Tuesday, February 14, 2012

if you think...

If you think…

If you think two men or two women getting married would destroy the sanctity of marriage, then what say you about the 50% divorce rate among heterosexual couples?

If you think Marriage is a Christian thing, then explain how many cultures all over the world who do not believe in your religion have their marriages.

If you think a gay man is a threat to family values, then explain to me how you ignored the children abused by heterosexual parents?

If you think homosexuals have domestic violence, then explain to me why we see so many battered women who were beaten up by their boyfriends or their husbands.

If you think gay people shouldn’t be parents, then explain why we are allowing people who abuse drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or even values money above their kids to be parents?

If you think gay people doom nation, then explain how Netherlands still thrive after ten years of legalizing same-sex marriage.

If you think kids will be confused or harmed by gay parents, then explain how straight parents have been abusing their kids and confusing their minds about what is a fact and what is a lie and what is right and wrong.

If you think gay people are worse than convicts, terrorists, or any dangerous people, then explain how dangerous is it when a lesbian couples took in an abused boy no one wanted and gave him a loving home?

If you think being gay is an addiction or like those who are schizophrenic, then explain why they have been paying taxes, working together, cleaning up their house, making meals, and took care of each other anything like that?

If you think gay people chose to be gay, then explain how anyone would choose to be beaten, hated, slandered, treated like they’re a plague, demonized, tossed away by their family, or denied the chance of jobs or equality. Why would anyone choose that?

If you think your God hates gay people, then explain why he hadn’t done anything to them.

If you think gay people causes earthquakes or other natural disasters, then explain why would a plate technic, which causes the movement of lands, would care about who loves who.

If you think marriage is about procreation, then explain why we ignore the fact that there are many people who are infertile or chose not to have kids.

If you think gay men can’t resist sex, then explain why straight men can’t resist sex with women.

If you think gay men are pedophiles, then explain why there have been multiple cases where pedophiles have been actually straight?

If you think gay people cannot benefit society, then explain how there are doctors, teachers, police officers, military soldiers, fire fighters, paramedics, care takers, and more have gay people who worked just as well as with straight people.

If you think there is something wrong with gay people, there is something wrong with you.

Live and let live, try to understand one another, and do try to learn facts from lies.

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