Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rick Hitler’s Downfall! (Parody to the movie Downfall)

Perry: The activists have taken your arguments about gay marriage and gay parenting, debunked it, and slowly you’re losing votes.

Rick Santorum: I’m pretty sure the voters will vote me, no matter.

Perry: Santorum… The activists…

Newt: The activists have succeed in proving you wrong, also people are googling your name. The votes are still low.

Santorum: Everyone who googled my name, voted for the other candidates, leave.

(many people left)

Santorum: This is outrageous! I want it to be illegal to google my name! Those activists kept making me out to be a fool and a bigot! I want them banned! This biFriday had his blog deleted, but immediately posted a new one! He will have to be shut down again! I don’t want any activists trying to legalize gay marriage! I’ve tried to tell them that gays are worse than convicts, and I get called out on it!

Romney: Santorum, we’ve seen gay parents, they’re not bad at all.

Santorum: You’re fat and stupid!

Romney: Santorum, you can’t use lies and double standards!

Santorum: I’ll use them as much as I want! Curse them!! I don’t like the idea of gays getting married or serving openly in the military! They’re not good parents either! I wanted to be president so that I can suppress my sexuality and in order to do that, I must for the gays in their closets. I wanted it illegal to google my name or to debunk my arguments! I refuse to look at the countries and states where homosexuals are more accepted, it just makes me look bad as Stalin!!

Santorum: Where have I gone wrong? I wanted to be president, but I was just a joke and a bigot to everyone. I hate them all. I just wanted to make everything go my way, but everyone has to have it theirs! I hate you all. You all just stand there, googling my name and laughing at my expense! Always I’m being called a bigot and unworthy of presidency. Everyone had made fun of me and ridiculed my opinions! I’m sick of being called frothy mix so much. Activists just keeps on promoting equality, soon there will be no more hate!

Girl #1: (Sob sob)

Girl #2: Don’t worry, he won’t be president.

Santorum: I will never be president. I wanted to make this country into theocracy. Curse it. I gues it’s over. But I see now that it’ll never happen. If you want to just google my name or debunk me, so be it. Do what you want.

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