Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Movie Review: Beautiful Thing

This is one of the few films with a happy ending for the gay couple; Jamie and Ste. Jamie, a teenage boy, has fallen for Ste, a next door neighbor. Ste, a teenage boy, gets beaten up by his older brother Trevor and his dad. Jamie’s mother decided to let Ste stay the night with them after trevor has beaten him up. Few nights later, Jamie confessed his feelings for him by kissing him. Slowly, Jamie feels the same for him, but isd afraid of being found out. One day, they went to a gay bar, just to get a drink. Jamie’s mother had a call from Jamie’s school about some kids bullying him. She found his notebook covered with homophobic slurs. She went to follow Jamie to see if the things were true, that he is gay. When Jamie came him, she confronted him. Well, I’m not telling you the rest, you should see it for yourself. It’s a very good film. The only thing I’m disappointed with in this film is that it’s too short. I would recommend it to everyone. 9.5/10

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