Saturday, February 4, 2012

The GAY Agenda!

o   Fight for the right to marry the person we love

o   Obtain same adoption rights as straight couples

o   Serve the military openly

o   Live our lives without discrimination, violence, hate, or threats

o   Obtain medical benefits to share with our partner

o   Obtain legal benefits to share with our partner

o   Serve as girl scout/boy scout leaders

o   Gain legal protections against hate crime, termination of employment, and bullying

o   Ensure LGBT children a chance to enter school without being discriminated or bullied.

o   Find ways to prevent bullying in school and employment

o   To show the world that we’re no different from any straight couples

o   To show that we’re just as capable of being parents

o   Show the world that our existence does not threat marriage, nation, or family but strengthens it.

What homophobic people think the GAY Agenda is

o   Destroy traditional marriage

o   Destroy family values

o   Destroy nation

o   Touch every butts of the same sex

o   Force sexual acts onto people

o   Infiltrate schools to teach kids sexual acts

o   Infiltrate the government to control freedom of speech

o   Turn everyone gay

o   Bring the population of humanity down to extinction

o   Destroy the military

o   Spread disease

o   End all masculine things men likes and turn it all into feathery and leathery stuff

o   Make everyone feel uncomfortable as possible

o   World Domination

o   Worship the devil

o   Have lots and lots of sex daily

o   Do all sorts of weird, disgusting unhealthy sexual acts (Using feces or gerbils)

o   Try to make it ok to marry animals and children

o   Have a complete anarchy!

Seriously, none of that is ever going to happen. Evidence? Take a look at the countries that legalized gay Marriage and have accepted LGBT individuals. Think before you discriminate.

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