Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maryland’s Harry Jackson thinks Gay Marriage will kill his family? Oh wow.

Maryland’s Harry Jackson thinks Gay Marriage will kill his family? Oh wow.

I’m gonna go ahead and rip his poor reasoning with heavy sarcasm but also with facts. I’m just sick and tired of bigots always making paranoid assumptions about marriages that don’t concern him.

“For every high-profile celebrity wedding that makes headlines, it seems we are treated to at least two high-profile celebrity divorces. I am praying for people like Kim Kardashian whose marriage problems seem to suggest that there should be a public exam for marriage prior to the issuance of a license. Unfortunately, celebrities are not the only folks whose marriages are caving in under the cultural pressures of our generation,” Jackson wrote.

Oh how horrible! The gays have made Kim’s marriage so bad that they divorced each other. Why, Kim and her husband could not have ended up divorced if the gays hadn’t started loving each other. No, down with the gays, how dare they start wanting to smooch each other. Don’t they know that holding hands causes people like poor little Kimmy to want to divorce Kris? Oh little Jackson, you’re a total dolt.

Homosexuals have nothing to do with anyone’s marriage, much less yours. When someone does something in their own marriage and causes their own divorce, it’s their fault, not someone else’s. Don’t blame other people for your problems. Kim has divorced Kris because they were having problems. This is the same for Britney Spears. Their divorce had nothing to do with gay people or gay marriage.

“The enfeebled state of marriage today is all the more reason to fight to preserve it and hopefully to restore it to its former strength.”

Gay marriage will not destroy or weaken marriage institution. If anything, it will strengthen the marriage. Same-sex marriage will be beneficial to society, to family, to all of us as well as straight marriage.

“In the few states where marriage has been redefined to include same-sex couples, various churches and ministries have already been threatened with the loss of their tax exempt status if they refused to perform ceremonies for same sex couples.”

On the contrary, they’re free to deny marriage to same-sex couples in their own church. Some churches and the state itself can marry the same-sex couples. It does not mean that everyone has to do things their way. As for Tax exempt, you shouldn’t be excused in paying taxes.

“Lastly, we are fools if we think that redefining marriage to include homosexual couples is the end of the story. To the contrary, it is only the beginning. Groups advocating polygamy and polyamory have their arguments prepared and will begin advocating for the definition of marriage to be relaxed further to accommodate their preferences. Children may then be born to and even adopted by any number of ''families' with any number of mothers and fathers, sleeping with whomever they [wish] depending in their whims.”

Ah, a same old slippery slope argument. We’ve already discussed this; same-sex marriage will not open doors to polygamy. In fact, polygamy had been legal. Right now, in the states, we no longer make women property, we no longer prevent people marrying outside their race or faith, we no longer have slaves, we no longer prevent women the right to vote. Marriage has been redefined many times over.

“Redefining marriage will be the beginning of the end of the family as we know it,” he added.

Oh noes, it’s the end of the world as we know it! Run for your lives!

Jackson, there are already countless of families that come from different backgrounds, including same-sex couples who adopted or have chosen surrogacy. Families are still as strong as ever, even in Netherlands that legalized gay marriage in 2001, seden and Norway are doing just fine when they legalized it in 2009. I suggest you do your research and stop acting like a damn fool. Your family will be fine, everyone’s family will be fine. The only problem you have to worry is how you or your family members treat one another, not someone else who have nothing to do with you.

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