Sunday, January 15, 2012

LGBT equality: marriage, therapy, school, military, and family

Ex-therapy and choice

There are people who believe that homosexuality is a choice and that it could be cured by therapy, praying or whatever they believe would work on “curing” the LGBT individuals. In the 1970’s most physiatrists and doctors finds that homosexuality is not an illness and isn’t something that could be cured.

This reminds me of watching X-men where people thought Mutants could be cured. Not just that, but thought Mutants were dangerous and unnatural. It is the same for LGBT individuals (Granted, the Mutants have superpowers and LGBT individuals do not). Another reason I am mentioning this was because people blames gay people for natural disasters, which made me think, “Hmm, we must have super powers then.” But I digress.

There is nothing wrong with homosexuality; it’s not harmful to anyone or to oneself. It’s a part of nature; it’s a part of who you are. I’ve watched a few therapists who talks about how they think homosexuality could be cured, but they are nothing more than ignorance and inaccurate assumptions like how family members treats them, how they’re supposed to be wanting to be into heterosexual life with a spouse and kids, and more.

Ex-gay therapy is actually more harmful and clearly does not work. This is because you cannot choose your sexuality, anymore than you can choose your skin color or change your physical form.

If homosexuality is a choice and could be cured, then Bobby Griffith and many LGBT youths before and after him would still be alive. They died because of hateful people who spout hate and lies that made them feel isolated and afraid. They even made them hate themselves. This ex-therapy does just that, they make you feel isolated, it makes you hate yourself, and it makes you believe in the false idea that being gay would destroy your life and the lives of others.

What therapy should be doing was helping you feel better about yourself, accepting yourself, and knowing what is factual and how being yourself is beneficial to your being and to others.

Why do they think homosexuality is bad? The answer is religion and the old lies. It is believed that we’re supposed to be interested in the opposite sex and have children with them and that their God frowns on anything different from that.

There are lies like short-life span, highly likely to contract AIDs, likely to molest children, spread disease, make people gay, destroy everything, and want to have never-ending sex with everyone. All of those are false. Homosexuality is simply an attraction to the same gender just as heterosexuality is an attraction to the opposite gender. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is one of the reasons I’m writing this book. People needs to know facts instead of lies from homophobic groups like National organization for Marriage, Focus On The Family, American Family Association, Ex-gay therapists like Richard Cohen, Marcus Bachmann, politicians like Michele Bachmann, Rick (Frothy Mix) Santorum, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and more.

The fact is this; they don’t care about people who are gay, they don’t care about the youths that are committing suicide, they don’t even want to see what LGBT families and couples and individuals are like. They don’t even want to get to know them. They just want to tell you that they’re sex-starved perverts humping everything in sight and are chasing little children in school, spreading diseases and making people gay.

This is what I’m doing; I’m showing you people who are gay, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian. I want more people to know who we all are and that we’re all human beings. It is time we shut down the lies, and reveal the truth.

It is not a choice

Just ask yourself this question: Would you choose to be in a situation where you are subjected to being hated and having nasty slurs thrown at you, where your parents would angrily lash out at you and throw you out in the street, where students not only make fun of you but physically abuse you or vandalize your property, where you would be denied jobs and to marry the person you love, where people would vote on whether or not you should have equal rights, where people would say things about you that is untrue and making you out to be some vile monster, would you choose to be in a situation where you’re forced to hide yourself, forced to live to people’s ideals, forced to keep silent, and forced to live in fear and lies? Would you choose that?

That is what is happening to the LGBT individuals, this is not because of their sexuality; this is because of your blind, ignorant hatred of something you do not understand and were taught at young age.

Can you say that a person would choose to live that life? Bobby Griffith was scared because his parents told him he will go to hell if he doesn’t change his sexuality. He prayed and prayed, but it never worked. It is because it’s not something that can be cured. He realized it and that is why he jumped off the bridge.

I heard stories of many LGBT people, including the ones on youtube, who have tried to commit suicide because they could not change their sexuality, they wouldn’t be accepted, and they feel like the world is against them and that they’re all alone. Some of them are however glad that they failed to die because things had gotten better for them. A person’s sexuality is not something to be ashamed of, or to be despised. It’s not something you can choose and it’s not something you can get rid of by praying or having someone beat it out of you.

Double standards and slippery slopes

Often times you hear the homophobic politicians or anti-gay groups speak about homosexuals, which could be considered slippery slopes or double standards.

“Gay parents are likely to abuse their children.”

This kind of argument is a double standard. Even when they sometimes used, “More than heterosexual parents” it’s a lie. It is a lie because the evidence proves it to be quite the opposite. There has been countless of child abuses within heterosexual households and hardly any parents who are gay, bi, or transgender have been abusing their kids.

