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40 gay myths

40 gay myths

1)      Gay men wants to sleep with every man there is

Fact: Gay men have attraction to some men, just as straight men are attracted to some women.

2)      Lesbians want to sleep with every woman there is

Fact: Lesbians are only attracted to some women just as straight women are attracted to some men.

3)      You can spot a gay person a mile away

Fact: A person’s sexuality is not something that can be seen, like skin color or hair color.

4)      Gay people can’t have children

Fact: infertile people cannot have children. Gay people can have children through surrogacy or artificial insemination

5)      Gay people cannot be monogamous

Fact: A person’s sexuality does not determine whether the person is monogamous. Some people, gay, straight, bi, or transgender are monogamous and some are not by personal choice.

6)      They are promiscuous

Fact: See fact number 5.

7)      They’re all into leather and feathers

Fact: Leather and feathers are personal choices but not all gay people use them. Most gay men and lesbians are just everyday people with everyday clothes, the same with straight, bisexual, and transgender people.

8)      It’s a choice

Fact: It is not a choice because no one chooses to be in a situation where they would be discriminated against. Also, many gay youths committed suicide because of homophobia.

9)      They want to convert your children

Fact: No gay person wants to turn your children gay or anyone gay. When gay couples adopt children, they’re raising them in a healthy, stable, safe environment as has been proven by thousands of gay, bisexual, and transgender couples.

10)  They hate the opposite sex

Fact: A person’s sexuality has nothing to do with how they liked the opposite sex. Gay men can and have been friends with the opposite sex, they are just aren’t attracted to them.

11)  They don’t have a long lasting relationship

Fact: A person’s sexuality does not determine how long a relationship would last. Many couples, regardless of their sexuality, are capable of long lasting relationships.

12)  They had an overbearing mother and under-caring father

Fact: A person’s sexuality has nothing to do with how their parents raised them. It’s not the parents’ fault, it is a part of who they are.

13)  It is a sickness and they can be cured

Fact: Sexuality is not a sickness, if it were, then heterosexuality would be a sickness too. T cannot be cured because it’s a part of who they are and telling them to suppress their feelings doesn’t cure them, it only hurts them.

14)  Their lives are a tragic story

Fact: Sexuality has nothing to do with how their life would turn out, it has to do with their choices they make and how people affected them. This applies to all human beings. There are of course many LGBT individuals who lead a happy, healthy, stable life.

15)  They are not entitled to equal rights, they want special rights

Fact: No one wants special rights, what they want is to be treated fairly, to no longer be oppressed or discriminated against, to not be denied rights to life and pursuit of happiness.

16)  They are all alike

Fact: No one is alike, no one looks alike, no one sound alike, no one acts alike, and no one thinks alike.

17)  They can change

Fact: You cannot change your sexuality any more than you can change skin color

18)  It’s just a phase

Fact: Sexuality is not a phase, otherwise heterosexuality would be a phase too and they would have grown out of it.

19)  They’re pedophiles

Fact: Being attracted to the same sex, is not the same as a person being attracted to prepubescent children, who are more likely to be straight.

20)  They just haven’t met the right person of the opposite sex yet

Fact: A person’s sexuality has nothing to do with relationship problems of the opposite sex. A gay man does not feel attracted to women, just men.

21)  The only thing that makes them different is what they do in bed

Fact: Nothing about a person’s sexuality makes them any different from anyone.

22)  They flaunt their sexuality

Fact: a person who is gay isn’t likely to flaunt their sexuality.

23)  They are the cause of AIDs

AIDs, HIV, and STD are not caused by a person’s sexuality, but by having multiple sexual partners, sharing dirty needles, and touching the infected blood with a cut body part.

24)  They chose to be gay to rebel against God

Fact: a person sexuality has nothing to do with wanting to rebel against anyone, it’s just a part of who they are.

25)  They all want anal sex

Fact: Some gay men do want anal sex, some do not and some straight men want anal sex and some do not. It’s all a matter of personal choice.

26)  They want to destroy marriage

Fact: Marriage between same-sex couples have been legal in some countries and some US States and there have been no sign of negative effect towards straight marriage, families, or society.

27)  They ruin family values

Fact: There have been many people raising children regardless of their sexuality. What matters is how a person raises a kid, not who they’re attracted to.

28)  Gay men are limp-wristed.

Fact: being limp wristed has nothing to do with sexuality and many gay men are not limp-wristed.

29)  They speak with lisp, and act like girls

Fact: Sexuality has nothing to do with how they sound or how they act.

30)  Lesbians are large weight, truck driving, foul mouthing women who dress like men

Fact: Sexuality has nothing to do with how they dress or how they are like. Every LGBT individual is different just as every straight person is different.

31)  They want to get into our school and indoctrinate our children

Fact: There are LGBT youths in school, and all they are doing is earning their education. There are some LGBT individuals who teach and all they are doing is being a teacher, nothing else.

32)  They’re not fit to be parents

Fact: A person’s sexuality has nothing to do with how they’re fit to be parents. LGBT parents have been proven to be capable of raising children just as well as straight people.

33)  They want to spread AIDs

Fact: Nobody wants to spread AIDs and there are many organizations that are fighting for a cure for AIDs and many of them are LGBT individuals.

34)  They want to make the government punish us for speaking out against them

Fact: You are free to hate and discriminate all you want, it would be unconsititutional. What you don’t have the right to do was deny them equality to jobs, marriage, housing, right to adopt, and to live openly without being attacked physically.

35)  The government takes the children from their rightful parents into the homes of gay people

Fact: Government has nothing to do with gay adoption. Many children placed in their care are well adjusted, stable, and healthy. The parents they were with before were either abusive or were unable to raise the child and had to give them up.

36)  It’s an unhealthy lifestyle

Fact: Sexuality has nothing to do with healthy life, it is what you do with your life that counts.

37)  Gay people are violent

Fact: A person is violent, but the majority of people, regardless of their sexuality, are decent, civilized human beings.

38)  Gay people are worse than terrorists, KKK, Nazis, convicts

Fact: Sexuality simply means an attraction, it has nothing to do with them. This was often used as scare tactics to make people be afraid of what is not true. It is proven that LGBT individuals are just as civilized as any straight person is.

39)  Gay people are like drugs, schizophrenic, alcohol, some criminal activity

Fact: See fact number 38

40)  Gay people is all about sex, they’re sexual deviants

Fact: A human being is a sexual creature, just like every other animals in the animal kingdom. However, there are some LGBT individuals who settles down with one partner, some who chose the life of celibacy.

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