Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book review: Something like summer by Jay bell

This story is a gay novel… no wait… this story is a novel about a young man who is gay and his name is Ben. He is out and he’s proud of being himself. Unlike many stories of gay characters, this one is not about coming out, this story was about finding love and knowing about what it takes to be friends and sometimes enemies. Ben’s parents is accepting of him and so is his friend Allison. Unfortunately, his school was not so good for him; students sometimes yell out nasty slurs at him. There is one funny bit about using a Spanish word they used “Mariposa.” But I want you to read the book to see what I mean. (Wouldn’t want to spoil it).

There is Tim (Weird, my name happens to be Tim) and he’s a closet gay teenager. Ben falls hard for him, started stalking him, and then when circumstances occurred, he rammed into Tim while riding his stakes. He ended up taking care of Tim. There, the love struck, and they started developing feelings for each other. But in unfortunate circumstances, Tim’s fear of how the society and his parents would react if they knew, they broke up.

Ben has later met Jace, a flight attendant, and they fell in love. Unlike Tim, Jace was open and honest, and he is more interested in Ben. Later, Ben has met Tim again. As luck would have it, Tim’s love for him and ben’s love for him hadn’t changed. But it did conflict Ben’s feelings for him and Jace.

The story is funny, romantic, and there are sad parts in it. Yes, there’s sex scenes in it, but still very romantic. I will not spoil the ending and I would say I strongly recommend it. Jay Bell has made this story very much original and the love and romance in it is no different from heterosexual couples. Jay has made this story so wonderful that I cannot find anything boring about it or even feel any resentment from any of the characters. I love all of the characters, and I will still keep reading it. Kudos to Jay Bell and he has now gained a new fan. I’m looking forward to reading more of his books.

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