Even if one gay parent hurts their kid, then the anti-gay groups will use that person as “evidence” that homosexuals are unfit to be parents. If we were to compare with the number of heterosexual parents that abused their kids to the homosexual parents that abuse theirs, the abuses are higher in heterosexual households. But if one gay parent hurts their kids, then it’s the idea that homosexuality is dangerous, unfit, perverse, harmful. There has been no “Heterosexual parents are too dangerous, unfit, perverse, or harmful to their kids.” This is because people do not focus on the parents sexuality but their behavior. Yet, when it comes to homosexuals, it’s a whole different story.

The point is this; it’s not about the person’s sexuality that makes them a better or worse parent, it’s how they raise their kids. The person’s sexuality means nothing.

“Gay men or lesbians abuse their partner.”

This is another double standard. Often times we hear stories about heterosexual men who beats their girlfriends or their wives a lot, but when one homosexual man hurts his boyfriend or husband, then homosexuality is abusive and violent. Straight men were not questioned by their sexuality when they are abusive, but when a gay man who does hurt someone, their sexuality is what mattered.

While there had been some gay men or lesbians who were abused by their partner, the statistics were lower than within the heterosexual partners. However, the sexuality does not matter, what matters is how one treats their partner. Every person treats one another differently; it varies within races, genders, nationality, sexuality, age, and so on.

“Homosexuals are more promiscuous than straights.”

Again, this is another example of a double standard. What’s important to realize is that every human being have their own preference regardless of their sexuality. Some people may be gay and promiscuous or monogamous, some straights may be promiscuous or monogamous.

What does it matter if someone is promiscuous or monogamous?

“If we allow gays to marry, then we would have pedophiles wanting to get married, or have people want to marry their dogs.”

This is a slippery slope and a very poor argument. Pedophilia and bestiality are completely different from homosexuality. Gay and bisexual people are just like heterosexual people. There is no difference between that.

A pedophile has a lustful feeling for prepubescent children, zoophiles have lustful feelings for animals. Children and animals cannot consent and the idea of marriage for them would obviously never work. Homosexual couples are consensual adults who, much like heterosexual couples, can do just about anything as productive members of society.

“Gay men and lesbians are more likely to have the AIDs than straights.”

A double standard once again and they’re also a poor argument. Diseases and sexuality have nothing to do with each other. We’re all just as capable of contracting diseases despite our sexuality. The reason that they feel that this is true was because of the “gay sex” which is what they believe is anal sex. Little do they realize is that not every homosexual or bisexual person wants to have anal sex and there are some heterosexual couples that enjoy anal sex.

A sexual act is a preference a person chooses to perform with their partner. While the rectum have delicate tissues and can tear easily, it never matters when it’s a heterosexual or homosexual couples, diseases can be a high probability unless they use protection, don’t do drugs or have multiple partners. Also, heterosexual couples are not safer from diseases themselves even when it comes to penile-vaginal intercourse.

My advice to the people out there; do your research before spouting things you do not understand.

“Gay men are more violent.”

And yet, another double standard. I will have to say that their, the anti-gay groups’ standards are slipping, pun intended. A human can be violent but it has nothing to do with their sexuality. However, there is a lot of kind, decent people; gay, straight, bi, or transgender everywhere. The reason they threw in the whole “Gays are violent” thing was to scare people into hating or fearing gay people, forgetting that most violent attacks were from heterosexuals.

Families come in different shapes and sizes

Often times I hear this from anti-gay groups like NOM, AFA, and such that children are best raised by a mom and a dad. Bad news for them; their ideal traditional families aren’t perfect.

Let’s say we have two heterosexual individuals, one mom and one dad. They both marry, have a middle class income, two story house, three children, a dog and a cat, and a both parents have careers with high pay. That all sounds perfect right? Wrong!

What happens when the daughter gets pregnant at age 15? What happens when a spouse loses their job? What if one of the spouse abuses drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes? What if the parents were highly religious that their kid turns out to be gay or an atheist and they beat them or disowned them? What happens when the kid runs away, does drugs, kills their own parents, or robs a bank? What happens when the spouse fights or kills one another? What happens when the mother thought the voice in her head was God and told her to kill her kids? What happens when the father molests his daughter? It’s all very much possible, even in the “ideal traditional family.”

Children aren’t best raised by a mom and a dad, children aren’t best raised by anyone. No one is a better parent than another. Is an African American family better than a Caucasian family? Is a Jewish family better than a Hindu family? Is an atheist family better than a Muslim family? Is a Mexican family better than an Asian family? Nope. Even Homosexual families aren’t better than Heterosexual families or vice versa. Each family has their ups and downs, each family can fall apart or grow stronger and the bond tightens with love and joy. Two African American families aren’t the same. What’s to say if the African American father was a jerk but the other African American father was decent and loving to his children and wife? A gay man may have slept around behind his husband’s back, but another gay man is very well faithful and a devoted husband to his husband. No one is the same.

Not only is no one the same, families comes from different backgrounds. There can be two parents (Straight, gay, bi, transgender, pansexual), or a single parent. There can be one child (Born from a mom, from surrogacy, or adoption) or many kids. The family could be living in the countryside, in a suburban, urban, in a city like New York, in a small town like in Texas, in a hot place like Israel, or a cold place like Sweden. Some families could have an extended family living near them or with them. Some families may have traditions like Japanese, Jewish, Mexican, African, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or more.

