Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bully Trailer (Documentary 2012)

This is a documentary about bullying. I'm happy now that someone has decided to stand up and say, "Enough, our children shouldn't be bullied, and we need to seriously deal with the bullies or we will lose our kids."

I am sad for the kids getting bullied. No one deserves this and no one should ever have to go through this. What angers me are two things:

1) This film is Rated R. Seriously? You want to make it a rated R instead of Rated PG 13. the way i see it, it wasn't about protecting children, it was about doing exactly what we're fighting against; to face the problems of bullying and to do something about it instead of the stupid, "Boys will be boys" crap. Honestly, the schools are not a place where kids can just beat each other up or call each other names, it's a place of education. What are we trying to do, create little ogres or civilized human beings?

2) people who thinks the bullied victims are weak. Honestly, they're not weak, they're suffering because of people who thinks it's ok to bully one another. I don't want to hear, "They have to be toughened up to survive." Bullying kids to the point of suicide is not toughening them up, that's murder. You're ignorant and have no worries about having your hands covered in blood. Kids who are LGBT are never allowed to be open, they are always hated by these hateful people just for being human, and they're dying because of the hate. Where exactly does this look acceptable? How does this "toughen" kids up?

I survived the bullying and teasing for years in my high school, but toughened up? No, i learned that students are nothing but mindless ogres who would beat their chest and act like brainless monsters. Seriously, where do you want this society to head to? Barren waste land where everyone just slaughters for no reason and just grunt and vomit hate? Or do you want us to create a society where we're civilized human beings with high education and no violence?

Stop the hate, stop the bullying, stop being ogres.

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