heard in the air

Many hoods are worn

Many skittles are bought

Many ice tea are bought

They know I was innocent

I have thought that I was safe

This was the day racism is small

Why did he hate me so much

Why was I targeted by his racism?

Were we not human being too?

I died because I was different

People heard my voice calling for help

I may be gone, but I will never be forgotten

But why was he free?

Many people are angry as I am

My killer is still free

I was killed because I was different

Hateful people are the grey clouds

They haunt those they hate

The world is hurting

I was hurting by their hate

We’re all hurting by their hate

I died because I was different

When shall racism disperse?

When shall homophobia disperse?

When shall Sexism disperse?

I died because I was different

I am Trayvon Martin

Where is my justice?

Would there be justice

Or will there be one like me that’s next?

I’m not a black person

I am me

I am Trayvon Martin!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hoodies killed Trayvon? BS!

Oh so according to Geraldo Rivera, a hoodie is what got Trayvon Martin Killed.Wow. I've been wearing a hoodie a lot and never had anyone tried to kill me. Maybe it's because i'm white, but with my back turned, they wouldn't have noticed.

(Crazy Racist Moron)
CRM: Oh my goodness, a hoodie!! (BANG BANG)

Zimmerman didn't kill Trayvon because he was wearing a hood, he murdered him because he's black. The hood had nothing to do with it. I'll paraphrase what Rivera said

"Oh, i'm not blaming the victim, i just think he should have worn something else."

That is blaming the victim Rivera. I dislike you a lot when i saw you on Penn and Teller's bullshit about Family Values, but i disliked you even more for this. You can't blame people for wearing certain clothing. Clothes have nothing to do with anything, it has to do with the person who choose to do harm! A girl in a bikini isn't asking for any violation, a rapist decided to do it. Zimmerman decided to kill Martin because he is black. He would shoot Martin even if he didn't wear a hoodie. Not only that, the reason he had on the hood was to escape from a stranger who is following him, that would be Zimmerman. It is very clear he was afraid and wanted to get away, it had nothing to do with "Actin' gangsta" for crying out loud. Wearing a hood has nothing to do with being a gangster, even wearing your pants below your hip and showing your underwear had nothing to do with being a gangster (I will add that it originated in prison and it doesn't make you look cool).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bigots whining about being called a bigot

Bigots whining about being called a bigot

Oh how sad, bigots being called *GASP* bigots. Oh woe is us. Ok, if you don’t want to be called a bigot or a hater, maybe you should stop hating on people. I guess it must be really difficult to accept that people will respond to you in disagreement.

“They’ll call us bigots when we express our opinions of them.”

If I say something that is offensive or completely untrue about you, wouldn’t you stand up and say something? That is what this is about. You can dislike gay people all you want, but don’t expect us to stand by idly while you call gay people horrible names or make assumptions that isn’t backed up by evidence.

“They’re the ones calling us names.”

Oh, so it’s ok for you to call gay people f***ots or perverts, but it’s not ok for us to say you’re a hateful person or a bigot? Being called a bigot isn’t worse than being called a mean person. Being called f*gs or N*gg*rs is a lot worse and is never nice. It sounds to me that you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. Do you think that the first amendment means, “I can say whatever I want, but you can’t say anything back to me or prove me wrong?” Do you honestly think that you’re above criticism?

“It’s a freedom of speech.”

Yes it is a freedom of speech, but it does not mean that you’re free from criticism. We too have the freedom to criticize you and to prove you wrong. You may express your hatred of anyone or express your opinion, but it doesn’t mean you’re above criticism, as I say earlier.

“You can’t say anything without being called a bigot.”

Not quite true. You can say you don’t feel comfortable with gay people or that you don’t agree with the idea of marriage, but when you try to dehumanize people or keep them from having equality as others, then you’re going to have a problem. You may hate hornets, but if you bother them, do you complain about getting stung?