There are of course couples who are infertile, some couples who chose not to have children, or an elderly couple that remain together. There have been couples that remarry, or lost their loved ones to war or disease or accidents. Some families move when their parent is in the military much as mine.

No two children being raised by a parent or two parents they do have would ever be the same. Each child would have influences from their environments they live in, they would inherit traits from their parents, their education and beliefs would be different from one another. Kids have their own personality, their own problems, their own phobias, their own interests, their own opinions. The idea that these kids needs to have a mom and a dad is complicated than that. What children needs is a competent adult.

Was Casey Anthony a good mom? No, she partied when her daughter was thrown in the swamp and lay dead there. Was Andrea Yates a good mother? No, she drowned her five kids. There have been many parents that have done sickening, horrible things to kids in their care. It really didn’t matter if they had a mom and a dad or not. What matters is whether or not that this individual is fit to be a parent, not because of their sexuality or that they’re lacking an opposite sex spouse.

Can a gay couple be good parents? Yes. It has nothing to do with their sexuality, it has to do with what they know and understand about raising kids. This is to be held true for single parents or heterosexual couples.

I hear a lot of absurd things; gays would molest their kids, gays will recruit their kids to be gay, they will have promiscuous sex, they will confuse the children and mess them up, and that they would be violent.

A person’s sexuality has nothing to do with how they will treat their kids. A person who harms their kids is not doing this because they’re gay, black, Jewish, or poor. Some parents have a history of mental illness, some parents have a history of molestation, some parents have a history of domestic violence, some parents have had multiple partners and I’m talking about straight people. The same could be said about homosexuals, bisexuals, or transgender, but the point was never about sexuality, it was about what happened and what they did in their lives. To blame gay people for the troubles or spreading untruthful things they believed that gay people do is called double standards and slippery slope fallacies.

Are children able to be raised by gay parents? Yes, there has been evidence that proves that children from heterosexual couples, single parents, and gay parents are stable, healthy, smart, and productive members of society. While there may be bad blood, it’s important to know that it happens in all families regardless.

Case scenarios

“A child needs to have a mom and a dad, not two daddies or two mommies.” This is said by many opponents of gay marriage. I decided to create scenarios portraying a straight couple and a gay couple taking care of children. First and foremost, I’m not trying to insinuate that heterosexual parents are all bad or that homosexual parents are all good. It’s really a mixture, anyone can be a good parent or a bad parent regardless of their sexual orientation. The point is, would it be better to be raised by this family or that family?

Scenario #1

A mother has a 6 year old daughter and the mother has no job, lives with drug addicts and is a drug addict herself. The daughter has a medical problem due to the drugs her mother took when she was pregnant with her. The daughter cries for food but the mother ignores her or sometimes hits her to shut her up.

There are two daddies, they adopted a 6 year old girl who had medical problems due to her mother’s drug problems when she was pregnant with her. Her daddies have been giving her medicine, feeding her food, given her a bedroom with things she likes, and she goes to school.

Which parents do you think is suitable to raising that girl?

Scenario #2

A newborn baby boy was recently born, and his mother was often gone and was left with a babysitter who hits him because he was screaming and crying. The mother returns home, she had been gambling and drinking. The baby is left in the crib with marks on his face and she didn’t care. She passes out on the couch.

Maria and Jane, two lesbian couple, have taken in a newborn boy and Maria decides to stay at home with him. Jane goes to work and always calls in to see how the baby was doing. Maria has been changing his diapers, checking for any scratches or fever, and she puts the baby in the crib next to her bed. Jane returns home, the baby was crying, so Jane sings to him and she cradles him.

Which of those couple should be allowed to raise that baby?

Scenario #3

There is a boy named John, he is 12 year old, and he happens to be an atheist. His parents found out, kicked him out and threatened him that he will burn in hell if he doesn’t find Jesus.

Kim and Stacy, two lesbian parents, takes John under their wing. They don’t have a problem with him being an atheist. They firmly believe that no matter what, children should be loved and accepted.

Which one of those parents are good parents?

It’s not the matter of sexual orientation; it’s a matter of how people raise kids and how they treat them. To homophobes, I hope you think twice before asserting that kids are best raised by a “mom and a dad.” Anyone can be good or bad parents.

Homosexuality in the military

First, the black people weren’t allowed to serve in the military, then that changed and they were allowed into the military. However, it wasn’t entirely accepted, there was still racism in the military towards black soldiers. Women weren’t allowed to serve in the military. When they are finally able to serve, there was still some sexism and sometimes some men sexually assaults them. Now, homosexuals couldn’t be allowed to openly serve in the Military. Now that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy has been repealed, gay men and lesbians can now openly serve in the military.

Just as history is repeating itself, homosexuals are not yet fully accepted and are treated bad still. What I find sad is that history seem to still repeat itself. Have we not learned anything about our past or are we just incapable of comprehension?

