Monday, January 16, 2012

i hate gay people!

I hate gay people!

Gay people make me sick. The sexual act they do is disgusting. Just as straight people make me sick. Their sexual act is disgusting. I don’t want to mind my own business, I just want to tell people what to do with their genitalia. No, you can’t tell me what to do with my genitals. Of course my mind is one-sided when it comes to gay people. I equalize sexuality with sexual acts. I hate all sexualities. I even hate my sexuality too, even though I would mess around with girls.

Gay men are barbarians, everyone knows that. Duh! They go around in their tiger skin cloth and leather boots with claymore swords. They’re just oh so dangerous. We heterosexuals are obviously not a violent group. Why, all the wars, bar fights, spousal abuse, and riots are obviously caused by gay men. Straight people never fight, even though we’re supposed to beat our chest, lock horns with other men, court women, and kill people from other countries because they’re different from us or because we want their land, or because they have resources that we want.

Gays are promiscuous, DUH! They have lots and lots of multiple partners. We straight men don’t have multiple partners. We’re all monogamous. That’s why when we are young, we treat women like a game; see how many girls you can sleep with! Of course there’s men who slept with women behind their wives back, but the gays are much worse because I said so.

They want to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Obviously, we straight couples only abuse our wife and kids when we’re drunk or angry, we have 50% divorce rates, and we basically treated our marriage like toilet papers. Why, if we let them gays marry, they just might make it fabulous and we can’t have that.

It’s obviously a choice. I know this because I chose to be straight. I cannot understand why for the life of me that people would choose to be in a position where hateful people like me would demonize them, prevent them from having equal rights, forcing them to hide in closets, beating them up in the streets, forcing them to have therapy, and such. There had been laws against homosexuality, there are countries that kills them, there had been gays in the holocaust, but we heterosexuals are innocent victims because of those gays forcing their lifestyle choice on us and getting angry and demanding that we accept them. Why, they made that choice, just like black people chose to be black and be discriminated against. We’re not just straight, but we’re white too and we’re just as racist as hell.

To all who read this, this is satire to show just how ridiculous homophobia and racism is.

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