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Same-sex marriage will exterminate humanity? O’rly?

Same-sex marriage will exterminate humanity? O’rly?

Warning, reading the article will make you stark raving mad.


When in November 2011 the Senate passed a bill prohibiting same sex marriage, slamming it with a 14-year jail term as punishment, international communities who considered the law an abuse on the emotional rights of homosexuals, threatened to put an end to all grants and aids given to Nigeria unless the law was abolished. Here, acclaimed singles and married counselor, Pastor(Mrs.)Ruth Nick-Essien, Founder/Presiding Pastor of Exodus Evangelical Ministry in Lagos, reveals her views on the issue.

Hear her:

First and foremost, we all came into this world to meet the male and the female, and we know that God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve or Eve and Evelyn. When a man marries another man, and a woman another woman, where is procreation going to take place? As long as procreation does not take place, at the end of the day, we won’t have human beings anymore. Now, if we do not have procreation, where will be the humans whose rights international communities say they’re fighting for, come from? Same sex marriage is simply a target from the pit of hell against the human race.”

You are an idiot. Ever heard of child-free couples or infertile couples? Just because same-sex couples marries, doesn’t mean that straight couples will disappear. When same-sex marriage is legalized, there will still be as many straight marriages before. Seriously, what are you talking about? Not everyone wants children and even when they do, they can surrogate or adopt kids. What’s the big deal here?

“It is a plan by the devil to exterminate the human race because he probably feels that the bomb blasts and killings going on here and there aren’t enough! Practically, how can people of same sex produce biologically? As we grow older, we’re supposed to replenish the earth, but in the case of same sex marriages, who is going to leave behind new generations of human beings?”

Hey dumbbell, straight parents can have kids who are gay, bisexual, or transgender. As for the devil, you’re a loony. A bomb can wipe out the existence of humanity, but the devil (If he exists) would not need such a thing. But of course, making men marry men isn’t going to exterminate humanity. It’s not going to make everyone gay, it’s not going to do anything to humanity. If that was the devil’s plan for human extermination, he’s pathetic!

“Some same sex couples want to adopt children, and nobody is seeing the human rights abuse in that! How come they want children produced biologically by a male and a female, and they themselves have refused to produce? So, who will produce the children that they would want to  adopt? International communities talk about human rights but they seem to forget that when a gay couple adopts a child and begins to raise that child in a gay home, the human rights of that child is being abused because he/she is being brought up in an unusual atmosphere, without the child’s consent.”

That is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Abuse? A child is abused simply from being adopted by gay people? Are you that stupid? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical. There has always been gay individuals raising and adopting children, it’s not something new. It’s not going to hurt a child being adopted by gay couples. Seriously, many children are not fortunate to have biological parents.

“Naturally, when a child grows up in a normal home, the child feels free to decide on whatever sex partner he or she wants, but when he or she grows up to see a man and a man kissing, or a woman and a woman kissing, automatically, that child will grow up with that understanding, mentality and orientation that a male should marry a male and vice versa.”

Oh wow, you’re such a total moron. It’s not a choice, it’s not something that can be influenced on. Children raised by straight couples have been gay themselves. Sexuality is not something that can be influenced. Also, many children adopted by gay parents turn out just fine and have a good understanding and good mentality about relationships. It’s very easy to teach children about relationships, it’s not going to affect them.

“Pastor Ruth Essien

So, who is fighting for the right of that child who was innocently adopted and a gay life forced on him? Even the rights of babies produced by surrogate mothers through the sperms of these gay men, is at stake here!”

Oh give me a break. Gay life? Seriously? Children are not in any danger here. They’ve always been raised by different families everywhere. Families comes in all different shapes and sizes. Did your mother drop you on your head as a child?

“Also, what happens to the rights of the human race? A male and a female came together to produce you, so, don’t you think it is wicked of you not to want to also produce another human being, unless you have infertility problem? Who is fighting for the right of the human race?”

How stupid are you, really? Human race is just going fine. There isn’t anything wrong going on here. Being adopted by gay parents has been proven to show that children turn out just fine as with straight families. Honestly, homosexuality has always been here, it’s nothing new.

“To everyone involved in same sex relationship and marriage, I want to let you know that you’re self-centred, wicked and selfish about the next generation. If your father felt like being with a man and your mother felt like being with a woman, would they have produced you? Your action is a direct war on human race, and should never be encouraged by any right thinking and decent society. I believe same sex relationship is a lifestyle; not a natural tendency. Therefore, it can be stopped.”

(Double facepalm) Give me a break. Humanity has always existed even with homosexuality and bisexuality. Humanity isn’t going extinct. If it were, then it would have gone out with the dinosaurs. I love it when people like you say that it’s wicked or selfish. You’re just a nasty ass person. I bet you never knew a gay couple your whole life. You think procreation is important? Guess again, it’s not.

“When you counsel some people who are in same sex relationship, you will find that somewhere in their foundation, there was an abuse. This means they weren’t born to desire a relationship with their own sex. God did not create a man to have the desire to be with a man or a woman to desire another woman! Something went wrong along the line in the lives of these people! And that’s why I always say that there is a mental and emotional problem. Maybe in their childhood, they were being raped, abused constantly, until it became a desire in them.”

Oh of course, the “they are gay because of abuse as a child” argument. Honestly. Sexuality has nothing to do with abuses. I’m bisexual and I was never abused or raped! It’s perfectly nature and it’s not something dark or sinister as you keep screaming on about. You seriously need your head examined.

“Recently, a young guy whose name I cannot reveal, walked into my church crying. I was crying with him because I knew he was gay. He suddenly started saying “Pastor, I’m positive. I’m positive!” I had warned him before and he had lied to me that he wasn’t  gay but just didn’t like hanging around girls. Now, this young man is HIV-positive! So, what are we saying about the health aspect of being gay?”

Just because one person is HIV-positive does not mean that all gay people will be. If what you said was true, then this young man was troubled due to homophobic people like you. His disease had nothing to do with his sexuality.”

“The anus will always be filled with excreta, and excreta is a waste that is supposed to be thrown out of the system. When you begin to have sex with somebody through the anus, you’re going to create a lot of health problems because we know that AIDS spreads faster through the anus. So, when we begin to allow that in any society, we’re saying that we want people to die of AIDS faster.”

Oh again with the anal sex. You homophobes sure love anal sex so damn much. You love it so much, I bet you got that dildo and shoved it far up the ass. Oh damn it, I’m getting pissed off from your mental retarded article. Diseases are not spread from the anus, and not every gay person has anal sex. Some do, some don’t. There are of course straight couples that have anal sex and some who do not. Seriously, stop watching gay porn.

“The anus cannot lubricate itself and expand; only the vagina was designed by God to lubricate itself and also expand in order to aid sexual intercourse and procreation. Hence, another health problem with gay men is their inability to hold excreta anymore after quite a long time since the anus had become slack due to forced penetration! Hence, you see such men walking awkwardly because their anuses have been abused! Is that the kind of society we want to have?”

Stop watching gay porn, seriously. Not every gay person has anal sex, and what gay people do in the privacy of their bedroom is none of your business. Also, just because there are gay people adopting children, doesn’t mean that they’ll be confused or be forced into some stupid sexual act you’re goning on about. Honestly, stop the hate.

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