What does it mean to have gay men serving in the military? What does having gay men or lesbians in the military do that could be so frightening to the heterosexual soldiers? The answer? Absolutely nothing. Sexuality has no bearing on how one could perform a task in the military.

Let’s have two military soldiers; one is Greg and he’s Gay, Sam and he’s straight. They’re both serving 20 years together. They both put their lives on the line to defend their country, they both crack jokes and talk about their lives, they both look after their friends and comrades, they both care for the people overseas and at home, they both have families they care about. What is the difference here? The only difference is their sexuality, but it was irrelevant.

I find it sad how some people thinks that openly gay men would sexually assault men in their bunks or in the showers, where was evidence for that? Since the repeal of DADT, there has been no “Openly gay men now sexually assaults the entire platoon in the showers!” This is because sexuality and sexual acts are completely separate. Unfortunately, some homophobic people seem to confuse sex with sexuality. What about the straight men that sexually assaulted straight women in the military? How about the heterosexual soldiers that acted like they’re Vikings and pillaging villages overseas and raping women? It’s revolting when anyone ever assaults anyone, but let’s not be a hypocrite.

There have been openly gay soldiers serving in the military in some other countries before the US repeals DADT, and they hadn’t had their gay soldiers ruined the military. So what seems to be the problem here? A person’s sexuality does not mean anything, they’re just as able to perform their duties as a soldier as straight soldiers could, and there was no reports of gays doing any harm to the soldiers. It’s just paranoia and sheer stupidity that’s what’s going on.

Why I support marriage equality

Why do I support the idea of marriage for LGBT? Same reason I support the idea of marrying someone outside of our race or belief. It’s not strictly about raising kids or abiding to religious or government ideals, it’s a human right. A man who loves another man is no different from a woman loving another man.

Brian Brown, the founder of NOM, says, “Marriage is a public good. It is a public institution. Marriage helps all of us.” Oh in that case Mr. Brown, how about letting gays marry because it can be helpful in society too. But of course, you rather spread the lies that gays are out to ruin marriages and confuse children. The only thing children being raised in same-sex households are confused about is why everyone is making assumptions about their mommies or their daddies.

There are already countless of children born out of wedlock, raised in single-parent household, there are kids that have no parents, there are countless of children being raised by same-sex parents, there are couples that co-habit, couples that choose not to have kids, couples who are straight and choose to adopt, couples who are infertile, straight and choose to adopt, and many more. Families are changing, it’s not going to become just your own ideal of what marriage ought to be to you.

“Mothers nursed children and fathers have traditionally provided for their children through hunting, farming, and gathering,” Said Brian Brown.

Mr. Brown, you obviously have a one-track mind about marriage. Some mothers cannot breastfeed their kids, some mothers choose not to breastfeed their kids, some babies cannot take milk because they’re lactose intolerant, mothers are not always the one that does the nursing, even fathers do it. There are some children who do not have mothers. Some mothers have died during child births, some children lost their mothers in accidents, suicides, or murder. The fathers are not hunting, gathering, or farming either. If anything, the fathers do things quite differently from each other, even in your typical “traditional” family values, some fathers are stay home dads, some parents both work (My parents both work), some fathers work at home, some fathers are lazy and drunk that their mothers are often the one doing the work, and some fathers are likely not around for various of reasons. Also, it’s important to realize that families are not all rainbows and ponies, there’s problems, even in your “Traditional family values” Mr. Brian Brown.

As I heard through Penn and Teller’s episode on Family Values, Brian says, “Marriage isn’t a salad bar.” Marriage has taken different shapes and forms throughout history and throughout different cultures, so in that sense, yes, it is in a way a salad bar. A really ugly salad bar.

Some people thinks that children are best raised by two heterosexual households and that it makes kids less likely to have a criminal activity or criminal record (My sister has a criminal record and is a thief and a drug addict and we all live in a 2-parent household), to avoid poverty (I live in a 2-parent household and we’re all in poverty, thanks for caring), to avoid welfare dependency (Nope, I see a lot of  parents in my work using WIC, I guess that blows that out of the water), to avoid drug use (My sister’s a drug addict), or suicide (I was suicidal, lots of kids are suicidal for many reasons regardless of family households).

People like Richard Cohen thinks a child is best raised by a mom and a dad because a child needs a healthy feminine mother and a healthy masculine father. We sure all know that a man cannot possibly be allowed to have any feminine side because that’ll screw kids up. Poor kids being raised by gay dads, they must have started feeling confused because fathers are supposed to be all tough and manly, not sweet and compassionate. Oh, I was being sarcastic. Masculinity and femininity have nothing to do with raising kids and the kids aren’t going to focus on that. What they want is someone who cares for them, gives them love, roof over their heads, food, security, stability, and more.

When I was being raised by my parents, I never thought about femininity from my mom or masculinity from my dad, because all I knew was that I had two parents who cared about me. I wouldn’t have cared about the masculinity or femininity from either of my parents. I do not believe that there would have been much differences had I been raised by two dads or two moms.