“I just talk about why the bible says it’s wrong just like with adultery, etc.”

That is fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fact or that no one should prove you wrong. If you have came to me and said, “The bible said that we should make women be silent, so they should be silent,” do you think I should accept it and be silent? I for one do not agree and will point out why I don’t agree. Also, when you feel that I am wrong about something, you’re free to point it out to me and we shall discuss this. I won’t whine and complain, “Oh woe is me, I’m being criticized, I’m just stating what I think so I should be above criticism.”

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh dear, the poor little bigots got so shocked at the sight of two men (GASP) Kissing each other. Oh the humanity, whatever shall we do, now the poor little bigots are scarred for life. How sad, it's somehow a big deal when it comes to love. Oh woe is us! I guess Santorum wanted them to leave so that his supporters don't see him getting a hard-on. We all know just how much he loves gay porn.

I would like there to be lots of people gay, straight, bi, transgender people to come out and kiss, hold hands, or hug to show that there is nothing bad or frightening about gay people. Of course, they'll think we're shoving the gayness down their throats, but the message is clearly this; "We're not going away, we're not going to cow to your lies and bigotry."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Land of hate and land of love (LGBT poem)

LGBT poem 5

Land of hate and land of love (LGBT poem)

Cold and barren land

Life is sparse

Towns and cities are in ruin

Hatred and violence are rising

They cannot see past their hate

Violence is their sport

Green pasture over yonder

The sound of the shore nearby

Towns and cities full of life

Love and kindness is overwhelming

They see each other as an equal

Friendship is their virtue

Their eyes are empty

There is no pity in them

Stones and sticks thrown at them

Words of poison take them

Nothing grows here anymore

The sky remains ever grey

Laughter rings in the air

No stone or stick cast at another

People move on with their life

Hatred does not grow here

The sky is bright

They are ever controlling

They are ever prejudiced

Those who are different are shown no mercy

Children cry in despair in the alleys

Women are violated and unequal

Gays and lesbians are killed

There are women who have power

Their rules are just and loving

Gays and lesbians are married at last

Orphan children are given homes

Here, death is few

Their teeth are bloody and mangy

Their clothes are filthy and bloodied

Their reason of hate was inexcusable

Too many lives are gone

Where would there be hope for them

Their eyes are joyful

Their smiles make others welcomed

Their reason for kindness is abundant

Many people are happy

There is hope here at last

What reason is there to spread the hate

Their mind is like an orc

There is nothing there anymore

All who suffers will flee or die

How does hate manifest peace and love

Death thrives here

Love and kindness gives us a chance to learn

Who we are, we’re no different

When no harm is done, there is no fear

What we seek here is hope and love

In this we can thrive in peace

Bigotry is ugly and heartless

Love is the opposite

Why one chooses to hate I’ll never know

One thing for certain, I choose love

I choose equality

I choose reason and understanding

I choose peace

I choose hope…

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dad gets "Born This Way" tattoo

I hope that many parents could be like this dad who accepts his son when he comes out.

Saturday, March 10, 2012



No supporter of marriage equality respects

Rick Santorum

This is just in, little Ricky Santorum is whining about people who support marriage equality isn’t respecting him. In other news, the grass is green and the earth revolves around the sun. Surprise, no one respects a bigot. Can a bullied victim respect their tormentor? I think not! Why should we respect those who treat us like crap?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What are they so afraid of?

What are they so afraid of?

I may have already been saying this before, but it always makes me wonder why they are so afraid of people who are not straight? I don’t even understand their hate. The way I see it, it is just fear of what they don’t know and because of what was taught to them eons ago.

What I would like is to put an end to the hate and the fear. LGBT individuals are just like everyone else, living their own lives. This is same for those of different skin colors. We’re all the same in heart, though we may be different in appearance.

Isn’t it important that we try to learn and understand something we do not know? Isn’t it better to try to get to know those we do not know? Why are the violence and hate and fear always likely to be the first thing they do? Aren’t we living in the 21st century or did we just go back to the Bronze Age?

