Saturday, January 21, 2012

indoctrinating and marrying kids. Really?

This is from a post on facebook. The name was blacked out, so i don't know who made this. Anyway, i decided to have a little fun and refute this person.

“First off everyone likes to point out Christian indoctrination and how wrong it is and then say its ok for gay movement to indoctrinate my child with its own propaganda.”

Who’s everyone? Everyone who said that Christians indoctrinates children? Well, there are many horrible religious folks that do indoctrinate their children into believing things that are not proven to be factual, instilled fear of hell, and have taught them to hate others different from you. As for gay people indoctrinating children, it is completely baloney. No one is indoctrinating children into some gay propaganda.

“When is everyone going to stop being so selfish and only caring about themselves?”

Seriously? We’re all selfish, you hypocrite. That is the thing that irritates me; hypocrites crying, “Why you so selfish” when they’re just as selfish as well. Hypocrisy and epic failure!

“If you make the choice to be gay BE GAY that’s your decision but don’t try and tell my children that its pj to justify your actions.”

Yes, this idiot said “pj” instead of ‘ok’ which is what he or she meant. Also, it’s not a choice. N one chooses to be gay. Being gay is not an action. You’re trying to say that being gay is an action? Well then, being straight is an action. Being black is an action. Oh yeah, being human is an action. Go figure.

“if you think its ok to be gay that’s fine.”

It’s not a matter of what’s ok or not, it’s not something they have a choice in the matter.

“someone said that Christians push their beliefs on others what in the world is wrong with everyone! EVERYBODY IS PUSHING THEIR BELIEFS ON OTHERS. AND I DARE ONE PERSON TO SAY THEY DON’T BECAUSE EVERYBODY COMMENTING ON HERE IS PUSHING THEIR OWN AGENDAS.”


Wow. Some anger there. Well, you’re wrong. Who is pushing their beliefs on everybody? Religion. Yes, not everyone pushes their beliefs on everyone, some respects others opinions that differentiates from theirs. As for homosexuality, the only thing they’re trying to say is this, “We’re all human beings, we all are not so different and there is no reason to discriminate us and we all should have equality.” Nothing wrong with that.

“Someone said if you want religion in school go to a religious school. Well why not have a gay school.”

Oh yeah! We can have a gay school like X-men have their school for mutants! Seriously? Sexuality has nothing to do with anything but attraction. There is gay, bisexual, and transgender children everywhere in every school. There is no need for some school to be exclusively for gay people. Honestly.

“the public school system should not be used to push sexual, racial, or religious beliefs and also not be used to segregate.”

Well lucky for us, schools aren’t teaching any of those as well as they shouldn’t. As for segregation, I agree, there shouldn’t be. This is one of the reason I fight for equality, so no kid whose sexuality, religious belief, or racial color should be treated differently or separated.

“how about we use schools to teach our children reading, writing, math history and leave indoctrination to the parents.”

Well I agree with you, but considering that you’re a bigot, yes you are a bigot, you think that gay people wants to indoctrinate kids. No, the only thing we want was for you, the parents and school, to stop spreading hate and lies and misinformation about LGBT people. That’s all.

“Someone also said that it should be up to the.individual to marry who they want. If we let people follow every lust they have people will be marrying animals and kids.”

There they go again with another same old slippery slope argument. It’s not lust either, it’s love. It’s very clear that children and animals cannot consent or take responsibilities as an adult human being. Sorry, but you’re delirious. A man loving another man is not lust, but love just like man loving another woman.

“To a man who loves 10 year old girls are you going to tell him to follow his heart?”

(Facepalm)No obviously, but two grown men are not the same as pedophiles. If you can’t tell the difference, you need help.

“Where do we draw the line? Who makes the laws? Do we let a Christian write laws or an atheist or a pedophile?”

Oh, oh, oh I know! Pick me! I know the answer! Oh, oh, oh, pick me!!

Seriously, having same-sex couples marry isn’t outrageous as it seems. But sad to say, people didn’t care that pedophiles already marry adult women just to get at the kids they have, there are murderers and rapists marrying people. Seriously, what line was ever drawn? The law is complex and it was done by us, human beings.

“And those who love to try and quote the bible who like to try and use it against itself stop. You have zero understanding of what you are reading or God.”

Speak for yourself. No one knows what to make of the Bible anymore; everyone has their own ideas what to follow and what not to follow in the Bible and yet, everyone is arguing that theirs is the right way and others were wrong.

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