People like Brian Brown thinks that homosexual parenting is a new thing and there weren’t any studies to show just how effective they are as parents. They’re wrong and the fact that there had been gay parents raising children worldwide proves that it’s not a new phenomenon and that throughout history families have been raising children regardless of their sexuality. Gay parents can and have provided safe, stable, healthy environment for kids. There are of course many heterosexual couples that have kids in unhealthy, unsafe, unstable environments, but no one cares about that, it’s the gays they’re concerned about. I’m not knocking straight parents, I’m knocking bad parents who didn’t raised kids properly.

The very idea that gay parents raising children would make kids gay is very much false. There have been countless of heterosexual parents that have been raising kids that are gay or lesbian themselves. The children’s sexuality is not changeable. Also, Children aren’t going to think they have to be gay because their parents are, just as kids with straight parents aren’t going to be dating the opposite sex because their parents are. As for “confusing their kids” it’s baloney. Try talking to children raised by gay parents instead of treating them like they don’t have their own opinion or that they’re too stupid and that they’re being manipulated or violated when they aren’t.

There are those who say a child needs a mother and a father, but neither of men or women could do things others can’t other than being anatomically different. A child doesn’t need a mother or a father. I don’t know why I needed a mom and a dad, but what I do know as a kid that I needed someone who would take care of me. Had it been two men or two women, it wouldn’t be any different than if it were my mom and my dad. Because it’s simple, kids just need someone who would care for them.

Some who says that we’re trying to destroy traditional families or that we don’t like the idea of a mom and a dad are full of baloney. No one wants to stop straights from getting married; we all deserve to be allowed to marry who we love. The only reason to deny gays and lesbians the right to marry was because you think they’re inferior and that it’s icky to you. Marriage isn’t your business, it’s not the parents’ business, it’s not the government’s or the religion’s business, it’s our own business.

Marriage has been redefined not once but many times.

Marriage is between one man and one woman and his concubine and his slave and his rape victim and his spoil of war he got for killing every man in her village. All of this is from the Bible. If you want to focus on “traditional family values” from your bible, that is what you get.

Have any of the politicians who talks about marriage being defined as “one man and one woman” they clearly had not done their homework on history.

I’ve been reading the article online about Marcus Bachmann who wants to make life difficult for the LGBT people.

First and foremost, marriage is not a Christian doctrine or even a religious institution; marriage is mainly political and is different in every different culture. Marriage is originally about ownership of women.

It’s like this; let’s say I’m a rich man with huge tracts of land and I extend my hand in marriage to another family’s daughter because their land is bigger than mine, I would be marrying her to obtain power, more land, more wealth, more control, and such. That is what was in marriage for many years long ago.  And the woman? She’s just property and she is just to tie the line between my heritage and her family’s. Misogynistic I know, but that’s the point. This is likely in Europe mostly long ago and same for Africa, but with more women to one man; polygamy.

The marriage has been again and again redefined to what people feels should be necessary. Marriage wasn’t allowed for interracial couples centuries ago. When it comes down to opponents of gay marriage, their arguments is no different for interracial marriage.

Marriage has been mainly about power, uniting blood-line with another family (Like a clan), and ownership. It was never about love, it was never about family values, it was never about two people who choose to be together. Often girls were forced into marriage, particularly girls who are very young and to older, rich men; arranged marriage. Sadly this still happens in some countries.

Today in America, it has been redefined to one man and one woman but no longer about ownership, but now about love. A man who loves this woman and this woman who loves this man and they both consensually decide to marry. This is out of love.

If you were to talk about having children, it’s important to know that even in marriages of the past, it was never about loving, supporting, or caring for your kids, it was about spreading your heritage, growing your family. Now children are being given stability, love, support, and knowledge by competent parents.

There is however a lot of incompetent parents that are abusive, that had neglected their children, abandoned them, murdered them, or even messed them up mentally or emotionally.

And now onto the LGBT couples that wants marriage. Like interracial marriage, it was an issue and many people had to decide whether or not to allow it. Often people of the anti-gay groups try to demonize and belittle the LGBT individuals and ignore the abusive heterosexual parents.

They, the anti-gay groups, often complains about family values, definition of marriage, the sanctity of marriage, and how gay parents would raise kids never really looked into their history books. Their marriages were never sacred, it has been redefined many times over, it was about ownership and not love. It’s not about religion, it was about political power.

All we, the LGBT individuals, want is to be free to marry who we love and live our life.

Anti-gay groups says that it’s about procreation, yet they ignore people who chooses to be child-free; deciding not to have children, couples who are infertile or elderly. Sadly, even when it’s been addressed to the anti-gay protestors, they just shrug their shoulders and say, “We’ll make an exception on them, but just not the gays.” Doesn’t it contradict the point about procreation? If it’s not important for them, then why should it be excluded for the LGBT? It’s quite simple; you’re not concerned about children, you’re concerned about sexuality.

