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LGBT poetry 1

LGBT poems

It gets better (Poem)

For years I hated myself

I never liked my appearance

I often wished I died

I was bullied and teased

I was afraid to show myself

Because I was afraid

I am a no body

I don’t exist

For many painful years

That is how I felt

For many painful years

I was picked on in school

I was called ugly, fat, gay

In school and online

For many years

I just wanted to die

It feels as if nothing could be better

It feels as if I was going to be alone

I often feel like a monster

Often I feel like I never belonged

Along the dark road we walk

The world has gone cold

People only values their ideals

Never valuing differences

I’m not my face

I am not my sexuality

I’m me

And I got better

They say it’s a rite of passage

It’s no passage when every kid dies

Bullying begets bullying

Love begets love

Compassion begets compassion

Hate begets hate

Acceptance begets understanding

For a long time, I knew

For a long time, I realize

I am not alone

You are not alone

You feel the same as I do

You hated yourself

You hated how people treated you

But it does get better

Lady Gaga has said,

We were born this way

We’re all human beings

All are loved no matter what

If people only loves beauty

They are uncaring

If people only prefer popularity

They are envious

Who we are is more important

Our appearance matters not

Our sexuality matters not

Our heart is what matters

It does get better

Hateful words begins to fade

You look in the mirror

You see what they say

In the mirror is not you

In the mirror is an illusion

You view yourself

But all that is different

One may say no one likes you

Many people praise you

One person may say you’re ugly

But many see you with love

One may call you gay

Many see your talents and humor

One may hit you

Many will hug you

It does get better

We may feel alone

But we are not

We’re all here too

This is not the end

This is a beginning

It does get better

The path may be long

It may not happen overnight

But we will not desert you

It is time we light a candle

A candle of hope

A candle of equality

A candle of love

We will stand together

We will stand strong

Keep your chin up

It does get better

It is a painful road

It is a scary world

The candle may seem dim

You may feel small

But death is not the answer

Self-hate is not the answer

The world will not desert you

The light will grow bigger

Don’t be silent (POEM)

The world has seen so much blood

Every tear has been shed

So many innocents have bled

All because of hate

Love does not cause harm

Hate does not cause peace

Hateful words cuts us deep

Loving words heals us deep

They say hateful things

They do physical harm

They do not love

They do not see

The world has ignored your cry

The hateful words continues

Violence has torn us apart

The world repeats its history

They tell us to be silent

They tell us to be hidden

They tell us to fit to their ideal

They tell lies about us

More children are dying

More hearts are isolated

Tears flows like a river

Blood trickles on the flesh

The moon turns red

The tree has died

The world turns cold

The voices becomes harsh

However that is just an illusion

Bigots are causing a delusion

That we’re bad or wrong

But we know who we are

We have a voice

We have a heart

We have a fist

So throw it up in the air

The moon was never red

The tree is blossoming

The world is lively

The voices speaks of love

Because we didn’t speak

We didn’t come out

But now that changes

And the world is now listening

We have the courage

We have friends

They have nothing but rage

They have no friends

Love conquers all

Hate destroys all

Speak up

Speak out

Let the world know who we are

Let the world know why we are

Let the world know how we are

Let the world know we’re human too.

Know who I am (Poem)

I spend my day just being me

I go to school like you do

I want to learn

Now do you know who I am?

I spend my day just being me

I love to hold my sweetheart

Like you love to hold yours

Now do you know who I am?

Some of us like to play sports

Some of us like to dance

Were we not the same you and I?

Now do you know who I am?

I don’t come after your children

Why on earth would I want to?

Some of us can be great parents

Now do you know who I am?

I don’t want to go after you

I’m not interested

Just like you’re not interested

Now do you know who I am?

I want to join the fight

I’m not here for your rump

I’m here to defend our country

Now do you know who I am?

I don’t dress in drags

My friends might of course

I don’t mean to be a drag

Now do you know who I am?

Life is so short for us

Yet we value our safety

We too cover our lover

Now do you know who I am?

Honey I don’t have a lisp

No, my wrist isn’t limp

I’m often mistakenly straight

Now do you know who I am?

I’m often a fool

You’re often a fool

We aren’t perfect of course

Now do you know who I am?

Let us put down that book

Let us think for ourselves

Love shouldn’t be shameful

Now do you know who I am?

