Monday, January 16, 2012

a letter to the world

A letter to the world

This is a letter to America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, South America, Australia, Mexico, and to all the other countries. This letter is about the LGBT people. It is about the hatred, bigotry, and the lies that is still spreading. Although the lies and the bigotry towards the LGBT community are shrinking, it’s still there and it’s still loud. It’s getting loud because it’s getting desperate. It is because they knew that they are failing to keep up with their lies and to keep people from having equal rights. They are failing to hoodwink people into seeing what they want them to see in the LGBT community. The LGBT community is no different from anyone else. This is because the sexuality is irrelevant. It is unimportant because it does not define who the person is.

My name is Tim. I’m not different from anyone else, but I am unique just like everyone else. This includes every one of the LGBT community and the heterosexual community. I’m just another person fighting for equality. When I see all the hatred and the slurs against the LGBT community, it’s no different from any other discrimination towards one’s race, gender, or the color of their skin. The LGBT community have been hated and discriminated against for too long for no good reason.

I’m not someone to be afraid of. I’m not someone who is just a white man who is born and raised in America. I’m not special, I’m not popular, I’m just me. I’m not my sexuality, I’m not my race, I’m not my gender, I am not anything. I’m just someone who loves to read books and to write stories. I’m just someone who is quiet and always deep in thought. A person who makes assumptions about someone they never met knows too little about them. Just as anyone who judges a person by their sexuality, gender, or race knows little to nothing about them. Like if someone tells me that this person is gay, I know nothing about them because it tells me nothing. It’s just a grey blot. If the person tells me about Jay and Bryan Leffew, aka Depfox from youtube, then I see two men who are fathers of two adopted children and are wonderful parents and are wonderful husbands to each other.

After all the years of growing up, I never experience problems from the LGBT community. Yet, there have been people who hate them and discriminates them have said awfully a lot of things about them; they’re out to indoctrinate children and make them gay, they chose to be gay, they spread AIDs, they’re worse than terrorists, most gays are pedophiles, God hates fags, they are sexual deviants, and more. All of those are false. When I researched and learned about the LGBT community, I found them to be just like everyone else; they pay their taxes, they own houses, have jobs, raise kids, and are outstanding productive members of society. I see nothing about them that are any different from heterosexual people.

Often times I hear that the gays are out to destroy nation, marriage, or families. Nothing could be further from the truth. Netherlands have had legalized gay marriage for ten years to this date, later some countries like Norway, Sweden, Canada, and few states in the US has legalized gay marriage. There have been no negative effects from allowing gays to marry. Netherlands is still thriving; their population is still the same and hadn’t decreased because of gay marriage, no one is being harmed by the gay community. Allowing marriage does not decrease population and it does not hurt families or the society. If anything, it strengthens the bonds of families and the society.

It is the hatred that leads to problems, it breaks bonds of families, it hurts marriages, and it hurts the nations. It is the hatred that makes people bullies others for being different. It is the hatred that causes parents to disown their children for being gay, bi, lesbian, or transgender. It is the hatred that causes LGBT youths to commit suicide or to be murdered for being gay.

Bobby Griffith, Jamey Rodemeyer, Matthew Shepard, Lawrence King, and many more youths died because of the hatred towards them for being gay, Lesbian, Bi, or Transgender.

It was the hatred that causes employees to lose their jobs because of their sexuality. It is the hatred that causes same sex partners to be prevented from visiting each other in the hospital or to have any say when one passes away. It is the hatred that hurts not just the LGBT community, but straight people as well. Those who defend the LGBT or are mistaken for being LGBT are often targeted by the hatred.

There was never a need or a reason to be afraid or to hate people who are gay. All the lies, all the bullying, the entire scare tactics are weak and have no evidence to support their claims. It’s just a wind howling. Because of the hate and the lies, it makes life difficult for the LGBT community.

There has been and there still are gay parents to this day. There are parents who raise children that are good decent people and those who are unfit and incompetent. But neither of those have anything to do with sexuality. The only reasons some people believes that gay people shouldn’t be parents is because they fear that they’ll turn their kids gay. Sexuality is never a choice; it’s not even something that can influence kids to be gay. Some say that they’ll molest their kids. There has been evidence of child molestation within the heterosexual households than in homosexual households. Also, many children rose by straight parents are also gay, bisexual or transgender themselves. The gay children did not become gay, they didn’t do this as a rebellion, and they aren’t doing this because they were influenced by anyone. They simply find their feelings for someone of the same sex as heterosexual kids finds their feelings for someone of the opposite.

A parent is not a better parent based on their sexuality, or the color of their skin, or their gender, or where they’re from, or what religion they believe in (or lack thereof), it’s their knowledge and performance as a parent. A parent can be good or bad based on what actions they do. A gay person should not be denied a chance to raise children simply because they’re gay any more than a black person being denied to raise kids because they were black.

Often times I hear that a child needs a mother and a father. Often time children are raised in single parent households and by gay parents, and they turn out to be just as healthy as children raised by a mom and a dad. There is no reason why children can’t be raised by two dads or two moms. There are plenty of role models for kids like with gay fathers; they can see their aunts, grandmothers, cousins, and more. This is also true for lesbian couples, where kids can have role models from uncles, grandfathers, and more. There is no shortage of role models or knowledge when being raised by gay parents (or single parents for that matter). Also, no one has ever gone to a single mother saying, “We’re sorry, but we cannot allow you to raise a child alone because they need to have a father.” It’s very clear; they’re not concerned about children, they’re concerned about the sexuality.

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