Another thing the anti-gay protestors say is that if the gays get married, then everyone would be forced to marry of the same sex or it may have some negative effect on straight marriages. (Yes, I’m pointing this at you too Mr. Santorum) Mr. Santorum had blamed the Gay marriage because of the decrease of marriages this year. It hadn’t actually occurred to him that the economy is bad right now and marriage happens to be very expensive. That had nothing to do with the gay couples getting married. Also, saying that it affects others to marry someone of the same sex, then why hadn’t everyone married someone outside their race when interracial marriage was allowed? It is because it doesn’t work that way. Any couples that marries, marries for their own sake and aren’t causing others to do the same as them.

Another lovely absurdity is that if gays marry, then what was to stop bestiality or pedophilia? Simple; they are harmful and the animal and the child cannot consent. Two grown men or two grown women who love each other can consent and can function as productive members of society just as well as with one man and one woman. It is even lovelier when some anti-gay protestors say, “Then what about giving equal rights to rapists and murderers?” Rape and murder is an action that any human can do, but they’re a bad action that inflicts harm onto an individual. The reason they’re not allowed is clear; they harm others, gay men in love do not. It’s pointless to compare harmful actions with loving, consenting adults.

Overall, children aren’t necessarily a reason people gets married, marriage had been redefined many times over, it isn’t a religious institution, and clearly it’s not any of your business who wants to be with them.

Slippery Slope on marriage

There is nothing more amusing and irritating than slippery slope arguments used in arguing against same-sex marriage. The opponents of the same-sex marriage often say “If we allow gay marriage, then it would open the door to marrying children, pets, multiple spouses, or our siblings.” The only reason they used this slope argument was because they have no better arguments to prevent gay marriage.

Polygamy, a person who marries more than one person, has happened in many countries for centuries. There are likely still some today in few countries. The idea that polygamy would be just around the corner if we allow gays to marry is asinine. How exactly does having two men or two women who wants to marry makes anyone go, “Hmm, since they’re marrying, I’ll marry five wives?” If anything, marriage between two men or two women isn’t going to affect all sorts of crazy things they think would happen.

For those who are polygamous or polyandrous, I don’t have any judgment towards them. I do not think it’ll make them come out of the woodwork because we allow LGBT individuals to marry. This is no different than saying that if we allow interracial marriage, then it’ll open the doors to all sorts of crazy things. Marriage between two heterosexual couples is just as crazy itself.

 Bestiality, a human who has a sexual attraction to animals, will not happen. It hadn’t happened with interracial marriage that was allowed, why would it with gay people? Also, animals cannot give consent, nor could they do anything a human being can do; get jobs, take responsibilities, pay taxes, or anything. Two men together are just as capable as heterosexual couples as they too can pay taxes, buy a house and a car, raise a family if they choose, take care of each other, contribute for the betterment of society. Animals cannot do any of those things and this is why it will not happen.

Animals are not capable of reasoning; they’re not capable of understanding how things work in our society. All they do is eat, poop, shag, and mess up property. What, are you going to divorce your dog because it shagged a poodle? It’s not only hysterically absurd, but hardly ever worth granting marriage right to a thing, yes your pet is a thing.

Pedophilias, those who have a sexual attraction to children, are not healthy or consensual. A child cannot consent to an adult. While the child may understand love, it may not understand sex, responsibilities, or anything an adult can understand. Their body is not developed maturely, they’re not psychologically matured either. It will not happen because it is unhealthy and unsafe for children. Take a look at Middle East where children were forced to marry men old enough to be their grandfathers. The marriages were not just a failure, but rob the child of right to choose their own life, to be able to grow. No matter how you look at it, it is just not going to happen because they cannot consent, they cannot do things an adult can do, and they are not able to understand things as adult can understand.

Incest, where members of the family get sexual together, is unfortunately happening, but marriage would not be possible. A brother will not be marrying their sister and a father will not be marrying his daughter. I would want to say it’s sick and it produces retarded children if they breed, but that would not be a professional argument why incest will not happen. But of course, even when marriage for the same sex couples have occurred in some states, we never heard any brothers going, “I want to marry my sister, now that you allowed them gays to marry!” or “I want to marry my son now that you allowed them gays to get married!” It just doesn’t happen. But unfortunately, in many states, you could be allowed to marry your first cousins.

These arguments come from two groups: the groups that believed it and another who want to instill fear into the na├»ve and gullible people. It hadn’t happened, and it will not after same-sex couples finally get to marry.

Why half of the heterosexual marriages fail

No, it’s not someone else’s fault, it’s their own fault. Some people like Harry Jackson from Maryland likes to blame problems of marriages on gay people and same-sex marriages. It is not just absurd, but completely false.

What caused marriages to fail? There are many reasons; the couples fell out of love, the spouse was abusive, the spouse was cheating on them, the spouse did not care for them or the kids if they have any, children were being abused physically or sexually, and many more.

So much for the sanctity of marriage. How is this sanctity when marriages fall apart? When the couples are just human beings with their own issues. No one can make marriage perfect or holy.

