Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two gay dads or two lesbian moms

Two gay dads or two lesbian moms

What Rick Santorum thinks they do

“They are having anal sex daily, indoctrinating kids, and destroying family values and traditional marriage.”

What Rick Santorum thinks they are

“They are worse than convicts, they’re not beneficial to society, they are destroying traditional marriage, and he thinks they are going to hurt the US Military.”

What NOM thinks they do

“Bringing the issue into their life, making the government punish them, making them afraid, making their kids learn about gay marriage, and making them have no freedom.”

What Westboro Baptist Church thinks they do

“They are having lots and lots of sex, dooming nation, and dying of AIDs.”

What one million moms thinks they do

“They are indoctrinating children, corrupting society, enforcing their ‘lifestyle’ on to people.”

What youtube homophobes thinks they do

“They are flaunting their gayness, shoving their lifestyle down people’s throat, and corrupting children.”

What they say they’re concerned about

“They can’t have babies, they’ll spread diseases, they’re dangerous, they’re an abomination, they’ll destroy nation, they’ll make the human race go extinct, what they’ll do to children, they’ll make them all gay.”

What they’re really concerned about

“Sexual activity.”

What they really do

“Do dishes, Mow lawns, wash their car, help out a friend or a neighbor, help their kids with their homework, take them to school, participate in activities together or with their kids, paying bills, paying their taxes, go to hospital or dentist, go to work, buying groceries, watching movies, make jokes and play games, making plans for events with their family, visiting their relatives for the holidays, reading their kids bedtime stories, relaxing together, use computers, make photos or videos, and sleep.”

Wow, that is so intimidating. They’re no different from any other family. A person’s sexuality has nothing to do with parenting, marriage, or being in the military. They’re just as outstanding productive members of society as any straight people. Get it together and stop hating.

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