As for the religious texts, it’s not a very good solution in dealing with anything. All it does was say, “Kill those who are different from us, kill those who do things I don’t like.” Also, the religious texts have been modified, misinterpreted, mistranslated, some words are added, some words are removed, some may have been purposely changed to their opinion. The texts are written by different men from many generations. These people who wrote the religious texts are not literate, they’re simply men who have thought schizophrenia is a demon possessing them or a god talking to them, thought that the earth was flat, thought that the sun revolves around the Earth, and they have thought that earthquakes means that their god is pissed off.

I do not understand how “Men who sleeps with men as with women should be killed for it’s an abomination,” Trumps over “Let us learn who these folks are and try to understand them. Maybe they’re not so different from us, maybe they’re friendly and they lead a decent life as anyone else?”

I find it bizarre that two men who hold hands, hold a conversation, and enjoys a dinner together is somehow more threatening than a serial killer or a serial rapist. All I can see is two men who are in love and just want to lead a life together. I don’t see how it’s bad or terrifying as a man with an AK-47 pointing it towards you. Their love is sweet and gentle; no one ever gets hurt by someone’s love.

What is so important that one most always keep on spreading hate and lies about them? If you see two women or two men working at a job, buying a house, paying their taxes, mowing their lawn, doing dishes, helping a friend out, celebrating a holiday, and visit a relative, do you think it spells evil or something terrifying?

When it comes down to same-sex marriage, there are still the same amount of straight people, there’s still heterosexual marriages, no one is turning gay, the sky didn’t start raining balls of fire, nor did it destroy nations of families. All that happened was the same sex couples living their life married as with straight people are. Where’s the threat in that?

There are people who cannot have children, there are people who choose not to have children, and the human population is still expanding no matter what. It’s rather silly thinking, “If everyone thinks like those who chose not to have kids, then humanity will die out!” or “If everyone is gay, then humanity will die out!” Those are irrelevant because we’re all choosing how we want to live our lives, whether it comes to wanting children or not. Humanity isn’t going to die out just because someone chose not to have kids or because someone is gay.

As for the children being aware of homosexuality or being raised by homosexual parents, there really isn’t anything to worry about. Children do not care about who loves who, it’s not going to influence them and they’re not going to be harmed by them anymore than by straight people. Children have always been raised by gay parents as well as by straight parents. There are kids who are gay, bisexual, or transgender. What are they so concerned about? Shouldn’t they be observing what is already happening instead of making assumptions that isn’t backed up by evidence?

As for the diseases, everyone is capable of contracting diseases. What is important is learning to defend ourselves. This includes LGBT individuals. No one wanted to have AIDs, no one wants to spread it around, and no one can get it by being gay or by shaking hands with a gay person.

So my question is, what are you so afraid of?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This former ballerina person seems to be all "Oh my god, they have a gay man on television! So i turn my TV off!" Seriously? And I laughed when I read the comment saying, "They'll call you a homophobe if you say anything about their sexuality."

Well no, but if you say homophobic slurs or demand gay people to go back in the closet, then you're a bigot. But if you just ask questions it's not. Why are some people so scared of the idea of gay people? Honestly, they make it out to be like some evil invasion of gay people coming into their lives to silence them, maybe even torture them or whatever insanity they're thinking.

Evidently, you're not allowed to stand up for yourself lest you would be "oppressing their religious freedom." Not only that, it gets even better, you're the oppressor and they're all the victims.

Homophobes: F***OTS! You will burn in hell! God condemns you! Marriage is between one man and one woman! You're spread AIDs and you're after our children! You should die!
Homosexual people: Please stop doing that.
Homophobes: OH MY GOD!!! They're oppressing our religious freedom!! They're trying to silence us and call us bigots! Waaaaaaaa!!! Waaaaaaa!!

That is what you sound like.