I just want to be understood

I just want people to see me

I just want them to stop lying

I am not my sexuality

I just want to have a job

I just want to have a family

I just want to be protected

Now do you know who I am?

If I’m promiscuous,

Then so are you

But I’m monogamous

Now do you know who I am?

I see the world like you

I make mistakes like you

I think like you

Now do you know who I am?

I’m you

You’re me

So now you know who I am.


Shine that light (Another ‘it gets better’ poem)

Words are harsh

Threats are scary

You feel alone

The world seem dark

Life seem to go on

You feel like an outcast

No one hears you

No one understands you

They threat you harm

They say vile things

They don’t understand

How much pain you feel

All they can see

Is that you’re different

But they can never see

Who you really are

You don’t understand

How could they hate you?

They don’t know you

You hadn’t done anything wrong

The words echoes in your mind

You walk the dark world

You wish for there to be a light

You wish for a way

It does get better

Because there are lights

They’re not lit

Because yours isn’t

You had that light

You didn’t notice

Don’t be afraid

Light the way

We will light up ours

We will find you

It does get better

Yes it’s scary

Yes it’s hard

But there’s no bravery

Than many of us

Side by side

Let us light the light

Let us walk the walk

Their words are faint

Their hatred will vanish

Their hatred will vanish

Because we are here

We will light the world

We will make it better

So don’t be afraid

Shine that light

Do not apologize

Do not apologize

For being in love

It’s nothing shameful

It’s never painful

Those who sees

Love as straight

As a norm

But for gay isn’t

What does it harm?

Two lips that joins

Arms wrapped around

A tender embrace

To treat it as shame

Is rather ignorant

To think it must hide

Is to think it wrong

Love does not harm

Love does not kill

It cannot embarrass

It cannot ruin us

A tender kiss

A tender touch

Straight or gay

Bi or transgendered

Black or white

Chinese or Mexican

Blonde or brunette

Love does not care

Love must be embraced

Love must be seen

Hate is shameful

Hate must fade

Do not apologize

Your love is no different

No matter who you are

We should all love each other

Do not apologize

It’s the haters that must

For their hate is shameful

How can you hate love?


I’m but an image

I have many names

But I have no name

I have many faces

But I have no face

I’m a spoken language

I’m a written language

I’m an art

I’m a riddle

Have I blown your house

Have I shaken your home

Have I flooded your home

Who can really say

I’m frightening to you

I’m funny to you

I’m attractive to you

I’m repulsive to you

I speak in songs

I speak in riddles

I speak in stories

I speak in paint

I’m neither here or there

I’m everywhere and nowhere

I can be in your head

Who is to say I’m real

Do I have powers?

Maybe to you

Am I real

Maybe to you

You seek answers

You think I have it

You seek comfort

You think I comfort you

I hate them

I love them

But those feelings you see

Are not my own, but yours

You think I spoke

But it’s you who did

You think I desire

But it’s you who did

I am you

You are me

I’m an image

Thus, I cannot be real

(It gets better) poem

Upon the shadowy path
You feel deeply sad
Along the dark road
You feel as if it’s endless
You hear hateful words
The taunting and threats haunts you
Your tears trickle on your cheek
Your heart feels heavy

It’s like you are unwanted
Like no one can understand you
That you’re always going to be alone
Each step you take on the dark path
Seem to go on but the pain gets greater.

You feel as if you could never be loved
You wanted to take that knife
You wanted to jump off the roof
You wanted it to end
However, it does it better.

There are people like you and me
We’re all here and we care
There is a brighter path not to far
It does get better.

The voices fades away
The heart becomes liberated
And it becomes light
There is no need to fear
Because it gets better

I will wipe that tear from you
I will hold you tight
I will bring a smile on your face
Because it gets better

There are families
There are friends
There are communities
And they are like you and me
It gets better

Keep your chin up
Believe in yourself
Talk to someone
Because we will listen

No matter how hard the voices howl
No matter how scary the path may be
We’re still here and we will reach out to you
We will never let you fall
We will never give up on you
Because it will get better

You might feel doubt,
You might disbelieve
You might feel as if it will never get better
But I tell you this
We’ve been in your shoe
We’ve shared the same pain
But it does get better

Keep walking on the path
Because it does get better
And we will support you along the way

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