Friday, February 17, 2012

LGBT Poetry four

LGBT Poetry four

They say the horrible names

They say untruthful things

They don’t know who I am

They don’t see me

I want you to see who I am

Beyond the color of my skin

Beyond whom I’m attracted to

Beyond where I was born

In the midst of the forest

Many secrets are hidden

Inside a shell is something to see

Who I am is more than you see

I fall through the hole

Burying inside the pain

You stand there and judge

You don’t even know my name

Some kid who sits alone

You thinks he’s a loser

Some boy who cries

You think he’s a wuss

Some girl who’s shy

You think she’s weak

Some girl who’s outspoken

You think she’s not a woman

All the hatred you have for us

It hinders your intellect

It clouds your mind

You will not learn this way

All the fear you have of us

It blinds you from reality

You believe without knowing

You cannot understand if you fear us

All the anger you have of us

It builds on false beliefs

You think we’re a threat

But it’s you who’s the threat.

All those suffering we have

You push it on us

You do not realize it

You are the cause of suffering

As master Yoda has once said

All that leads to the dark side

As Lady Gaga has said

We’re born this way

History yet again repeats itself

Life simply does not learn once but twice

How can we go on if your eyes are closed?

It is foolish once you learn

We’re all human you and I.

Fires ravishes the earth

Water washes away the fire

Wind blows away the water

Water is covered in dirt

All of that is what hatred does

Once we learn that love is not dead

All can be calm after the storm

What does hate give us?

I see what hatred and lies can do

So many young lives are gone

Why do you desire blood on your hands?

You are the source of suffering

Rains fall after another one dies

Bullying leads to pain and misery

Who I am is never known

Those who hurt me do not care

Who would be there to reach out their hand?

Who would be there to see me?

Let us wash away the hate

Let us show the world what love can do

Enough of the hates and your lies

Enough of the suffering and the anger

We do not wish to fade into the shadows

We will not comply to your ideals

We are who we are

Who I am is who I am

Let us not change for their lies

Let us change the hate to love

Let us all live

To all who suffered,


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