Friday, January 27, 2012

LGBT poetry 3

LGBT poetry 3

Rick Santorum

Poor old Ricky

His mind is so sicky

So full of porn

His campaign is torn

He brings home a dead fetus

He is against the abortion

He thinks your body is his to control

Rick Santorum is a sick little boy

He is obsessed with gay men

He wants to reinstate DADT

Your marriage is invalid

Because poor old Ricky

His mind is so sicky

Gay people are not like polygamy

But Santorum doesn’t seem to care

He even thinks convicts are better parents

Sad to say, he knows no gay parents

Little Frothy-mix is sad

His wife complains about gay activists

When you bully someone Ricky

We will stand up and be proud

Little Ricky

Mind so sicky

Jacked up on porn

I just wish he was never born.

Maggie Gallagher

What is to say about this old toad

She reminds me of Dolores Umbridge

I worry she had that pen from Harry Potter

The one that cuts your hand when you write

She is so dim, I feel sorry for her parents

It is such a shame, her mind is all gone

She hates the gays because they’re not like her

She would use slippery slopes

She uses double standards, it’s just so sad

Brian Brown is as bad as she

He thinks marriage is his business

He wants the gays to be gone

He wants to spread a little hate and lies

Gallagher and Brown

Their organization is crap

They’re but a joke

Their ads are a laugh

Who could take them seriously

If all they ever do was spread their hate

Their hatred you see is so clear to all

To say you don’t hate is a blatant lie

So I saw to you NOM

Go back to the 50’s

This is the 21st century

Enough of your silly lies

We’re all here to stay

Girl Scout boycott

So I heard from Colorado

A girl hates transgender kids

She wants us to boycott cookies

But I say “No, buy more cookies.”

My mother has heard you see

She believes that gender doesn’t matter

If a girl wants to join Girl Scout

Transgender or not, she is welcome

People who hates transgender kids

Are not rational folks you see

They’re mind is muddled with fear

Transgender children are just kids

Enough of the hate, enough of the fear

Transgender kids are not so scary

Why should it matter what their gender is

It be all about acceptance and love

What is there to fear

She is not a boy, she is a girl

Her gender doesn’t matter

All that really matter is love

So buy the Girl Scout Cookies

Do not give in to hate or fear

Let us all learn to love

This transgender child

She is a friend too

X-men analogy

I was watching the movies

So I came to think

It’s very much about intolerance and hate

So I see that it is much like gay rights

What would we be like

If we had superpowers

There would be a Magneto

There would be a Xavier

There would be a Wolverine

There would be an Iceman

How cool would it be

If we had super powers

Very much like them

We cannot come out

We would be persecuted and hated

Life is so similar you see

Mutants in school

Gays in school

The bigoted politicians are being afraid

They see nothing beyond the fear

The ability to read your mind

The ability to heal

The ability to draw energy

The ability to manipulate the metal

How fascinating it is you see

How X-men are very much

Like the minorities being affected

Too bad bigoted politicians are dim

They couldn’t see the similarity

1 comment:

  1. This world confuses me day in day out,
    with broken actions and words all about.
    A broken word here a selfish word there,
    a flawed promise that this world would be fair.
    I would argue the fool that claims he is right,
    so that none would be oppressed under righteous light.
    I hate the way they judge and decide,
    what is wrong, what is right to feel inside.
    So who cares what they think,
    truth be told, not me,
    their existence is flawed
    Not ours.

    I like what you write.