Sometimes some people married each other because they wanted to stay in the country (Sham marriage), some spouse was secretly gay, bi, or lesbian and had to marry someone of the opposite sex just to fit into society (Because homosexuality was viewed as bad), some married for money, some married because they accidently had babies out of wedlock, some hoped that marriage would change their partner for the better (Alcoholic boyfriend or adulterous girlfriend), some married because the person was gorgeous, some people married because their parents wanted grandchildren, and many more. Many of these marriages also failed. It sounds like to me that they caused their own failures and did not treat their marriage sacred, but like toilet papers.

 I find it interesting that despite all the horrible failures in marriages, they would look to a gay couple and say, “You’re the problem!” It’s all total nonsense and just doesn’t hold true to anything.

Civil unions isn’t equal

Supposed that you’re a child and you’re in a classroom with many children around you. Your teacher points to the toys and say, “You may all play with the toys, but those with red shirts cannot play with them.” You find out that you’re wearing the red shirt. You sit there wondering why when all the kids who weren’t wearing red shirts were playing happily. You sit there sad and wondering why.

“You should just be happy, otherwise, you would just be demanding special rights.” Is equivalent to “We don’t want to share toys, quit asking to share, you’re just thinking you’re better than us.”

In that sense, being able to have the same benefits with the person we love is ‘special rights’ unlike those who have all the rights to marry.

“If we allow kids with red shirts to play, then they would want to allow pets to play or grownups to play or even kids with brown shirts to play.” That is what it sounds like.

To say that it is special rights when giving a fair share of equality is oxymoron. It’s special rights to consider your rights as above others and that is exactly what people who are against gay marriage have. Also, it’s rather silly to assume that things would happen if we allow equal rights to LGBT individuals, consider getting to know the gay couples instead of projecting your own illusion of them in a negative way.

Gays in the school? Blasphemy no!

Ah, the one thing the anti-gay groups just loves to do was go toward your children’s school and act like this, “Gays! In the school! Gays in the school! Thought you ought to know.” (Spoof from the Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone) ok, not quite like that, but close enough.

What they’re trying to do was try to make kids who are LGBT feel suicidal and isolated, kids be more afraid of “Teh Ghays” and believe in the horse dung lies like spread of AIDs, molestation, turning kids gay, eternal damnation in the fiery pits of hell, and dying a short lived life alone and riddled with diseases. (I use ‘Teh Ghay’ bit as to poke fun at the bigots’ stereotypical idea of what gay people are like.)

There are some students that have been trying to build a gay/straight alliance, which the anti-gay groups loathe, and are trying to encourage knowledge and facts instead of lies and leaving LGBT youths feeling alone or even suicidal. Fortunately it’s not illegal for the students to form clubs as long as they are attendance voluntary, does not interfere with class work, student initiated, not sponsored by the school or the government. Sadly, the anti-gay groups will always find a nasty way to get around that and destroy friendship and facts that the LGBT and straight youths worked hard to do. Talk about being an evil Grinch.

Some may wonder what exactly are they afraid of that is going to happen in class?

“Now class we’re going to talk about how to do anal sex!”

“Class, we’re going to inject this rainbow shot into your arm and it will turn you into a fabulous gay person.”

“Who wants to come up here and talk about being gay so we can rebel against God and bring down the sanctity of marriage?”

I’m sorry but that is bull. 1) Being gay, bi, lesbian, or transgender has nothing to do with sexual activity. 2) the point of making school pro-LGBT is to protect bullied victims from homophobic bullying, to teach the young minds that being gay is not all sex, AIDs, pedophilia, or evil.

There are many young students in school and many of them have been subjected to bullying, teasing, verbal or physical threats, or had their property defaced with slurs. What would have happened had we allowed the anti-gay groups to have their way? The youths would have turned to suicide or grow up miserable thanks to them. If we do not stand up to the bullying, we will have a lot more deaths in school.

There are teachers that are likely an LGBT individual, but were subjected to being called a pedophile, being fired, or even be threatened by parents or co-workers. A teacher who is gay is not a pedophile and isn’t a threat to the students in any way. If anything, their sexuality means nothing. Nobody cared if you’re straight, but if you’re gay then you’re not human.  It’s highly ridiculous and highly a double standard. There has been evidence of heterosexual teachers that have violated school policies and/or students, but they were not taken seriously. When one person who was found gay, then it’s all slander, threats of violence, hate speech, and termination of employment.

The thing about the anti-gay groups is this; they know nothing about the gay community and yet they continue to act as if they knew everything about them. They will not read into their history, they will not listen to the LGBT individuals, they will ignore the LGBT youths and/or wouldn’t give a care in the world if they die, they misquote things they read about the LGBT, they’ll take one bad gay person and highlight him or her as “the face of homosexuality and the danger they impose.” They would put a pedophile who molests boys and put him with the gay community and say, “This is proof that gay people molests kids.” They would say anything they want to the people gullible enough to believe without questioning in order to dehumanize the LGBT community.

