Friday, February 24, 2012

Complaint hotline Call

Operator: Good afternoon, you reached the complaint hotline, what is your complaint? Oh you have a complaint about having a next door gay couple? What is the problem? They disgust you?

What would like me to do about it? I’m sorry, we cannot evict a couple just because they disgust you. It’s not our policy to remove people based on personal disgust.

 If you like, we can offer you a place to live that will fit your needs. You refuse to move? Well, I’m sorry, I cannot remove them.

Is there anything they did that is wrong?  You just find them kissing and holding hands in public upsetting to you. Well that is not a logical reason to evict them. There are straight couples that hold hands and kiss in public too. Would you please define normal? Sorry, but that is mainly common, it’s really not different of course.

You fear that they’ll corrupt you, turn you gay, destroy family values? They’ve been living in your area for 15 years. Were there any changes for all those years?

You think that AIDs are going to spread? Would you like me to give you factual information regarding diseases like HIV, AIDs and STDs? Please do not yell at me, I’m only trying to help. You do realize that the HIV infection have been slowing down so far. Also, AIDs are found in every person infected regardless of their sexuality.

Please do not raise your voice at me, I’ve been very informative and helpful. My manager? You wish to speak to my manager? Ok, I’ll give you his number.

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