They would like to bring the whole idea that being gay means you will very much easily contract AIDs, cancers, and diseases just as easily as inhaling air. The truth? Gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender persons are all human beings. We’re all equally capable of contracting diseases or getting cancers just as any other heterosexual. A human body is not different based on sexuality, a gay person is not going to easily contract diseases or cancers, and the percentage of getting AIDs is just the same percentage as straights. Why is that? Because straight people and gay people both are human beings. They both can get AIDs unless they wear protection, don’t have multiple partners, and don’t even do drugs. I personally don’t know what statistics are for the percentage of heterosexuals and homosexuals that contracted AIDs, STDs, or cancers, but I know this; it doesn’t matter because we’re all capable of getting it, what’s important is preventing it and finding cures for it instead of using it to vilify the LGBT community.

While in the past, homosexuals have high rates of diseases, this is to be noted that discrimination was very high; it’s not easy for any gay person to enjoy life when people bash you, deny you rights, treat you like dirt, and make up lies about you. In worldwide spectrum, it’s the heterosexuals that highly have AIDs and HIV.  Also, it’s important to note that an LGBT person could not go to the doctor to get tested, they could not have a stable relationship during that time. That is not to say homosexuals can’t be faithful or monogamous, they actually can be and they have today. Today, we’re being given the knowledge about diseases and how to combat it, know that it can affect us regardless and how, and with acceptance that is growing for the community, they can get tested (In some places I suspect), they can have a relationship in where they can live in without worrying about discrimination (Although it’ll still be there, it’s still minimal). It is unfortunate that in many states, homosexuality was not tolerated and in some countries, it is punishable by death. Who is doing this? The people like the anti-gay groups and religious extremists in politics that believes that gays must die.

Another thing the Anti-gay groups so proudly proclaims so much is the “Over-sex perversion and disgusting homosexual activity.” They want us to believe that if a person is gay, then they’re a horny beast that will hump everything in sight endlessly day in and day out. Some had come to say some really nauseous stuff about what “sexual actions” that “Teh Ghays” do. The typical stereotypical stuff people led us to believe and some really gross stuff like the use of urine and feces in sexual act. Some of us have got to stand up to them and point out the facts and prove them wrong. We’re all human beings, we’re not sex starved and we’re not into gross stuff they say we are.

A person’s sexuality does not define what sexual act they might do and it doesn’t define how horny one or the other is. We’re all sexual beings, but we all have self-control, we have our own preferences, we are not into disgusting things, we’re more interested in safety and enjoyment with one another as anyone else. If you think one person who does do a really revolting sexual act means that everyone of that group does it, you’re dumber than a brick wall.

When it comes to sex between consensual adults, it’s their business and no one, not even the anti-gay groups, are allowed to stick their noses into it. Whatever a person likes to do, may not be what other people likes, but it’s their business and we shouldn’t interfere (Unless it was not consensual, or a child is involved). What’s important, sexuality and sexual activity are completely separate. T’s unfortunate than the anti-gay groups are unable to tell the difference.

Now let’s move on to pedophilia. Children, what can we learn about pedophilia? No, it has nothing to do with one’s sexuality. No, they’re not gay or straight. They’re people who have psychological problems and have lust over prepubescent children. They’re not attracted to adults, just children. The anti-gay groups love to use the “pedophile” card against the gay community. If one man who molests little boys was caught, then they would say he’s a homosexual or that the highest percentage of homosexuals is pedophiles. This is highly false.

The high percentage of pedophiles is actually heterosexual men who molest girls and sometimes boys. The very important thing to know is this, a person’s sexuality does not make a person bad or good.

Homosexual person: Attracted to the same sex. Two grown men can consent to a relationship. Both can have a stable, healthy relationship.

Heterosexual person: Attracted to the opposite sex. Two grown man and woman can consent to a relationship. Both can have a stable, healthy relationship.

Bisexual person: attracted to two sexes and can have a consensual relationship with a man or with a woman. They can have a stable, healthy relationship.

Pedophile: A grown man/woman or a teen that has an attraction to little children. Children cannot give consent to a sexual relationship. They are not stable, healthy or safe.

Now class, have we learned something new today? What NOM? No, you cannot still keep using the pedophile card against the gays, sorry. Detention!

Can a person who is gay live a sad, lonely miserable life with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes? Yes and no. A person’s sexuality has nothing to do with how one’s life would turn out or if they would indulge themselves with alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. Every human being, regardless of their sexuality, can be miserable or very happy in their life. Some might just have alcohol in moderation, no alcohol, or some would drink too much alcohol. Some might do few harmless drugs, some might not do drugs, and some might take too much hard drugs. Some might smoke cigarettes, some might not, and some would smoke too much. As for gay youths being miserable, lonely, and occasionally suicidal have nothing to do with their sexuality, it has to do with homophobia that is affecting them and their health. If we stop attacking one’s sexuality, learn facts and get along with people regardless of their sexuality, we would live happier lives.

There are many LGBT individuals that are currently living a happier life. You can live a life where you can get married (In some states or some countries), raise a family, have a stable job, enjoy life just like any heterosexual people can. One’s sexuality is not all suffering; it’s the bigotry, lies, and hate that causes suffering.

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